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national wrestling

Productions and a former professional basketball coach for the ABA) purchased the Allentown, Pennsylvania-based Continental Wrestling Alliance from DC Drake and renamed it the National Wrestling Federation. The organization revived the NWF Heavyweight Championship and created an NWF Women's Championship. Under the direction of Raskin, the National wrestling Federation grew rapidly. Using wrestlers who were formerly under contract with the World Wrestling Federation and the National Wrestling Alliance (Jim Crockett Promotions), Raskin spared no expense in making the product a watchable alternative to the wrestling shows which were currently on television. Drake, who was the champion, also headed up the booking and television production ends of the business. Raskin felt that the NWF should move the television tapings from the Easton, PA VFW Hall to various locations around the east coast. Matches were taped at arenas in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, and other locations. Raskin also hired a young Paul Heyman (who later became Paul E. Dangerously) to handle color commentary on the TV show. '''Parkland High School''', located near Allentown, Pennsylvania, United States, is a public high school serving students in grades 9 to 12. It is the only high school for the Parkland School District. With 3,176 students in the 2010-2011 academic year, Parkland is the second largest high school in Pennsylvania's Lehigh Valley, behind Allentown (Allentown, Pennsylvania)'s William Allen High School. The school is located at 2700 North Cedar Crest Boulevard in South Whitehall Township. The '''International League''' ('''IL''') is a minor league baseball league that operates in the eastern United States. Like the Pacific Coast League and the Mexican League (Mexican League (baseball)), it plays at the Triple-A (Triple-A (baseball)) level, which is one step below Major League Baseball. It was so named because it had teams in both the United States and Canada (and for several years in the 1950s in Cuba as well). However, since the relocation of the Ottawa Lynx to Allentown, Pennsylvania to become the Lehigh Valley IronPigs for the 2008 season, all of the league's teams are now based in the U.S. History thumb right 275px Coca-Cola Park (Allentown) Coca-Cola Park (Image:Cokepark allentown.jpg) in Allentown, Pennsylvania, home of the International League's Lehigh Valley IronPigs, the Triple-A affiliate of the Philadelphia Phillies The International League was created from the mergers of member teams from three precursor leagues: the '''Eastern League''', founded in

dark comedy

to Allentown to track down the distributor of an alien autopsy tape, but they find him murdered. * The 1990 dark comedy film, ''I Love You to Death'', directed by Lawrence Kasdan, is based on an attempted murder that happened in 1984 in Allentown. thumb right 200px Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom's (File:Dorney Park Steel Force Thunderhawk.jpg) Steel Force and Thunderhawk (Thunderhawk (Dorney Park)) roller coasters, just outside Allentown

it opened. The ride's success led to the construction of Steel Force at Dorney Park (Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom) in Allentown, Pennsylvania in 1997 and Mamba (Mamba (roller coaster)) at Worlds of Fun in Kansas City, Missouri the next year. '''''I Love You to Death''''' is a 1990 American dark comedy film (dark comedy) directed by Lawrence Kasdan. It is loosely based on an attempted murder that happened in 1984, in Allentown, Pennsylvania, where

numerous significant

H3llBot Snowfall is variable, with some winters bringing light snow and others bringing numerous significant snowstorms. Average snowfall is seasonally,

national field

international debut for the Women's National Team (United States women's national field hockey team) in 1994. She was a member of the American team that competed at the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia. On February 10, 2008 for World Xtreme Wrestling (WXW) in Allentown, Pennsylvania, she took on WXW Women's Champion Kacee Carlisle. On July 19, 2009 Martinez returned to WXW C4 in Allentown and won a 20-person Battle Royal at WXW C4's Flagship show Sportsfest, earning

achievements sports

points for Central Catholic. Her No. 23 jersey has since been retired by the school in recognition of her extraordinary high school basketball achievements. ''Sports Illustrated'' wrote about Marcinak playing with a picture of Michael Jordan in her sock, while Michelle was just a junior in high school, in an article titled "She's the Ponytailed Princess of Hoop." - July 29, 1989 Allentown (Allentown, Pennsylvania) Great Allentown Fair - File:Hesss-1950.jpg thumb

poetry writing

Professional Scout Executive Homestead District Council, PA, 1927–28. Horton taught history, government and English (English language) at Cedar Crest College and Muhlenberg College, both located in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Author of ''Poetry Writing and Appreciation'' (1942). poetry+writing+and+appreciation&Search_Code TALL&PID 26603&SEQ 20080220120024&CNT 25&HIST 1 Poetry Writing

