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fourth category . He was sacked on 19 January 2010, after a string of poor results. Childhood and adolescence Son of farmers and the oldest of thirteent brothers, fruit of the marriage of Francisco Rubio and Mercedes Peralta, he lived a traditional religious framework childhood in the town of Dalías, in Almería, until he entered the seminary of Almeria; where he studied Human studies and one year of Philosophy (1876–1879), another four of Philosophy and Theology at Granada

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madrasahs further extended their curriculum to history (Early Muslim sociology), politics, ethics (Islamic ethics), music (Islamic music), metaphysics, medicine (Islamic medicine), astronomy (Islamic astronomy) and chemistry (Alchemy and chemistry in Islam).

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to roughly 1.2 million years ago. See also:

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and inserted using triple-exposure (Multiple exposure), Mitchell, p. 24. and scenes of ships at sea were filmed in a huge water tank there. Knapp, Laurence F. ''Ridley Scott: Interviews.'' Jackson, Ms.: University Press of Mississippi, 2005, p. 124. Most interior sequences were shot on a soundstage in the United Kingdom. Elley, Derek, ed. ''The 'Variety' Movie Guide.'' New York: Prentice Hall Press, 1991, p. 549. Principal

films including

and '70s, specifically those of Sergio Leone. (The oasis set from ''Lawrence'' briefly appears in Leone's 1965 film ''For a Few Dollars More''.) Many of the sets used or built for the film were re-used in later films, including John Milius's ''The Wind and the Lion'' (1975), which used several of the same palaces in Seville and the Aqaba set as the setting for its climactic battle, while the Plaza de España (Seville) Plaza de España


, Barcelona, Melilla, London, Manchester, Birmingham, Brussels, Dublin and Swiss, German and other EU airports. thumb 245px Harbour of Almería. (File:Puerto de Almería 100.jpg) Geography Due to its arid landscape, numerous spaghetti westerns were filmed in Almería. According to Christopher Frayling, the author of ''Once Upon a Time in Italy: The Films of Sergio Leone'', some of the sets are still there.

Christopher url http: templates story story.php?storyId 4780340 title 'Once Upon A Time in Italy': The Films of Sergio Leone publisher NPR date accessdate 2012-08-02 These sets are located in the desert of Tabernas. The town and region were also used by David Lean in ''Lawrence of Arabia (Lawrence of Arabia (film))'' (1962), John Milius in ''The Wind and the Lion'' (1975) and others. One of Almería's most famous natural spots is the

). According to geological models, the cave was formed during the Messinian salinity crisis 6 million years ago, when the Mediterranean sea evaporated and left thick layers of salt sediments (evaporites). The cave is currently not accessible to tourists. Films Tadjoura, Djibouti See

international career

Mediterranean Games 2005 Mediterranean Games in Almería, Spain and won gold medal with the national team (Turkey national women's basketball team). She capped 105 times for national. International career She was the member of the national team (Turkey national women's basketball team), which won gold medal at the 2005 Mediterranean Games (Turkey at the 2005 Mediterranean Games) in Almería, Spain. International career Yıldızoğlu played in the gold medal winning national team (Turkey national women's basketball team) at the 2005 Mediterranean Games (Turkey at the 2005 Mediterranean Games) in Almería, Spain. The three ships were built between 1929 and 1936 by the Deutsche Werke and ''Reichsmarinewerft'' (Kriegsmarinewerft Wilhelmshaven) in Kiel and Wilhelmshaven, respectively. They saw heavy service with the German Navy. All three vessels served on non-intervention (Non-intervention in the Spanish Civil War) patrols during the Spanish Civil War. While on patrol, ''Deutschland'' was attacked by Republican bombers (Spanish Republican Air Force), and in response, ''Admiral Scheer'' bombarded the port of Almería. In 1937, ''Admiral Graf Spee'' represented Germany at the Coronation Review for Britain's King George VI. For the rest of their peacetime careers, the ships conducted a series of fleet maneuvers in the Atlantic and visited numerous foreign ports in goodwill tours. ''Admiral Scheer'' saw heavy service with the German Navy, including several deployments to Spain during the Spanish Civil War, to participate in non-intervention patrols. While off Spain, she bombarded the port of Almería following the Republican attack on her sister ''Deutschland''. At the outbreak of World War II, she remained in port for a periodic refit. Williamson, p. 33 Her first operation during World War II was a commerce raiding operation into the southern Atlantic Ocean that started in late October 1940. While on the operation, she also made a brief foray into the Indian Ocean. Williamson, pp. 33–34 During the raiding mission, she sank WikiPedia:Almería Commons:Category:Almería


