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of Bathurst (now Banjul) in 1816. In the ensuing years, Banjul was at times under the jurisdiction of the British Governor General in Sierra Leone. In 1888, Gambia became a separate colony. * '''Kumasi''', Ghana Waterways The Gambia River not only provides important internal transport but is also an international commercial link. Oceangoing

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community in Freetown, Sierra Leone by 1860, of which Africanus Horton, a surgeon, scientist and soldier, was an active member. Bathurst's official position caused his name to be mentioned frequently during the agitation for the abolition of slavery

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. It has a main street with a market, and some government offices. It is a fast developing location because of its highly developed infra structure. It is easy to reach from the capital, Banjul, and the economic centre, Serrekunda, by the Combo Coastal Highway situated on a slight hill giving direct view to the unspoiled sandy beaches and the Atlantic Ocean. '''Wilfred Norris "Wilf" Slack''' (12 December 1954, Troumaca, St Vincent (Saint Vincent and the Grenadines) – 15 January 1989, Banjul, The Gambia) WikiPedia:Banjul Commons:Category:Banjul

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priced seafood on offer. The locally produced peanuts are also very good and go well with a pint of Julbrew. Budget Mid-range * Radio Sud Beach bar. This used to be a radio station which started life as a pirate radio on a boat off Sweden. After changes in the law there, it was sailed away and ended up in the Gambia. The ship and radio station have both now gone (the former sank nearby and the latter closed in 2002 when its mast collapsed). It is now a beach bar and restaurant

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-16.582467 directions at the end of Independence Drive phone tollfree fax hours price GMD 50 content Gives good views over Banjul city.The gate is 35 metres tall and the centre of an open square. It houses a textile museum. *

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. The original owners are still there and are happy to talk about the history. Located on the beach near Banjul city. Driving away from Banjul city it is on the right after the cemetery. * Michels seafood bar. Close to the independence arch on Independence Avenue. * Restaurant at the base of the Independence Arch has good seafood. *

location on the beach and free WiFi Splurge There are many good restaurants in the road leading to the hotels at Kololi beach. This road is also known as the Senegambia Strip. Drink Sleep Budget * WikiPedia:Banjul Commons:Category:Banjul

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, but beeswax, palm wood (Arecaceae), palm oil, and skins and hides are also shipped from the port of Banjul. Banjul is also the home of the Gambia Technical Training Institute. GTTI is currently engaged in a partnership with non-profit organization Power Up Gambia to develop a solar energy training program. Climate

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that "an error comprehensive in magnitude and protracted in duration... was the error of a great proletarian revolutionary." ''Facts on File Yearbook 1981'' (Facts on File, Inc., 1982) p450; Rebecca E. Karl, ''Mao Zedong and China in the Twentieth-Century World: A Concise History'' (Duke University Press, 2010) p166 *The "Banjul Charter, or the African Charter on Human and Peoples' Rights, was adopted by the 51 members of the Organisation of African

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50 content Small museum with cultural and historic artifacts * '''Albert Market''' * ''' Banjul State House''' * ''' Banjul Court House''' * '''The African Heritage Museum ''' or '''African Heritage Centre''' is a museum and art gallery in Banjul, The Gambia. It holds a large collection of African art and statues. The city has two cathedrals and several major mosques. Do Go to its wonderful beaches. Buy Eat Being on the Atlantic ocean, Banjul has some excellent and well


Airways commenced the first-ever non-stop Accra-London air connection, also using Britannias, and in July the government announced that the airline would be reorganised. The order for two Boeing 707s, which had been placed in January 1961, was cancelled in August due to difficulties in financing the purchase; in 1961 the airline had lost some US$800,000. The airline took delivery of the three Viscounts and an additional two Il-18s in 1962, for a total of eight Ilyushins. A weekly flight from

Accra to Kumasi, Tamale (Tamale, Ghana), Ouagadougou, Mopti, Ségou and Bamako was inaugurated on 4 July 1962 utilising Douglas DC-3 equipment. The pool arrangement with BOAC was terminated in November 1962, some three years before its expected July 1985 expiry, after Ghana Airways signed a pool agreement with Alitalia covering flights between Accra and Rome. BOAC saw this arrangement with the List of airlines of Italy

Italian airline to be in competition with their agreement with the Ghanaian airline, under which Ghana Airways would be required to sell tickets for both airlines on the Accra-London route, which in the case of the Alitalia would be operated via Rome. ref>


'''Banjul''', officially the '''City of Banjul''' and formerly known as '''Bathurst''', is the capital (Capital (political)) of the Gambia and is in a division of the same name. The population of the city proper is only 34,828, with the '''Greater Banjul Area''', which includes the City of Banjul and the Kanifing Municipal Council, at a population of 357,238 (2003 census). Banjul is on St Mary's Island (Banjul Island), where the Gambia River enters the Atlantic Ocean. The island is connected to the mainland to the west and the rest of Greater Banjul Area via bridges. There are also ferries linking Banjul to the mainland at the other side of the river.

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