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: Sales CommonQuestions.asp Aermotor Web site frequently asked questions , retrieved Sept. 17, 2008 An estimated 60,000 wind pumps are still in use in the United States. They are particularly attractive for use at remote sites where electric power is not available and maintenance is difficult to provide. In the 1930s she sang in the ''Teatro Colón (Colon Theater)'' in Buenos Aires, Argentina. During the German (Germany) occupation of France during


ended in disappointment with a loss to Greece (Greece national basketball team) in the semifinal game. The team finished with the bronze medal by defeating Argentina. Despite pre-tournament assertions that the U.S. needed a good-shooting big man like Miller, KENS 5: Sports he rarely played in the tournament and did not log any

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ended in disappointment with a loss to Greece (Greece national basketball team) in the semifinal game. The team finished with the bronze medal by defeating Argentina. Despite pre-tournament assertions that the U.S. needed a good-shooting big man like Miller, KENS 5: Sports he rarely played in the tournament and did not log any

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toured South America, the United States and Mexico. This last country became his place of residence where he stayed in the ring well into the 1960s, wrestling El Santo, Black Shadow (Black Shadow (wrestler)), El Médico Asesino and Lobo Negro. As a wrestler he was introduced to the Cinema of Mexico playing ''luchadors (Lucha libre)'', in particular a masked (wrestling mask) character he created called ''Neutrón''. Biography Born on October 30, 1921, in Riga

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Santa Bárbara , arrived the next day to no avail as the ships had already set sail. Regarded today as one of the more colorful events in the Mission's history, an annual celebration is held to memorialize "The Day that Pirates Sacked the Mission." Yenne, p. 77. There is a great contrast between the legacy of Bouchard in Argentina versus his reputation in the United States. In Buenos Aires, Bouchard is honored as a brave patriot, while in California he is most often remembered as a pirate, and not a privateer. See Hippolyte de Bouchard (Hippolyte de Bouchard#California and Central America). The Return of the Swallows The Cliff Swallow (''Petrochelidon pyrrhonota'') is a migratory (Bird migration) bird that spends its winters in Goya (Goya, Corrientes), Argentina but makes the Commons:Category:Argentina Wikipedia:Argentina Dmoz:Regional South America Argentina

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), obtains Argentine (Argentina) citizenship and joins the ODESSA (the international network of former SS officers). The name ''Agustinia'' honors the discoverer of the specimen, Agustin Martinelli. This dinosaur was originally named in a 1998 abstract (abstract (summary)) written by famous Argentine (Argentina) paleontologist Jose Bonaparte. The original generic name was ''Augustia'', which, as it turned out, was already International Code of Zoological Nomenclature

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), xii. In places that imported many enslaved people (like Brazil or Dominican Republic), the number is larger, though most identify themselves as being of mixed, rather than strictly African, ancestry. Clara E. Rodriguez, "Challenging Racial Hegemony: Puerto Ricans in the United States," in ''Race'', ed. Steven Gregory and Roger Sanjek (New Brunswick NJ, 1994), 131–45, 137. See also Frederick P. Bowser, "Colonial Spanish America," in ''Neither