and learned Spanish (Spanish language) within ten days – Barcelona, Valencia (Valencia, Spain) and Almería to Malaga, where they stayed for a month. Then they spent nine months in Granada (living in the Alhambra) where Staudinger collected extensively and where their daughter was born on November 2. In December they went via Malaga to Chiclana near Cadiz, spent the first half of 1858 there and finally returned to Berlin in July. Because of the costs of his travels

efficient are flights to Madrid or Malaga, followed by bus trips to Almeria. While requiring more time, they are often cheaper than direct flights to Almeria. By train Almeria's train station is located on the Plaza de la Estación in the centre of the city and has services to destinations across Spain. By bus The bus and train station are combined. Buses arrive from Jaén, Málaga, Granada and a variety of other cities all day. More options are available if routing through Granada, which

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Mediterranean Games Almería, Spain bgcolor "silver" 2nd '''Turkey''' (listed as TUR (List of IOC country codes)) participated in the '''2005 Mediterranean Games''' in Almería, Spain. With one hundred female and one hundred ninety-six male athletes participating, Turkey garnered seventy-three medals, marking this as its most successful participation in an international multi-sport gaming event in its history. "After the bloody excesses of 1391

. Some people also belive that the story behind the symbol of the Indalo man is about a man who escapes in a cave to get away from the rain, then when the rain stops, out comes a rainbow and when the man walks away from the wall of the cave, the image is left there. Mediterranean Games (2005 Mediterranean Games) Almería, Spain bgcolor "silver" align "center" 2nd Mediterranean Games (2005 Mediterranean Games) Almería, Spain bgcolor "gold"

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was permitted to use it as its state flag between 1936 and 1985. During its formative period, the term " " referred to a higher education institution, whose curriculum initially included only the "religious sciences", whilst philosophy (Early Islamic philosophy) and the secular sciences (Islamic science) were often excluded. Toby E. Huff (2003), ''The Rise of Early Modern Science: Islam, China and the West


official_name Almería nickname motto «Muy noble, muy leal y decidida por la libertad ciudad de Almería» ''(Very noble, very loyal and determined towards freedom, city of Almeria)'' image_flag Bandera_de_Almería.svg image_seal Escudo_ciudad_de_Almería.svg image_map mapsize map_caption pushpin_map Spain pushpin_mapsize 300 coordinates_display inline,title coordinates_region ES subdivision_type Country (List of countries) subdivision_name subdivision_type1 Region (Autonomous communities of Spain) subdivision_name1 subdivision_type2 Province (Provinces of Spain) subdivision_name2 Almería (Province of Almería) subdivision_type3 Comarca (Comarcas of Spain) subdivision_name3 Comarca Metropolitana de Almería governing_body Ayuntamiento de Almería leader_title Mayor leader_name Luis Rogelio Rodríguez-Comendador Pérez (PP (People's Party (Spain))) established_title Founded established_date 955 founder Abd-ar-Rahman III area_magnitude area_total_km2 296.21 area_total_sq_mi 114.37 area_land_km2 area_land_sq_mi area_water_km2 area_water_sq_mi area_water_percent area_urban_km2 area_urban_sq_mi area_metro_km2 area_metro_sq_mi population_as_of 2012 population_note population_total 191443 population_footnote population_metro population_urban population_density_km2 auto population_density_sq_mi auto population_demonym ''almerienses'', ''urcitanos'' timezone CET (Central European Time) utc_offset +1 timezone_DST CEST (Central European Summer Time) utc_offset_DST +2 latd 36 latm 50 lats 25 latNS N longd 2 longm 28 longs 05 longEW W elevation_m 27 elevation_ft 88,58 postal_code_type Postal code postal_code 04001-04090 area_code (+34) 950 registration_plate AL website http: footnotes '''Almería''' ( ) is a city in Andalusia, Spain, situated in the southeast of Spain on the Mediterranean Sea. It is the capital of the province (province of Almería) of the same name.

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