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good music

guacamole), lunch, pizza, tea coffee, dinner (tasty meat and fish, and great desserts and '''kuchen''' made by Marcela) and a drink with friends. Very frequented by the local population of all ages. Open from 11AM until 2AM The owners also organize '''curanto''' (native chilote meal baked under the earth) for groups on weekends at the beach. *'''Casamar''' is a superb restaurant and bar of modern architecture overviewing the sea, at night with a big video screen, good music and fantastic food

. And for the next morning a good address for black coffee. Open from 11AM-2PM. Good music and TV screen. * *


to provide wonderful views of the quaint city and harbor. Breakfast included. There is internet and a sitting room with a grand piano and traditional decoration. Many lodging options. Inexpensive. *


and romantic at night. Sleep * '''Hostel TerraMar''', downtown and up a steep hill. Check the bed before accepting a room - ours was horrendous, sinking in the middle almost to the floor. 5,000 pesos per person (2 06). No breakfast. *

modern architecture

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into the Chilean state until the 1880s when the Chilean army overwhelmed the indigenous resistance during the occupation of the Araucanía. '''Ancud''' is the first town most people hit when visiting Chiloé Island from Puerto Montt. It's a relatively nice town with a port and the usual small town attractions. Get in Ancud has several different bus terminals and is served by several bus companies, including Tur-bus

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decline. Ancud lost its status as capital of the province of Chiloé in 1982, but still retains a court of law for the province (''Juzgado de capital de provincia''). Climate Ancud has an oceanic climate (Köppen climate classification ''Cfb'') with significant precipitation in each month. Wikipedia:Ancud Commons:Category:Ancud


corner, and there are several smaller port towns on the east side of the island, such as Quellón, Dalcahue and Chonchi. - ZUD SCAC Pupelde Airport Ancud, Los Lagos Region, Chile - thumb 250px left Colourful palafito (Image:Palafitos de Castro.jpg)s in Castro Within the electoral divisions of Chile, Castro is represented in the Chamber of Deputies (Chamber of Deputies of Chile) by Gabriel Ascencio (PDC) and Alejandro Santana ( National


demographics1_title2 Women demographics1_info2 20,153 timezone CLT (Time in Chile) utc_offset −4 timezone_DST CLST (Time in Chile) utc_offset_DST −3 elevation_m 0 postal_code_type postal_code area_code 56 + 65 website Official website ) is a city in southern Chile located in the northernmost part of the island (Chiloé Island) and Chiloé Province province of Chiloé

phone +56 9 93792481 tollfree fax hours price content Eco Tourism Chepu Adventures. Kayak while visiting the charming Valley of the Dead Trees at Chepu Wetlands, an overwhelming landscape of sunken dead logs and nature. Kayak at dawn. Trek to penguin colony. Eco - Camping with alternative energy (wind) and solar hot showers. Hosting in suites for 2 persons (cabin type) with private bathroom and bathroom included. Adults only. Ecofriendly activities as kayak at dawn, trekking

for $2000 was good. (Feb 12) * Drink *

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; (also the word for cake in German) can be sampled at its best here. Inexpensive. * '''Kuranton''' At the port, nice and inexpensive local where you can eat the famous Curanto meal. * Wikipedia:Ancud Commons:Category:Ancud


'''Ancud''' ( ) is a city in southern Chile located in the northernmost part of the island (Chiloé Island) and province of Chiloé (Chiloé Province), in Los Lagos Region. It is the second largest city of Chiloé Archipelago after Castro (Castro, Chile). The city was established in 1768 to function as the capital of the archipelago and held that position until 1982.

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