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http: media storage paper657 news 2004 10 21 News Blue-Bell.Ceo.Encourages.Students.To.Meet.Future.Challenges.HeadOn-775184.shtml accessdate 2007-04-30 The astronauts aboard the International Space Station were also treated to Blue Bell in 2006 "to help out (the crew's) happiness quotient."

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date August 10, 2006 archiveurl http: web 20080422225426 http: news online_exclusives 2006 08 david_banner_hes_a_business_man archivedate April 22, 2008 He attended the University of Maryland Eastern Shore to pursue a master's degree in education but later left the program to pursue his music career full-time.

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traditional baccalaureate and masters degree programs as well as LPN and RN to BSN articulation. thumb right Baton Rouge Community College Library (Image:BRCClibrary.JPG) Baton Rouge Community College is an open-admission, two-year post-secondary public community college, established on 28 June 1995. The college settled into a permanent location in 1998. The college's current enrollment is more than 8,000 students.

title Baton Rouge Area Education accessdate 5 June 2008 The Pennington Biomedical Research Center houses 48 laboratories and 19 core research facilities. Pennington Biomedical Research Center. Retrieved on 2013-07-29. Primary and secondary schools East Baton Rouge Parish Public Schools operates primary and secondary schools serving the city. The city of Baton Rouge is also home to 15 charter schools

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service is disrupted during storms. In 2001, the Supermike computer at Louisiana State University was ranked as the number 1 computer cluster in the world,

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industry in Louisiana has increased dramatically in the last decade, in response to generous tax incentives adopted by the state in 2002. In September 2013 the Baton Rouge Film Commission reported that the industry had brought more than $90 million into the local economy in 2013. "Movie makers put Baton Rouge in spotlight", Associated Press at WBRZ-TV, September 15, 2013. Baton

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Dardenne speaking to Hammond Chamber.jpg left thumb 320px Louisiana Lieutenant Governor Jay Dardenne speaking 2012-01-19 to the Hammond (Hammond, Louisiana) Chamber of Commerce luncheon in the Twelve Oaks Cafeteria at Southeastern (Southeastern Louisiana University) on the topic of Louisiana's historical political figures (Politics of Louisiana). * Baton Rouge Center, Baton Rouge (Baton Rouge, Louisiana). The focus is nursing education. * St. Tammany Center, Abita

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Rouge, Louisiana . It was founded in the early 1890s. The current school building was built in 1928, Louisiana - East Baton Rouge County on National Register of Historic Places and, as '''Baton Rouge High School''', was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1986. The school requires students to pass enrollment standards and exceed graduation standards. As a result, nearly all graduating students attend college. Baton Rouge Magnet High School 2006-2007 Profile. 29 Aug. 2006. Baton Rouge Magnet High School. 17 Apr. 2008. http: eduWEB2 1000054 docs school_profile06-07.pdf. The task of taking New Orleans was entrusted to Captain (later Admiral) David Glasgow Farragut , who followed his own plans for the battle; running his fleet past the forts (Battle of Forts Jackson and St. Philip) that defended the city from the south on the night of April 24, 1862, he forced the city to surrender. Dufour, Charles L., ''The night the war was lost,'' pp. 265–286. After repairing his ships from the damage they had suffered while passing the forts, he sent them up the river, where they successively sought and obtained the surrender of Baton Rouge (Baton Rouge, Louisiana) and Natchez (Natchez, Mississippi). The string of easy conquests came to an end at Vicksburg, Mississippi, however, as the Confederate position there occupied bluffs high enough to render them impregnable to the naval gunnery of the day. *Association of Hospice and Palliative Care Chaplains, professional organization in the United Kingdom *Hospice of Baton Rouge, non-profit in Baton Rouge (Baton Rouge, Louisiana), Louisiana *Hospice Association of Ontario, professional organization in Ontario, Canada The river is formed near Simmesport (Simmesport, Louisiana) at the confluence of the Red River with the Mississippi, where the Mississippi connects to the Red River (Red River (Mississippi River)) by the , and as of the end of 2007, had 12,718 interments. '''William F. "Bill" Cotton Sr.''' (October 23, 1897 – April 23, 2006) was a prominent central Louisiana businessman who acquired or built five bakeries (bakery) in Alexandria (Alexandria, Louisiana), Shreveport (Shreveport, Louisiana), Baton Rouge (Baton Rouge, Louisiana), Monroe (Monroe, Louisiana) and Natchez, Mississippi. At the time of his death at the age of 108, he was also the nation's oldest living Shriner (Shriners) and one of the last remaining American (United States) veterans of the First World War (World War I). birth_date Birth date missing birth_place Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States death_date DATE OF BIRTH PLACE OF BIRTH Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States DATE OF DEATH thumb right 160px Thad Allen (Image:Thad Allen.jpg) The U.S. (w:United States) Secretary of Homeland Security (w: United States Department of Homeland Security), Michael Chertoff (w: Michael Chertoff), announced from Baton Rouge (w:Baton Rouge, Louisiana), Louisiana (w:Louisiana) on Friday that Coast Guard (w: United States Coast Guard) Vice Admiral Thad W. Allen (w:Thad W. Allen) will replace the Federal Emergency Management Agency (w:FEMA) (FEMA) director Michael D. Brown (w:Michael D. Brown) as the Principal Federal Official (PFO) for the recovery effort; however, Mr. Brown will continue as the Director of FEMA. The inauguration ceremony was held at the state capitol in Baton Rouge (w:Baton Rouge, Louisiana). In a speech, Jindal vowed to put an end to political corruption in the state and speed up recovery from the 2005 Atlantic hurricane season (w:2005 Atlantic hurricane season).


