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isolated part of the country, far from the capital city of Asunción and other important population centers such as Ciudad del Este and Encarnación (Encarnación, Paraguay), Misiones has remained one of the least developed and poorer departments in the country. Misiones is connected to Asunción and Encarnación (Encarnación, Paraguay) via Route 1, the ''Mariscal Francisco Solano López Highway'', which passes through Villa Florida, San Miguel, San Juan Bautista, San Ignacio, Santa Rosa and San Patricio. The southern part of the department is also accessible to the Paraná River, which is navigable by large cargo ships downstream of the Yacyretá Dam near Ayolas. The Route 4 connects Misiones with Ñeembucú department (Ñeembucú Department). Small airports are also located in San Juan Bautista and in Ayolas (Juan de Ayolas Airport) to the south. * The People's Republic of China says it may delay talks on a free trade agreement with Singapore following a recent visit to Taiwan (political status of Taiwan) by Singapore's deputy prime minister Lee Hsien Loong. (AtOL) (StraitsTimes) * The death toll in the market fire in Asunción, Paraguay rises to 464. Six people, including the co-owner, are arrested for manslaughter on charges that they locked the doors after the fire started, in order to prevent looting. (The Scotsman) (ABC News) * World Trade Organization members agree on a revised draft deal that aims to revive stalled talks on freeing up trade between rich and poor nations. Key WTO members accept proposals to cut the subsidies wealthy countries give their farmers for exports. International non-governmental organizations (NGOs) (Non-governmental organization) denounced the results as a sell-out of poor countries and the environment (environment (biophysical)). (BBC) ( * Over 311 people are killed and 276 injured in a fire which swept a market in Asunción, Paraguay. (AP) (CNN) socks2 FFFFFF First game Commons:Category:Asunción

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plaza with fountains, but it is frequently closed, especially at midday siesta. * Commons:Category:Asunción

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won the gold, I ran to the airport so I could play in the (Recopa Sudamericana 2008) final." And adding, "These things should be kept in the dressing-room, he's broken all the codes of football."

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for the Paraguay national football team since 2000. rsssf: Paraguay record international footballers He currently plays for Real Zaragoza in the Spanish La Liga. DATE OF BIRTH 1 February 1980 PLACE OF BIRTH Asunción, Paraguay DATE OF DEATH - 6. 15 June 2008 Estadio Defensores del Chaco, Asunción, Paraguay '''2'''–0 2–0 2010 FIFA

) is a retired football (soccer) goalkeeper (Goalkeeper (association football)) from Paraguay. He was cap (cap (football))ped 78 times for the Paraguay national football team in an international career that lasted from 1976 to 1989. rsssf: Paraguay record international footballers He was also a member of the Paraguayan team that won the 1979 Copa América.

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who showcase their works in expos held throughout the year. The History Museum of Crafts is located in this city. There's also many art galleries with a wide variety of antiques and works of art from the last century. Location It is situated (370 km) 235 miles south-east of the capital Asunción on the Paraná River, opposite to the Argentine (Argentina) city of Posadas (Posadas, Misiones). The two cities are linked by the San Roque González de Santa Cruz Bridge. Until quite recently, there was no paved route to Asunción, and the city was nearly isolated during periods of rain. Today, however, there are daily buses to various other cities. The primary mode of transportation to other cities is by bus from the Central Terminal, which offers routes to Asunción and its suburbs such as Luque, Ñemby, and San Lorenzo (San Lorenzo, Paraguay), as well as Ciudad del Este, Villarica, Pedro Juan Caballero, Encarnacion, Santa Rita, Concepción (Concepción, Paraguay), and Villa Hayes. Paraguarí is 66 km away from Asunción following the Route 1 “Mariscal Francisco Solano López”. To get to Paraguarí one can take an inter-urban bus at the Bus Terminal of Asunción, or at the Eusebio Ayala (Eusebio Ayala District) Road, where a bus leaves for Paraguarí about every 15 minutes. Looking just beyond the city itself, the road between Paraguarí and Piribebuy is one of the prettiest of the country, connecting numerous tourist locations across a unique landscape of hills and brooks only a few miles away from Asunción. One of them is the Mbatovi (Eco Reserva Mbatoví) reservation, located 72 km away from Asunción following the road that connects the Routes 1 and 2, the roadhouses of Chololó, Pinamar, Piraretá and others. '''Cirilo Antonio Rivarola Acosta''' (1836, Asunción - 1879) was President (List of Presidents of Paraguay) of Paraguay March 1, 1870 - December 10, 1871. Before and during the War of the Triple Alliance, Rivarola was an opponent of dictator Francisco Solano López (Francisco Solano López (politician)). In 1869, amidst Paraguay’s defeat and Solano’s guerilla war against Paraguay’s conquerors, Rivarola led a rebellion against Solano and became president of a provisional government that controlled the capital. Rivarola became the official president of Paraguay in March 1870 when Solano was killed. Rivarola gave up the presidency on August 31, 1870, but regained it the next day when the provisional government was renewed, and remained president for over a year. He presided over Paraguay’s settlement with the alliance and return to peace, though Paraguay’s recovery would be very slow. birth_date Commons:Category:Asunción

