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, it took another four months until the band released their debut single "Daylight in Your Eyes," which would subsequently appear on the band's debut album ''Elle'ments'' (2001). Both the single and the album became an unexpected but record-breaking success, when both instantly entered the top position on the Austrian, German and Swiss ''Media Control (Media Control Charts)'' singles, albums and airplay charts, giving No Angels one of the most successful debuts in years. Commons:Category:Bayern WikiPedia:Bavaria Dmoz:Regional Europe Germany States Bavaria

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;ref Franz Paula von Schrank was the first author to use the genus name ''Triops'', coining it in his 1803

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;ndash; March 17, 1591, Nuremberg, Bavaria) was a Swiss (Switzerland) artist, celebrated chiefly for his woodcuts, done mainly for book illustrations. He was ambassador in Rome (1631) and marched to Bavaria in 1633, territory then at the center of the bloodiest fights of Thirty Years War. Here, with the position of resident ambassador in the court of Maximilian I, Elector of Bavaria, leader of the Holy League (Holy League (1571)), he pursued the union of the pro-Habsburg forces with the German Emperor Ferdinand II (Ferdinand II, Holy Roman Emperor) and with Catholic powers (Catholicism). In this year, the king Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden died in the battle of Lützen (battle of Lützen (1632)); this settled down a tense calm only interrupted by the murder of the marshal Wallenstein, head of the armies of Ferdinand II, when being discovered his treason in favor of Sweden. '''Klaus "Auge" Augenthaler''' (born 26 September 1957 in Fürstenzell, near Passau in Bavaria, Germany (West Germany )) Commons:Category:Bayern WikiPedia:Bavaria Dmoz:Regional Europe Germany States Bavaria

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of this union, including: # Walram II of Nassau (ca. 1220 - January 24, 1276). style "width:20%;" style "width:40%;" Neuschwanstein Castle near Füssen (Bavaria) Seventh of the ''Bundesländer'' series (German Bundesländer commemorative coin) style "width:20%;" 30 million coins * Bremen (Bremen (state)): City Hall (Bremen City Hall) only * Bavaria: Munich Munich

high educational

) Wunsiedel . Population (2003): 1,240. The municipality consists of the villages Dünkelhammer, Kleinwendern, Sichersreuth and Tiefenbach. Early life He was born at Constantinople to a Phanariot (Phanariotes) family. He was educated at Odessa and the military school at Munich. Having served as an officer of artillery in the Bavarian army (Bavaria), he returned to Greece, where he held several high educational and administrative appointments. He subsequently became ambassador

prominent concentration

decided to take the school back to Wieblingen where she hoped that the school's widely acknowledged good name would keep the harassment away. Along with thousands of other prominent Austrians, Richard Schmitz was arrested and taken to Dachau concentration camp in Bavaria where he remained for the length of the war. In late April 1945 Schmitz was, together with other prominent concentration camp inmates, transferred to Tyrol (Transport of concentration camp inmates to Tyrol) where

rich artistic

surrealist painter, and Luise Bartholomä Ende, a physiotherapist (Coby 258). Since his artwork was banned by the Nazi party, Edgar Ende was forced to work in secret. In 1935, when he was six, the Ende family moved to the "artists' quarter of Schwabing" in Munich (Haase 55). Growing up in this rich artistic and literary environment influenced Ende’s later writing. DATE OF BIRTH November 12, 1929 PLACE OF BIRTH Garmisch-Partenkirchen (Bavaria, Germany DATE OF DEATH

intense commitment

name "Regolo" Luciano Regolo. ''La regina incompresa: tutto il racconto della vita di Maria José di Savoia.'' They also make clear that Albert and Elisabeth continually supported and encouraged each other in their challenging and difficult roles as King and Queen. The spouses shared an intense commitment to their country and family and a keen interest in human progress of all kinds. Together, they cultivated the friendship of prominent scientists, artists, mathematicians, musicians, and philosophers, turning their court at Laeken into a kind of cultural salon. Marie-José, Queen, Consort of Umberto II, King of Italy. ''Albert et Elisabeth de Belgique, mes parents.'' thumb Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel (File:EPP Summit September 2010.jpg), 2010 The '''Christian Democratic Union of Germany''' ( Commons:Category:Bayern WikiPedia:Bavaria Dmoz:Regional Europe Germany States Bavaria

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) is a town in Germany, located in the Bundesland (States of Germany) of Bavaria and situated just northeast of Augsburg. It is the capital of the district of Aichach-Friedberg. The municipality of Aichach counts some 20,000 inhabitants. It isn't far from the motorway that connects Munich and Stuttgart, the A8 (Bundesautobahn 8). The local river is called Paar. Bavaria's only women's prison was established in Aichach in 1909. thumb Schlenkerla Rauchbier being tapped straight from the cask (Image:GravityTap.jpg) '''Schlenkerla''' is a historic brewpub in Bamberg, Bavaria, Germany renowned for its smoked Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier.

association called

, in the 71 administrative districts ('' ''). In 1995 Bavaria introduced direct democracy on the local level in a referendum. This was initiated bottom-up by an association called ''Mehr Demokratie'' (More Democracy). This is a grass-roots organization which campaigns


thumb Bavarian church with Alps in the background (File:Germany bavaria alps-church.jpg) Some features of the Bavarian culture and mentality are remarkably distinct from the rest of Germany. Noteworthy differences (especially in rural areas, less significant in the major cities) can be found with respect to:

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