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. Maciel. Since Brazil had few physiological research labs at the time, the program was partly supervised by Argentine (Argentina) physiologists, under Prof. Bernardo Houssay's leadership (Nobel Prize, 1947). Having made himself noted for his brilliance and dedication, young Eduardo was invited to work on experimental hypertension with Prof. Eduardo Braun-Menéndez in Porto Alegre and Buenos Aires, at the famous Instituto de Biología y Medicina Experimental created by Houssay. This opportunity represented a major influence on his later professional career. He then completed his training in cardiovascular physiology with Prof. W. Hamilton at the University of Georgia at Augusta (Augusta, Georgia), U.S. (United States), from 1956 to 1957. The '''Blue-black Grassquit''' (''Volatinia jacarina'') is a small bird in the tanager family, Thraupidae. It was previously classified in the bunting (Bunting (bird)) and American sparrow family, Emberizidae. It breeds from southern Mexico through Central America, and South America as far as northern Chile, Argentina and Paraguay, and on Trinidad and Tobago. It is the only member of the genus ''Volatinia''. '''Cerro Bayo''' is a complex volcano on the northern part border between Argentina and Chile. It consists of four overlapping stratovolcanoes along a north-south line. The main volcano fauce is located on the Argentine side, thought the summit of the complex is just west of the border, in Chile. * The Minuteman Project starts a month-long patrolling of the U.S.-Mexico border in Arizona for illegal immigrants, with about 100 volunteers, some of them armed. (ABC News) * The government of Argentina delays the restructuring of its debt by the exchange of old bonds for new because of a decision by a federal court judge in the United States that froze the processing of the old bonds in the possession of the Bank of New York pending a hearing before the appeals court. (Financial Times) * Japanese girl group Zone (band) played final concert as a band. * Japanese researchers have reversed diabetes of a female patient with transplantation (organ transplant) of pancreatic (pancreas) cells from her mother. (Medical News Today) (Reuters) (Forbes) * A high court in Spain sentences Adolfo Scilingo, former Argentinian (Argentina) navy captain, for 640 years in prison for crimes against humanity during the Dirty War. (Reuters AlertNet) (IHT) (CourtTV) (Pensa Latina) * The girlfriend of a Paris Opera Hotel employee admits that she might have accidentally started the fire that destroyed the hotel last Friday. Police later take her into custody. The death toll has risen to 24. (IHT) (Reuters AlertNet) (Scotsman) Species and range *''Lampris guttatus'' (Brünnich (M. T. Brünnich), 1788) Opah — from the Grand Banks to Argentina in the Western Atlantic (Atlantic Ocean); from Norway and Greenland to Senegal and south to Angola (also in the Mediterranean (Mediterranean Sea)) in the Eastern Atlantic; from the Gulf of Alaska to southern California in the Eastern Pacific (Pacific Ocean); in temperate waters of the Indian Ocean; and rare forays into the Southern Ocean. *''Lampris immaculatus'' Gilchrist (J. D. F. Gilchrist), 1904 Southern opah — confined to the Southern Ocean from the 34th parallel south to the Antarctic Polar Front thumb thumb left 300px ''Cleistocactus strausii (Image:Cleistocactus strausii flow.jpg)'' '''''Cleistocactus''''' is a genus of columnar cacti (Cactus) from Peru, Uruguay, Bolivia and Argentina. The name comes from the Greek ''kleistos'' meaning closed because the flowers hardly open. Roy lives in Islamabad and is a federal minister for life. More details about personal life and family of Raja Tridiv Roy can be found in a memoirs titled ''The Departed Melody'' with the author in Islamabad. Raja Tridiv Roy also served as Pakistan's ambassador to Argentina. The High Commissioner of Sri Lanka, General Srilal Weerasooriya, on behalf of the President, had conferred the emblems of the Sri Lankan Ranjana National Award on Federal Minister Raja Tridiv Roy in 2005. His performances, most notably in the reserve team (Manchester United F.C. Reserves and Academy#Reserves), earned him a new contract, which he signed in February 2005 to run until the summer of 2009. On 4 August 2006, however, La Liga side Real Zaragoza secured Piqué on a season-long loan. The conditions of the loan involved Piqué having to feature in at least 20 games for the Aragonese outfit, Commons:Category:Argentina Wikipedia:Argentina Dmoz:Regional South America Argentina

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Commons:Category:Argentina Wikipedia:Argentina Dmoz:Regional South America Argentina


'''Argentina''' ) is a federal republic located in southeastern South America. Sharing the Southern Cone with its smaller neighbour Chile, it is bordered by Bolivia and Paraguay to the north; Brazil to the northeast; Uruguay and the South Atlantic Ocean to the east; Chile to the west and the Drake Passage to the south.

With a mainland area of Argentina is the eighth-largest country (List of countries and outlying territories by total area) in the world, the second largest in Latin America, and the largest Spanish-speaking (Hispanophone) one. Argentina claims sovereignty over part of Antarctica (Argentine Antarctica), the Falkland Islands (Falkland Islands sovereignty dispute) ( ), South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands (South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands sovereignty dispute).

A historical and current middle power regional power, Argentina is one of the G-15 (Group of 15) and G-20 major economies and Latin America's third-largest. It is also a founding member of the United Nations, WBG (World Bank Group), WTO (World Trade Organization), Mercosur, UNASUR (Union of South American Nations), CELAC (Community of Latin American and Caribbean States) and OEI (Organization of Ibero-American States). Because of its stability, market size and increasing share of the high-tech sector, Argentina is classed by investors as a middle emerging economy (emerging economy) with a "very high" (List of countries by Human Development Index#Americas) rating on the Human Development Index.

The earliest recorded human presence in the area now known as Argentina is dated from the Paleolithic period. a Spanish overseas colony founded in 1776. The declaration (Argentine Declaration of Independence) and fight for independence (Argentine War of Independence) (1810–1818) was followed by an extended civil war (Argentine Civil Wars) that lasted until 1861, which ended with the country's reorganization as a federation of provinces (Provinces of Argentina) with Buenos Aires as its capital city. From then on—while massive European immigration waves (Immigration in Argentina) radically reshaped its cultural and demographic outlook—Argentina enjoyed an historically almost-unparalleled increase in prosperity: by the early 20th century it already ranked as the seventh wealthiest in the world. After 1930, however, and despite remaining among the fifteen richest countries until mid-century,

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