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of Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin. 2009 At the Heineken Open (2009 Heineken Open - Singles) in Auckland, New Zealand, del Potro was the top seed for the tournament. He defeated American Sam Querrey in the final, 6–4, 6–4, to win the title, the fifth of his career. ref

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to the southeast is the Otahuhu (Otahuhu, New Zealand) isthmus. Here an arm of the Hauraki Gulf on the east coast comes just 1200 metres from the Manukau's waters. This would put the majority of Auckland city on the peninsula. Nealon played Stuart Pearson in the adventure comedy movie ''Aliens in the Attic''. Shooting took place in Auckland, New Zealand. History Life FM started 2pm 6 March 1993 on 99.3 FM in Christchurch to the sound of U2 "In The Name Of Love" as a station broadcasting a mix of Christian and secular music. However the frequency was leased from More FM and the station was shut down on Friday, 11 July 1997, at 6pm due the lease expiring. Life FM was restarted in Auckland, Waikato and the Bay of Plenty in 1997 as a 100% Christian (Christian music) network (radio network) and was relaunched in 2002. Listener contributions from around the world make up about 70% of the network's budget. Since 2004, regular "Lifeathon" live radio events have raised a large proportion of this budget. In 2005, the event featured Zed (Zed (band)) lead singer Nathan King, boxer (boxing) David Tua, Christian band Mumsdollar, musician Dave Dobbyn and netball player Irene van Dyk. Television Aged 19, Schofield moved with his family to New Zealand, where he made his television debut presenting the children's music programme ''Shazam!'' on 23 February 1982. He also spent two years working for the Auckland-based station Radio Hauraki. birth_place Nelson, New Zealand death_place Auckland, New Zealand image He died on 19 May 1986 in hospital in Auckland, New Zealand. DATE OF DEATH 19 May 1986 PLACE OF DEATH Auckland, New Zealand thumb right This hamburger (File:Hamburger in New Zealand.jpg) at a Botany fast food chain contains slices of canned beetroot. As a result of various developments, the food scene of New Zealand in the early 21st century is in a state of flux: cosmopolitan Pacific Rim fares reign is now the norm in much of metropolitan eating out scenes, There are even reports that in Auckland by 2007, the traditional fund-raising sausage sizzles at many schools in the more affluent suburbs have been replaced with sushi, a supposedly lower fat and healthier alternative. and traditional hearty settlers food, now dubbed ''Kwisine Kiwiana'', but reinterpreted through Pacific Rim cooking knowledge, is a popular cooking style for eating out scenes even in the most remote rural regions. Most of the home cooking prepared at households in Auckland is now a mix of traditional Kiwiana dishes heavily modified by Mediterranean and Asian techniques and ingredients, and adapted versions of Mediterranean, Chinese, and Indian dishes (Indian cuisine). In the more culturally traditional parts of the country, such as rural Canterbury (Canterbury (New Zealand)) and the West Coast (West Coast (New Zealand)). However, traditional Kiwiana fares are still the norm at many homes. In general, there are minimal differences between the food preference of New Zealand and Australia. The food trends in New Zealand tend to trail its trans-Tasman counterparts by a few years to a decade, such as the Mediterranean cookery did not become mainstream in New Zealand until the dawn of 1990s, while its influence was already felt in Australia by the 1980s; and while Australia has by the early 21st century developed a well established niche specialist produce distributing channel, a similar system is still in its infancy across the Tasman. However, in recent times Auckland and Wellington have food fashions moving essentially in sync with that of Sydney and Melbourne. A positive Australian comment on modern urban New Zealand cooking, specifically Auckland, is from Bruce Elder of the Sydney Morning Herald, " was a time when discriminating eaters from Australia were told to take a packed lunch when visiting New Zealand. Now it is consistently good and also, at the upper end, very cheap. With an exchange rate of around $NZ1.20 equalling $AUD1 meals at the best restaurants in Auckland work out at around $AUD25 for mains and that, literally, is half what you would pay for the same in Sydney's upmarket restaurants." Bruce Elder, ''Eating in New Zealand (Part 2)'' http: trampaboutnz archives 007306.html. A number of Sydney and Melbourne fine-dining restaurants have Auckland connections - such as Wildfire restaurant in Sydney is owned by the former owner of Cin Cin in Auckland. Molecular cuisine has also landed in Auckland as in Sydney by 2006, but is still unheard of in much of the country. There are 10 major wine-producing areas in New Zealand, with Marlborough (Marlborough, New Zealand) famed for its sauvignon blanc, Gisborne (Gisborne, New Zealand) for its chardonnay, and Central Otago and Martinborough building a reputation for pinot noir and pinot gris. Hawkes Bay is known for its bold cabernets and Auckland's Waiheke Island is home to one of the top 20 cabernet blends in the world. Marlborough and Hawkes Bay are New Zealand's two premium wine-growing regions. New Zealand In New Zealand, Dick Smith Electronics has over 75 locations Wikipedia:Auckland City commons:Auckland

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, the forerunners to the modern Christchurch (University of Otago Christchurch School of Medicine and Health Sciences) and Wellington Medical Schools (University of Otago Wellington School of Medicine and Health Sciences). birth_date '''Paul Radisich''' (born 9 October 1962 in Auckland) is a New Zealand racing driver of Croat origin. He has

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, Auckland CBD, is a yearly summer event, covering 2.8 km (often with some considerable counter-currents) and attended by over a thousand mostly amateur competitors. It is New Zealand's largest ocean swim. Harbour Crossing (from the Auckland City Council website. Retrieved 24 October 2007.) * The 'Round the Bays' fun-run (road running), starting in the city and going Wikipedia:Auckland City commons:Auckland

