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route (which is mostly single-track outside the innermost parts of the city; except the stretch between Breidablikk and Nordre Hoem stations) which runs from the city centre, through the Byåsen district, and up to Lian, in the large recreation area Bymarka. Trondheim boasts the world's only bicycle lift, ''Trampe (Trampe bicycle lift)''. * August 22 – John Dudley, 1st Duke of Northumberland, a supporter of Lady Jane Grey, is executed. * August – English (English people) explorer Richard Chancellor enters the White Sea and reaches Arkhangelsk, going on to the court of Ivan IV of Russia, opening up trade between England and Russia. * September – Protestant (Protestantism) bishops in England are arrested and Roman Catholic (Catholic Church) bishops are restored. Siege of Leningrad On 30 August 1941 German forces cut the Leningrad-Moscow railroad and severed other connections to Leningrad. Stalin told his staff at the meeting with military commanders "Leningrad may be lost. Situation is hopelessly bad there." Zhukov was present at the meeting, and was then summoned by Stalin for a private discussion that soon made impact on the course of WWII. Zhukov and Stalin agreed that Leningrad and surrounding territories are crucial for winning the war, thus everything related to defense of Leningrad becomes first priority, including Red Army and Navy operations in Karelia and Northern Russia, partisan guerrilla resistance in Novgorod and Leningrad area, control over the Lake Ladoga and Svir River, defending seaports of Murmansk and Arkhangelsk receiving British, Canadian, and American help through Arctic convoys, and most importantly - evacuation of civilians, millions of whom were trapped in the encircled city and suburbs. Carell, Paul (1966), Verbrannte Erde: Schlacht zwischen Wolga und Weichsel (Scorched Earth: The Russian-German War 1943-1944), Verlag Ullstein GmbH, (Schiffer Publishing), Werth, Alexander, Russia at War 1941-1945 (1964) Salisbury, Harrison The 900 Days; the Siege of Leningrad (1969) Zhukov, Georgiy. The Memoirs of Marshal Zhukov. 20 years of victory Jubilee edition, Moscow, 1965. Stalin ordered Zhukov to save Leningrad by any means, because if the city failed, 11% of national economy and invaluable wealth of the Hermitage (Hermitage Museum) museum and palaces of the Russian Tzars would be in the enemy hands, then the German forces united with Finnish forces, could quickly take Northern Russia and attack Moscow

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?!? IS THERE A SOURCE OF THIS? The Russian Orthodox denomination plans to build the world's northernmost church in the Franz Joseph Archipelago. It will be named after St. Nicholas. This was announced by Bishop Tikhon of Arkhangelsk and Kholmogory in August 2007.-- Pletnev was born into a musical family in Arkhangelsk, then part of the Soviet Union; his father played and taught the bayan (bayan (accordion)), and his mother the piano. Fanning, David. "

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on August 4, 1918, at Arkhangelsk, Russia, beginning a famous military expedition dubbed Operation Archangel (Archangel (operation)). Its objective was to prevent the German Empire from obtaining Allied military supplies stored in the region. In retaliation for this incursion, the Bolsheviks raided the British diplomatic mission on August 5, disrupting a meeting Reilly had arranged between the anti-Bolshevik Latvians, UDFF officials, and Lockhart. He

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in the Tikhaya Bay due to lack of coal. Thorgils Skarthi is described in the ''Kormáks saga'' which is principally about Kormak Ogmundsson (Old Norse: ''Kormákr Ǫgmundarson''). Robert Mannyng of Brunne in his book ''Story of Inglande'' (1338) quoted from two lost romances about Thorgils Skarði, including that he had a brother called Fleyn. If so, this Kormak may have had the nickname '''Fleinn''', and if so may have founded Flamborough (from Old Norse ''Fleinaborg''). Thorgils

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the Moscow Conservatory, studying under Yakov Flier and Lev Vlasenko. At age 21, he won the Gold Medal at the VI International Tchaikovsky Competition in 1978, which earned him international recognition and drew great attention worldwide. The following year he made his debut in the United States. He also taught at the Moscow Conservatory. Commenced forming in Arkhangelsk on 21 December 1941, this incarnation of the division served to the end of the war and earned the honorific title of ''2nd Masurian Rifle Division''. It finished the war as part of the 81st Rifle Corps in the 3rd Belorussian Front. With the 81st Rifle Corps, it was withdrawn to the Eastern Ural Military District immediately after the war, and disbanded soon afterwards. At the end of August, ''Victorious'' covered the first of the allied convoys to Archangel (Arkhangelsk) (Operation ''Dervish'' (Arctic convoys of World War II)) with a force of cruisers and destroyers and then the return passage of HMS ''Argus'' (HMS Argus (I49)) which had delivered Hurricane fighters to Murmansk (Operation Strength). During early September, she launched more air attacks, this time against Tromsø (twice), Vestfjorden (Vestfjorden (Norway)) and shipping off Bodø. During her Vestfjord operations aircraft from ''Victorious'' sank the Norwegian Hurtigruten coastal steamer ''Barøy'' (SS Barøy (1929)) on 13 September. WikiPedia:Arkhangelsk commons:Архангельск

