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, Basseterre played host to Carifesta VII (the Caribbean Festival of Arts) in 2000, outbidding rivals many times its size. The city was able to outbid the United States of America to host matches for the 2007 World Cricket Cup (2007 Cricket World Cup). The Warner Park Sporting Complex was the site of the allocated first round matches of the tournament. This made St. Kitts and Nevis the smallest country in the world ever to host a World Cup event. Basseterre is home to two private, for-profit

the grounds of the sugar factory which ceased production in 2005) *Warner Park Sporting Complex *Pelican Shopping Mall *Queen Victoria Statue Roundabout *Basseterre National Park (under construction) *Fort Thomas *Springfield Cemetery and Chapel Religion There are a large number of Christian churches in the city for its size. Most are Protestant, due to British colonization, but the cathedral in Basseterre is Roman Catholic. The Anglican, also called the "Church of England

residence of the Governor-General of Saint Kitts and Nevis. *'''St Kitts''' :The Boys' Brigade was established at the Wesley Methodist Church (located in Basseterre) and was only founded for the boys who went to the Methodist churches around the island. However, over the years we have incooperated boys from all denominations. Today, the Boys' Brigade moves forward as a very active part of St Kitts pushing its motto: "Sure and Steadfast" - 94 Warner Park Sporting Complex

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'''Basseterre''' on the west coast of the island of Saint Kitts is the capital city of the two-island nation, the Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis. Get in By air '''Robert L Bradshaw International''' ( ) is the only airport on St. Kitts. By cruise ship As depicted in the photo on the right, a large pier supports visiting cruise ships. Their passengers can walk directly through the "duty free" shopping area (noted in "Buy" below), and onward

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of St. Kitts and Nevis. The OECS is the successor of the Leewards Islands' political organisation known as the West Indies Associated States (WISA). Flag and logo The flag and logo of the OECS consists of a complex pattern of concentric design elements on a pale green field, focused on a circle of nine inwardly pointed orange triangles and nine outwardly pointed white triangles. It was adopted June 21, 2006, and first raised on that day at Basseterre, St. Kitts and Nevis. OECS Press Release of June 22, 2006 : birth_date Wikipedia:Basseterre

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city, Basseterre, yet away from the bustle, the parish has recently become a top-notch choice for the island's wealthy to reside, mainly in the high-price communities of Mattingley, Hummingbird and West Farm. The main industry in the parish is uniquely that of education. The village of West Farm is home to three universities: The Robert Ross Nursing University, the University of Medicine and Health Sciences (St. Kitts), and the Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine (Ross University). All were founded by American Businessman, Robert Ross, and The Veterinary University was purchased by DeVry University in 2003. The other main industry is tourism. The Trinity Inn, located in the village of Palmetto Point is a small complex of inexpensive flats. The Fairview Inn, nestled at the base of the mountains above the village of Boyd's was the island's first functioning hotel. Port The Charlestown Port is the island's second largest port, and is mainly used for ferrying to Basseterre and Montserrat, as well as yacht moorings. In June the West Indies played a Test series (Indian cricket team in West Indies in 2006) at home against India and Ganga put in a Man of the Match performance in the 3rd Test at Basseterre, St Kitts and Nevis. Opening the batting he made a career best 135 in the first innings and followed it up with an unbeaten 66 to help his side draw the Test. - ''' 3 ''' 135 37 India (Indian cricket team) Basseterre, Saint Kitts and Nevis Warner Park (Warner Park Sporting Complex) 2006 - - 10 135* 60 Wikipedia:Basseterre

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of well-restored buildings still exist in downtown Basseterre. Geography and climate Geography The city of Basseterre skirts a bay on the southwestern shore of St. Kitts, Basseterre Bay. The city lies within the large Basseterre Valley, almost completely surrounded by lush green hills and mountains. It is primarily low-lying, which is one explanation for the name which the French gave unto it, as Basseterre translates to "low land" in English


and Nevis Basseterre is hub for all major roads on the island of St. Kitts. Driving is done on the left. The speed limit in the city is everywhere, with special caution to be taken around school zones. Public buses Public Buses have a green license plate starting with the letter "H" There are 5 main bus routes on St. Kitts: *'''Basseterre to Sandy Point''' travelling West, starting at the Ferry Terminal, *'''Basseterre to Capesterre

''' travelling West, starting at the Ferry Terminal, *'''Basseterre to St. Peter's''' travelling North, starting at College Street Ghaut, *'''Basseterre to Molyneux''' travelling East, starting at Baker's Corner and *'''Basseterre to Saddler's''' travelling East, starting at Baker's Corner. All bus fees are $2.50 for a trip . (EC dollars. 1 US 2.7 EC) No public buses travel southwards

to the main resort areas in Frigate Bay and the South East Peninsula. Taxis Taxis have yellow license plates starting with the letter "T" or "TA". The taxi station in Basseterre is located at the Circus (466 6999). The taxis will take you just about anywhere for a pre-calculated price. Harbour The Deep Water Harbour in Basseterre is capable of both hosting and berthing of cruise ships or the handling of cargo. It is located to the extreme East of Basseterre


'''Basseterre''' , on the south western coast of Saint Kitts Island, and it is one of the chief commercial depots of the Leeward Islands. The city lies within the parish of Saint George Basseterre (Saint George Basseterre Parish) and the southern part of the parish of Saint Peter Basseterre (Saint Peter Basseterre Parish).

Basseterre is one of the oldest towns in the Eastern Caribbean (Lesser Antilles). About the origin of the name see Basse-Terre Island.

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