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What is Antigua Guatemala known for?

beautiful architecture

to Saturday. It is in a neighborhood with a beautiful architecture. The home environment is a very beautiful colonial style. The family is quite friendly and can speak English and practice Spanish. *


the site in more detail. Del Rio's forces smashed through several walls to see what could be found, doing a fair amount of damage to the Palace, while Bernasconi made the first map of the site as well as drawing copies of a few of the bas-relief figures and sculptures. Draughtsman Luciano Castañeda made more drawings in 1807, and a book on Palenque, ''Descriptions of the Ruins of an Ancient City, discovered near Palenque'', was published in London in 1822 based on the reports of those

last two expeditions together with engravings based on Bernasconi and Castañedas drawings; two more publications in 1834 contained descriptions and drawings based on the same sources. * Province of Pisa, Italy The capital of Sacatepéquez is Antigua Guatemala. Other important cities include Ciudad Vieja. Meanwhile the people of Antigua

1 hr or more before your flight. Get around Antigua is very compact and easy to walk around. Most tourist destinations are in an 8 x 8 block area less than 1 km across. You can walk across it in 15 min. Be careful: the sidewalks are narrow and not always in good repair, you may have to walk in the street with traffic whizzing by you, and at night it's worth being cautious and aware of your surroundings. Standard tourist maps are linear in their drawings. They are accurate

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was lugged up a steep hill and dozens of steps. The homes are often on hilltops, so be prepared to encounter large black scorpions on the lit walls at night, when you are walking home late. They are harmless unless you disturb them, but you might consider wearing shoes if they are abundant. Choose a home in the town to avoid climbing hills, and you will also get fewer mosquitoes. Currently, families charge about GTQ580 for 7 days of bed, shared toilet, and 2 meals. Expect to pay about GTQ80 or GTQ160 more if you want to add lunch (the main meal), or if you expect a private bathroom (well worth it if you don't want to share with up to a dozen other boarders). An advantage of a home stay for the Spanish language student is a chance for language immersion, as well as the cultural experience. The fewer students the family board, the better the experience. Too many students prefer to speak in English to each other and destroy your "immersive" experience. Ask first how many people are in the home, and how many boarders there are. You might find out, up to 14 people might share only one sink and 2 toilets. Water pressure is low at night, and you might not get a warm shower if the flow is too low to activate the heated showerhead. Ask the house mom to explain how to get the switch to activate on the shower, or you might have to deal with a cold shower. Buy your own soap and shampoo, as the home might use the same soap for washing dishes and clothing as for bathing. The housing may be more basic than in a hotel: simple concrete block or adobe construction, shared bathroom, and small rooms. Ask if there is a secure lock for your room, as the home is often shared with local boarders, and you do not always want to lug your camera and laptop everywhere you go. Mosquitoes are common, and the owners often leave the door open while cleaning. A compact mosquito net or tent is necessary if you do not enjoy having mosquito buzzing around your face at night. Some areas of Antigua are mosquito-free, but in other areas, they are found in abundance. It is important to verify the number of students and guests in the house, as one can encounter situations where up to 14 people are sharing two toilets and one sink! If you value cleanliness and convenience, book a room with private toilet and sink. You must provide your own hand towels and bath towels. If you leave them in a common bathroom, don't be surprised if everyone uses them. Eating hours are often different, with dinner often served at 19:30 or 20:00, so you might want to procure your own meals if you intend to go to bed early. Remember that dinner is simple: a few pieces of cold bread and perhaps very light soup. For American-style dinners, go out and buy your own food at the restaurants. Fresh fruits and vegetables are not often served so eat plenty of beans or bring along your own source of fiber. *

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this to the cop and tip her a little, and she will slow down for you. They too have a time constraints and want to let you have a full 20 minutes on top of the hill. Robberies have occurred on this hill without police escort, and resulted in the death of one tourist who refused to give up his valuable (locals say "don't be afraid, just be safe"). Poor people live up on the hillside, and will not let anyone take you up the steps, unless they are uniformed police. *

special place

price content Bar and restaurant featuring live music by Guatemalan and Central American bands (featuring Paco). The music, the "feel", and the food make this a really special place. Make sure to try their brownies; they are absolutely amazing. Their grouper macadamia dish is also highly recommended, and their other desserts are fantastic. They use only purified water and disinfect all produce, so go ahead and enjoy one of their creative salads. Open for lunch and dinner. *

international fast

places around town, each one with its own characteristics: ChocoMuseo is the cacao and chocolate museum (free entrance) where chocolate is made in front of you in their artisanal chocolate factory. Chocolate may also be found at Chocolalala, Fernando's Koffee, and Chocolarti. Eat Antigua has cafes and restaurants for all tastes and budgets. The town is the most touristy place in Guatemala so you will find anything you are looking for including international fast food

movies showing

Central Park phone tollfree fax hours price content Travelers come here to get their fix of bagels, excellent coffee and free Wi-Fi. Bagel sandwiches include different breakfast and lunch selections using quality ingredients such as fresh mozzarella cheese, real Cheddar, etc. It's a home away from home, a very cosy environment, movies showing in the afternoon and evenings. *

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high, and the Volcán de Fuego or "Volcano of Fire", some Coral Gables (Coral Gables, Florida), Florida, USA List of sister cities

commercial history

and to the west and south by the Escuintla Department.

century wooden

to the diatonic row of sound bars, comparable to the white keys of the piano, a second row equivalent to the black keys. By the early 20th century, wooden-box resonators had replaced the gourd resonators. Modern marimba bands include a smaller marimba for three players, a larger marimba for four players, plus a drum kit or other percussion (percussion instrument) and a string bass. Some bands have occasionally employed one or two saxophones, as well as one or two trumpets

Antigua Guatemala

'''Antigua Guatemala''' ( ) (commonly referred to as just '''Antigua''' or '''la Antigua''') is a city in the central highlands (Guatemalan Highlands) of Guatemala famous for its well-preserved Spanish (Spain) Baroque influenced architecture as well as a number of spectacular ruins of colonial (Spanish colony) church (Church (building))es. It served as the capital of the Kingdom of Guatemala. It has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Antigua Guatemala serves as the municipal seat for the surrounding municipality of the same name. It also serves as the departmental capital of Sacatepéquez Department.

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