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Mburuvichá Roga House , Paraguayan Presidential Residence - (Asunción) The '''American School of Asunción''' is an international school in Asunción, Paraguay founded in 1955. It is a private non-profit day school, which offers an instructional program from pre-kindergarten through grade 12. The school is a bilingual, multi-cultural educational institution which incorporates U.S. and Paraguayan culture, history, language, pedagogy, and values in an educational program for United

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Asunción . His style of play has led the Paraguayan media to call him the "Master of the Midfield". Paredes plays defensive midfield, though he can also play as centre-forward, being a lethal header. He also has exceptional leadership capabilities on the field, where he is constantly marshalling instructions to the rest of the team. DATE OF BIRTH 16 July 1976 PLACE OF BIRTH Asunción, Paraguay DATE OF DEATH '''Ricardo Javier Tavarelli Paiva''' (born 2 August 1970 in Asunción, Paraguay) is a former Paraguayan footballer (Football (soccer)), who played as a goalkeeper (Goalkeeper (association football)). DATE OF BIRTH 2 August 1970 PLACE OF BIRTH Asunción, Paraguay DATE OF DEATH Already in his 30's and dealing with some injuries, Benítez left Espanyol in January 2002, returning to his country and signing with Asunción's Club Olimpia. In the years until his retirement, he appeared rarely for several clubs, and also returned to Spain, playing with second-tier UD Almería. stadium Estadio Defensores del Chaco location Asunción, Paraguay attendance 32,000 Hotel locations Commons:Category:Asunción

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''' is a city in Paraguay; located 28 km away from the capital city Asunción. It is the capital of the Department (Department (country subdivision)) of Central (Central Department). Probably the best feature of this Paraguayan town is its geographical location; it lays between a group of rolling hills with a distinctive rock formation (found only in 3 places in the world) and a beautiful blue lake, Ypacaraí lake (Ypacaraí Lake). The topography of the surroundings gives

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arrangement with Postal Services around the world to collect. An agreed payment based on volumes is made, year on year. Other forms of postage are collected at local Mail Centres, but Heathrow collects those that still get forwarded to them, that manage to arrive there. Bermuda, the UK's most populous remaining overseas territory, has developed its own, entirely separate, postcode system (Postal codes in Bermuda), with unique postcodes for street and PO Box addresses, http


'''Nuestra Señora Santa María de la Asunción''' ( ) is the capital (Capital (political)) and largest city of Paraguay.

The '''Ciudad de Asunción''' is an autonomous capital district not part of any department (Departments of Paraguay). The metropolitan area, called ''Gran Asunción'', includes the cities of San Lorenzo (San Lorenzo (Paraguay)), Fernando de la Mora (Fernando de la Mora (Paraguay)), Lambaré, Luque, Mariano Roque Alonso, Ñemby, San Antonio (San Antonio, Paraguay), Limpio, Capiatá and Villa Elisa (Villa Elisa (Paraguay)), which are part of the Central Department. The Asunción metropolitan area has more than 2 million (1000000 (number)) inhabitants. The Municipality of Asunción is listed on the Asunción Stock Exchange (BVPASA), as , a unique feature of any city.

It is the home of the national government, principal port, and the chief industrial and cultural centre of the country.

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