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from the stage and is 'played' by the audience. Throughout the performance Venus (Madden-Gray and Prior) attempt to seduce the audience. ''Venus & Adonis'' received good reviews in all of its three seasons. Wikipedia:Auckland City commons:Auckland

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, with the victory bringing the Cup to Europe for the first time. Team Alinghi hired sailors from many different nationalities, including Russell Coutts and Brad Butterworth, respectively skipper and tactician of Team New Zealand's 2000 crew. Bertarelli was Team Alinghi's only Swiss national serving as navigator in 2003 and subsequently as an afterguard runner and grinder in 2007, when Team Alinghi defended the America's Cup in Valencia (Valencia, Spain). On July 3, 2007, Alinghi

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and The Stooges. This was complemented by jangly (Jangle pop), psychedelic (Psychedelic rock)-influenced guitar work reminiscent of 1960s bands such as The Beatles and The Byrds, and the combination of the two developed into the style which became known as the Dunedin Sound. Roy Shuker Understanding popular music Routledge, 2001 Perhaps one of Cooper's lesser known achievements was his 1982 publication, ''Trouper Cooper's Curry Cookbook'' (William Collins Publishers, Auckland 1982). At the time, Cooper ran a successful Curry restaurant in Auckland, New Zealand, ''Trouper Cooper's Curry House''. He also wrote ''The Parnell Cookbook'', and starred in many New Zealand TV series such as ''Hunter's Gold'' (1977), ''Gather Your Dreams'' (1978), ''Children of Fire Mountain'' (1979), ''Jack Holborn'' (1982) and ''Mortimer's Patch'' (1982). Wikipedia:Auckland City commons:Auckland

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, and rates highly in other international quality-of-life polls. It features a large number of urban beaches and parks, numerous arts and cultural institutions and events, and is home to a multitude of sporting teams. There is also the city's love of sailing – 135,000 yachts and launches are registered in Auckland and several America's Cup regattas have been held here. Auckland is very multicultural, with strong immigrant cultures (40% of Aucklanders are born overseas). It has the largest Polynesian

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team that won the golden medal at the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal. He represented The Kiwis for fifteen years, from 1972-1986. Patel arrived just in time to earn selection on the left wing for the 1972 Summer Olympics and after that was an automatic selection. He played a variety of positions, but was inside left in the 1976 team. Lawrence formerly worked in marketing with the Auckland Rugby Union. Current position is National Sponsorship Manager at Lion Nathan New Zealand. Duncan then went onto complete a bachelor of business degree at Massey University in Auckland in 2004. In 2005, Jonathan started his Master of Entrepreneurship program at the University of Otago and started working for software company Siliconcoach. During this time the Academy Cinema in Dunedin, New Zealand was established with business partner Jeffrey Broughton. Ferguson was born in Auckland, New Zealand, the son of four-times Olympic gold medal winning canoeist Ian Ferguson (Ian Ferguson (canoeist)). thumb left Lighting and video effects for the performance of "The Unforgettable Fire" on the U2 360° Tour (Image:UnforgettableFire23Sep2009.jpg). "The Unforgettable Fire" was first played live at the fourth show of the Unforgettable Fire Tour on 2 September 1984 in the New Zealand city of Auckland. Parra, Pimm Jal de la ''U2 Live: A Concert Documentary'', p.53, 1996, Harper Collins Publishers, ISBN 0-7322-6036-1 It was subsequently played at almost all Unforgettable Fire Tour shows. It was played at the majority of The Joshua Tree Tour shows and the song appeared regularly during 1989's Lovetown Tour, during which its last performance for nearly 20 years was on 6 January 1990. Wikipedia:Auckland City commons:Auckland

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, with the victory bringing the Cup to Europe for the first time. Team Alinghi hired sailors from many different nationalities, including Russell Coutts and Brad Butterworth, respectively skipper and tactician of Team New Zealand's 2000 crew. Bertarelli was Team Alinghi's only Swiss national serving as navigator in 2003 and subsequently as an afterguard runner and grinder in 2007, when Team Alinghi defended the America's Cup in Valencia (Valencia, Spain). On July 3, 2007, Alinghi


The '''Auckland urban area''' ( In Māori (Māori language), Auckland's name is '''Tāmaki Makaurau''' and the transliterated version of Auckland is '''Ākarana'''.

The Auckland urban area (as defined by Statistics New Zealand) ranges to Waiwera in the north, Kumeu in the northwest, and Runciman in the south. It is not contiguous; the section from Waiwera to Whangaparaoa Peninsula is separate from its nearest neighbouring suburb of Long Bay (Long Bay, New Zealand). Auckland lies between the Hauraki Gulf of the Pacific Ocean to the east, the low Hunua Ranges to the south-east, the Manukau Harbour to the south-west, and the Waitakere Ranges and smaller ranges to the west and north-west. The central part of the urban area occupies a narrow isthmus (List of isthmuses) between the Manukau Harbour on the Tasman Sea and the Waitemata Harbour on the Pacific Ocean. It is one of the few cities in the world to have two harbours on two separate major bodies of water.

The 2014 Mercer Quality of Living Survey ranked Auckland 3rd place in the world on its list, while the ''Economist's (Economist Intelligence Unit)'' World's most liveable cities index of 2011 ranked Auckland in 9th place. In 2010, Auckland was classified as a Beta World City (Global city) in the World Cities Study Group's inventory by Loughborough University. http: gawc world2010t.html "The World According to GaWC 2008"

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