Children's Hospital (affiliated with St. Jude Children's Research Hospital), Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center, and Earl K. Long (Earl K. Long Medical Center (LSUMC)), helped by an emerging medical corridor at Essen Lane Summa Avenue Bluebonnet Boulevard, are positioning Baton Rouge to eventually support a medical district similar to the Texas Medical Center. LSU and Tulane have both announced plans to construct satellite medical campuses in Baton Rouge to partner with Our Lady

Campus  – 8585 Picardy Avenue * Benton Rehabilitation Hospital – 7660 Convention Street * Earl K. Long Medical Center (LSUMC) – 5825 Airline Highway * HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital – 8595 United Plaza Boulevard * HealthSouth Surgi-Center – 5222 Brittany Drive * Lane Memorial Hospital – Zachary, Louisiana. * Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Treatment Center – 4950 Essen Lane * Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical

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the Holy Spirit speak to him. "From that time until now," Haggard writes in ''The Life-Giving Church,'' "apostolic power has blessed me. My only problems are with me — not with the enemy, not with circumstances, not with people." Haggard, T: ''The Life Giving Church,'' page 36. Regal Books, 2001 Early in May, Farragut ordered several of his ships up stream to clear the river and followed himself in ''Hartford'' on the 7th to join in the conquest

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billionaire Howard Hughes was General Gano's granddaughter. *New Orleans (New Orleans, Louisiana), flagship of Cox Sports Television *Baton Rouge (Baton Rouge, Louisiana), includes local cablecast channel, "Cox 4" *Lafayette (Lafayette, Louisiana) *2006: Charlotte (Charlotte, North Carolina), North Carolina *2005: Baton Rouge (Baton Rouge, Louisiana), Louisiana *2004: Orlando (Orlando, Florida), Florida *2002: Charlotte, North Carolina Charlotte

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

thumb 210px right Louisiana State Capitol Capitol Building (Image:ChrisLitherlandBatonRouge.jpg)

'''Baton Rouge''' ( ) is the capital of the U.S. state of Louisiana and its second-largest city. The seat (county seat) of East Baton Rouge Parish (East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana), the city is located on the eastern bank of the Mississippi River.

As the "Capital City," Baton Rouge is the political hub for Louisiana, Louisiana Old State Capitol Governor's Portrait Gallery and is the second-largest metropolitan city in the state, with a growing population of 229,426 people as of 2013. The metropolitan area surrounding the city, known as Greater Baton Rouge, has a population of 820,159 people as of 2013. The urban area has around 594,309 inhabitants.

Baton Rouge is a major industrial, petrochemical, medical, research, motion picture, "Growing Louisiana-Based Businesses Sustains Hollywood South", ''Forbes,'' 9 June 2014 and growing technology "IBM selects BR", ''The Advocate'' — Baton Rouge, LA center of the American South. The Port of Baton Rouge is the ninth largest in the United States in terms of tonnage shipped, and is the farthest upstream Mississippi River port capable of handling Panamax ships.

The Baton Rouge area owes its historical importance to its strategic site upon the Istrouma Bluff, the first natural bluff (cliff) upriver from the Mississippi River Delta. This allowed development of a business quarter safe from seasonal flooding. In addition, the city built a levee system stretching from the bluff southward to protect the riverfront and low-lying agricultural areas. The city is a culturally rich center, with settlement by immigrants from numerous European nations and African peoples. It was ruled by seven different governments: French, British, and Spanish in the colonial era, West Floridian (West Florida), United States territory and state, Confederate, and United States again.

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