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; and more than 180 bronze "Phrygian fibulae" (ancient safety pins). The wooden furniture (Gordion Furniture and Wooden Artifacts) found in the tomb is especially noteworthy, as wood seldom survives from archaeological contexts: the collection included nine tables, one of them elaborately carved and inlaid, and two ceremonial serving stands inlaid with religious symbols and geometric patterns. Important bronze and wooden artifacts were also found in other tumulus burials at the site

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. Anıtkabir Anıtkabir is located on an imposing hill, which forms the ''Anıttepe'' quarter of the city, where the mausoleum of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, founder of the Republic of Turkey, stands. Completed in 1953, it is an impressive fusion of ancient and modern architectural styles. An adjacent museum houses a wax statue of Atatürk, his writings, letters and personal items, as well as an exhibition of photographs recording important moments in his life and during the establishment

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of Spanish language. As he realised that music is the most important thing in his life, he quit the university and moved to Istanbul to become a professional musician. Bilge managed to get a lot of attention with his different music and singing style. During his stay in Istanbul he met with Özgür Peştimalci and they formed the band "Direc-t". "Anything I've done", one of his songs sung with Gülce Duru, has been selected as 2005 a VH1-song of the year

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-Broadway favorite" and as "a fire-cracker burning at both ends". In 1975 she joined the Hartman Theater Company for its first production ''The Government Inspector'', meeting her future husband William Bogert in the process, during the original production of ''The Runner Stumbles.'' Commons:Ankara Wikipedia:Ankara Dmoz:Regional Middle East Turkey Provinces Ankara

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of ten. In 1936 he graduated from the Teacher's School of Music and in 1942 from the Opera Department of State Conservatory in Ankara. The following ten years, he performed at the State Opera in Ankara as a celebrated bass baritone, appearing in operas such as ''Madame Butterfly'', ''Fidelio'', ''Tosca'' and ''Rigoletto''. During his contemporary music education, he also studied Turkish folk music and consequently made regular radio programs, playing baglama saz

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Eskişehir). In its heyday, Roman Ankara was a large market and trading center but it also functioned as a major administrative capital, where a high official ruled from the city's Praetorium, a large administrative palace or office. During the 3rd century, life in Ancyra, as in other Anatolian towns, seems to have become somewhat militarized in response to the invasions and instability of the town. In this period, like other cities of central Anatolia, Christianity Early Christian martyrs

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Ankara College was founded in 1930 as the first school established by TED (Turkish Education Association), and was the first private Turkish school established after the foundation of Republic of Turkey to instruct in English (English language) (The first private Turkish school to instruct in English is FMV Işık Lisesi, founded in the Ottoman era). In 1931, the primary school, in 1933, the middle school, in 1936 the high school were established. In 1963, the school's administration was handed over to TED Ankara College Foundation. In 2000, the foundation started to build a campus in İncek, Ankara. In 2003-2004 education year, they moved their establishments from Kolej, Ankara to this campus. The name ''Kolej'', the district where TED Ankara College Foundation Schools were located, is coming from the name of the college. The emblem of the schools are coming from the emblem of the association. Displayed and Exhibited Work Perkins has had work displayed in museums both in and outside the United States. Internationally, these places would include: World Press Museum in Amsterdam, The ART in Embassies Program in Sarajevo, Bosnia, Havana, Cuba, Tokyo, Japan and Ankara, Turkey. In the United States, Perkins has work displayed in The Southeast Museum of Photography in Daytona Beach, Newseum in Washington DC, San Francisco and New York. He also has exhibits in The American Textile History Museum in Lowell (Lowell, Massachusetts) Massachusetts, The Boca Raton Museum of Art in Florida and The Flint Institute of Arts in Flint, Michigan. '''Binnaz Uslu''' (born March 12, 1985 in Ankara) is a Turkish (Turkey) middle-distance (middle-distance runner) and long-distance runner. She is a member of Enkaspor athletics team. Commons:Ankara Wikipedia:Ankara Dmoz:Regional Middle East Turkey Provinces Ankara

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in the Las Colinas section of Irving, Texas, a suburb of Dallas. Ambassador Davutoğlu was one of the leading actors on behalf of the Turkish government during the shuttle diplomacy for the settlement of 2008 Israel–Gaza conflict. Davutoğlu was appointed as the Foreign Minister of Turkey on 1 May 2009. He has since called for Turkey to become more than just a regional power within Europe and the Middle East and desires Ankara to have a far more influential role in world

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are exploring returning back to Circassia as tensions between the Bashar al-Assad regime and opposition forces escalates. Past International Chemistry Olympiads * After the defeat at Ankara followed a time of total chaos in the Empire. Mongols roamed free in Anatolia and the political power

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reached by taxis and dolmuş services. Malatya's airport, Erhaç Airport, is 26 kilometers west of the city center and there are daily domestic flights from Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir. Since 2007 there have also been international flights during the summer months. These international flights are especially from German cities to Malatya, and most of the passengers are Turkish citizens who are now living and working in German. History Football in Turkey stems back


'''Ankara''' ( and in 2012 had a population of 4,338,620, with its metropolitan municipality having 4,965,542. – Turkey 2011 Türkiye İstatistik Kurumu (TÜİK) – Büyükşehir belediyeleri ve bağlı belediyelerin nüfusları – 2011 Ankara, Turkey: Latitude, Longitude and Altitude

It is the center of the Turkish Government (Politics of Turkey), and an important commercial and industrial city. Located in Central Anatolia, Ankara is an important crossroads of trade, strategically located at the center of Turkey's highway and railway networks, and serves as the marketing center for the surrounding agricultural area. The city is traditionally famed for its long-haired Angora goat and its prized wool (mohair), a unique breed of cat (Angora cat (Turkish Angora)), Angora rabbits and their prized Angora wool, pears, honey, and the region's muscat (muscat (grape and wine)) grapes.

The historical center of Ankara is situated upon a rocky hill, which rises

Ankara is a very old city with various Hittite (Hittites), Phrygian, Hellenistic (Hellenistic civilization), Roman (Roman Empire), Byzantine (Byzantine Empire), and Ottoman (Ottoman Empire) archaeological sites. The hill which overlooks the city is crowned by the ruins of the old castle, which adds to the picturesqueness of the view, but only a few historic structures surrounding the old citadel have survived to the present day. There are, however, many well-preserved remains of Ottoman (Ottoman architecture) and Roman architecture, the most remarkable being the Temple of Augustus and Rome (20 BC) which is also known as the ''Monumentum Ancyranum''.

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