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. The Friday's restaurant chain was founded by Alan Stillman in 1965. The bachelor perfume salesman lived in a neighborhood with many airline stewardesses, fashion models, secretaries, and other single people on the East Side of Manhattan near the Queensboro Bridge, and hoped that opening a bar would help him meet women. At the time, Stillman's choices for socializing were non-public cocktail parties, or "guys' beer-drinking hangout" bars that women usually did not visit; he recalled that "there was no public place for people between, say, twenty-three to thirty-seven years old, to meet." He sought to recreate the comfortable cocktail-party atmosphere in public despite having no experience in the restaurant business. WikiPedia:Barbados Dmoz:Regional Caribbean Barbados Commons:Category:Barbados

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random way. Prior to 1859 there was no standard colour although there is a document in the BPMA archive indicating that optionally, the lettering and Royal cypher could be picked out in white or black. In 1859, a bronze green colour became standard until 1874. It took ten years for every box to be repainted during this period). group2 '''Yellow''' * '''The Bahamas''' - Fred Mitchell (Fred Mitchell (Bahamas)) (2002-2007) * '''Barbados''' - Billie Miller Dame Billie

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and Wise became the most successful comedy duo the country had ever seen. The humour had always been largely derived from their on-stage relationship, but whereas Hills and Green had cast Morecambe as the comic and Wise as the straight man, Braben inverted the relationship; as theatre critic Kenneth Tynan noted, Braben made Wise's character a comic who was not funny, while Morecambe became a straight man who was funny. Braben made them less hostile to one another, even depicting them

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jointly with Moses Hazen, who during the War of Independence sided with the armies under Richard Montgomery who invaded Quebec. The two were in court for years over their failed business partnership. The current '''Christ Church Parish Church''' located in Oistins, Christ Church (Christ Church, Barbados), Barbados was built in 1935 and is the fifth parish church (Church of England parish church) on the site. At various times the previous structures have all been destroyed

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publisher Barbados Museum & Historical Society archiveurl http: web 20100505161730 http: archivedate 5 May 2010 deadurl no quote A temporary exhibit which examined some of the preliminary excavations conducted at the dig site at Heywoods, St. Peter. "Redstone island with teeth outside (reefs)",

: Barbados Maritime Ship Registry * Barbados Museum & Historical Society ; General information * Long.

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carey_mariah.jhtml title Mariah Carey, Beyoncé, Rihanna, Fergie, Miley Cyrus, More Collaborate On Cancer Benefit Single last Kaufman first Gil date August 19, 2008 publisher MTV accessdate May 14, 2009 The singers performed the song live on September 5, 2008. "Just Stand Up” Star-Studded Charitable Single Sets Pace For Stand Up to Cancer Fundraising Campaign ''Stand Up to Cancer'' Retrieved on June 6, 2009. ref>

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of Skincare" festivities featuring several performances by Barbadian (Barbados) singer and actress Rihanna. Rihanna's song "California King Bed" is featured as a part of the "100 Years of Skincare" commercial campaign. ref name "rihannanow1

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" Nicolas Cage and Sean Connery ("in a wig") movie The Rock (The Rock (film)), and the city of Cork (Cork city) where he stays in an eccentric bed and breakfast and encounters hooligans. Gerhard's next stop is Blarney Castle where he hopes to receive the gift of gab by kissing the famous Blarney Stone, but he is instead stricken with a cold sore which draws ridicule from the public and forces him to heal for two weeks in Barbados. Upon return to County Kerry

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Barbados. Telfer was ''free coloured'', which in her time and place meant a free person of mixed European and African ancestry. Thus, James Douglas - as all her children with John Douglas - was part black. The couple had a number of children together, but were not formally married. Adams, John. 2001. ''Old Square-Toes and His Lady: The Life of James and Amelia Douglas''. Victoria, BC: Horsdal and Schubert. P. 1. In 1812 James was sent to Lanark, Scotland to be schooled

, part Black but ‘clearer’ than Brown-skin: HIGH BROWN – More white than Black, light skinned: DOUGLA –part Indian and part Black: LIGHT SKINNED, or CLEAR SKINNED Some Black, but more White: TRINI WHITE – Perhaps not all White, behaves like others but skin White". RACISM IN TRINIDAD (pdf) In Jamaica albinism has been stigmatized, but the albino dancehall singer Yellowman took his stage name


'''Barbados''' ( north-east of Trinidad and Tobago. Barbados is outside of the principal Atlantic hurricane belt.

Barbados was visited by Spanish navigators in the late 15th century and claimed for the Spanish Crown. It first appears on a Spanish map from 1511.

In 1966, Barbados became an independent state and Commonwealth realm, retaining Queen Elizabeth II (Elizabeth II) as Head of State (Head of state). It has a population of 277,821 people, mostly of African descent. Despite being classified as an Atlantic island, Barbados is considered to be a part of the Caribbean, where it is ranked as a leading tourist destination. In 2011 Barbados ranked second in the Americas (after Canada) and 16th globally on Transparency International's Corruption Perception Index. surveys and indices 2011. Transparency International.

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