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contingent known as the Polar Bear Expedition. During both world war (World war#World War I and World War II)s, Arkhangelsk was a major port of entry for Allied aid. During World War II, the city became known in the West as one of the two main destinations (along with Murmansk

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due to the efforts of Anna Astakhova, these expeditions became systematic. By the 1960s, the performing art was basically extinct. These folkloric motives and fairy tales inspired the literary works of Stepan Pisakhov and Boris Shergin, who were both natives of Arkhangelsk. Climate Arkhangelsk experiences a subarctic climate (Köppen climate classification ''Dfc'').


64.453755 long 40.932637 directions phone tollfree fax hours Tue-Sun 10AM-5PM price Admission: 250 rubles content An open-air museum of Russian North's wooden architecture. The museum area is situated on the high bank of a small picturesque river and is filled with impressive wooden houses, churches etc. Malye Korely is claimed to be the European-largest open-air architectural museum. Located in a village just outside the city, it's an easy target for a day or a half-day

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August 15, 2009 On December 26, 2008, the tower was pulled down, WikiPedia:Arkhangelsk commons:Архангельск

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and his noble friends often staged elaborate drinking rituals and other forms of horseplay, displays of personal excess that helped unite his circle of friends through talk and drink. However, at the same time, he could be cruel, not flinching from the application of force to put down rebellions and sometimes beating his own friends if he thought it necessary. Riasanovsky and Steinberg, pp. 215–217 They ask if he is one of the machine men out of stories they have heard, again showing some memory of Stalkers (Stalker (Philip Reeve)). They ask Shrike what he is for, and he tells them he is a Remembering Machine. He says that he remembers the age of the Traction Cities, London and Arkangel (Arkhangelsk), Thaddeus Valentine and Anna Fang, and Hester and Tom. The villagers gather round and ask him to tell them. He begins to tell them his story, beginning with the first line of ''Mortal Engines''. In January 1870 Alexei Alexandrovich reached the age of majority according to Russian legislation. The event was marked by taking two oaths : the military one and the oath of allegiance of the Grand Dukes of the Russian Imperial House. In June 1870 Alexei Alexandrovich started the last part of his training. This included inland navigation on a cutter (cutter (boat)) with a steam engine, on the route from Saint Petersburg to Arkhangelsk through the Mariinsk Canal system (Volga-Baltic Waterway) and the Northern Dvina River. After visiting the schools and industrial facilities of Arkhangelsk, he started his navigation training in arctic conditions, aboard the corvette ''Variag (Russian corvette Variag)''. His cruise took him to the Solovetsky Islands, continuing through the White Sea and Barents Sea to Novaya Zemlya. The route continued to Kola Bay and the city of Murmansk, the ports of northern Norway and Iceland. He returned to Cronstadt at the end of September. Concurrently and for similar reasons, about 5,000 American soldiers were sent to Arkhangelsk (Archangel) (Arkhangelsk), Russia by President Wilson as part of the separate Polar Bear Expedition. File:Korovin hammerfest.JPG ''Hammerfest: Aurora Borealis''. 1894–1895 File:Korovin arkhangelsk.JPG ''Arkhangelsk Port on the Dvina (Northern Dvina)''. 1894 File:Korovin Twilight Room.jpg ''Twilight in a Room''. 1880s The last nuclear explosion by the Program 7, codenamed '''Rubin-1''' was performed in Arkhangelsk oblast on September 6, 1988. The explosion was a part of a seismic program for geological exploration. The Soviets agreed to stop their PNE program at the end of 1988 as a result of then president Mikhail Gorbachev's disarmament initiative. Kiruna Municipality has one sister city (town twinning): *20px (File:Flag of Russia.svg) Arkhangelsk, Russia In 1708, Soligalich became a part of the Arkhangelsk guberniya. Seven decades later, the separate Kostroma guberniya was formed, with Soligalich as one of uyezd centers. Currently, the town is known as a minor spa (destination spa), for it has mineral springs, silt and mud baths. There is a monument to Gennady Nevelskoy, who was born in the vicinity. The '''STS ''Sedov''''' ( WikiPedia:Arkhangelsk commons:Архангельск


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