world debut

, Pennsylvania Harrisburg (Harrisburg International Airport) - ABE KABE Lehigh Valley International Airport Allentown, Pennsylvania, United States - * The novel has also been adapted into a musical of the same title by three-time Tony Award winning composer and lyricist Charles Strouse. It made its world debut at Muhlenberg College, located in Allentown, Pennsylvania, United States on March 24, 2010. *1971: First Illinois store opens in Chicago

active amp

is the Cathedral Church of Saint Catharine of Siena (Cathedral of Saint Catharine of Siena), located in Allentown, Pennsylvania. The diocese has a Catholic population of 273,599 as of 2006, approximately 23.5% of the total population; it maintains 104 parishes, 48 Catholic elementary schools (Catholic school), eight Catholic high schools and two Catholic colleges, as well as 291 priests (Active & Retired & Religious). In 1986, Robert Raskin (President of Raskin Sports

including winning

, Indiana with a Group AAAA designation by Bands of America (BOA). They were placed 25th at Semifinals at BOA Grand Nationals and became the first band in New Jersey to break into the Semifinals round of competition. In their 2010 season, they performed "The Sounding Sea" music from "Symphonic Movement" first performed by the U.S. Air Force Band. Their season was such a success that they were undefeated at all of their competitions, including: winning the DeMoulin Challenge

life amp

+turn+in+'MAMMA+MIA!'+Allentown+native+AMANDA+SEYFRIED+has+sung+her+way+onto+the+HOLLYWOOD+A-LIST.+She+talks+abut+her+exciting+life.&pqatl google accessdate 2010-01-29 Seyfried graduated in 2003 from Allentown's William Allen High School.

-13 accessdate 2010-01-06

Allentown, Pennsylvania

leader_title4 Senate (Pennsylvania Senate) leader_name4 Pat Browne (R (United States Republican Party)) leader_title5 State Representative (Pennsylvania House of Representatives) leader_name5 Jennifer Mann (D (United States Democratic Party)) leader_title6 U.S. Congress (Pennsylvania's 15th congressional district) leader_name6 Charlie Dent (R (United States Republican Party)) government_type Mayor-Council (Mayor-council government) established_title Settled established_date 1751 established_title2 Founded established_date2 1762 established_title3 Incorporated (Municipal Corporation) established_date3 March 12, 1867 founder William Allen (William Allen (loyalist)) named_for William Allen (William Allen (loyalist)) area_magnitude unit_pref Imperial area_total_sq_mi 18.0 area_total_km2 46.5 area_land_sq_mi 17.8 area_land_km2 45.9 area_water_sq_mi 0.2 area_water_km2 0.6 area_urban_sq_mi 289.50 area_urban_km2 749.79 area_metro_sq_mi 730.0 area_metro_km2 1174.82 population_as_of 2013 (United States Census Bureau) population_footnotes population_total 118,577 (US: 224th (List of United States cities by population)) population_density_km2 2571.5 population_density_sq_mi 6631.0 population_metro 827,048 (US: 68th (List of Metropolitan Statistical Areas)) population_density_metro_sq_mi 1117.8 population_urban 664,651 (US: 61st (List of United States urban areas)) population_density_urban_sq_mi 1991.0 population_blank1_title population_blank1 population_blank2_title Demonym population_blank2 Allentonian timezone EST (North American Eastern Time Zone) utc_offset -5 timezone_DST EDT (Eastern Daylight Time) utc_offset_DST -4 postal_code_type ZIP codes postal_code 18101, 18102, 18103, 18104, 18105, 18106, 18109, 18175, 18195 area_code 610 (Area code 610), 484 (Area code 484), 835 (Area code 835) coordinates_display inline,title coordinates_type region:US_type:city latd 40 latm 36 lats 06 latNS N longd 75 longm 28 longs 38 longEW W elevation_m 103 elevation_ft 338 elevation_max_ft 440 elevation_min_ft 255 blank_name FIPS code (Federal Information Processing Standard) blank_info 42-02000 blank1_name GNIS (Geographic Names Information System) feature ID blank1_info 1202899 blank2_name Primary Airport blank2_info Lehigh Valley International Airport- ABE (Major International) blank3_name Secondary Airport blank3_info Allentown Queen City Municipal Airport- XLL (Minor) website http: footnotes

'''Allentown''' (Pennsylvania Dutch (Pennsylvania German language): ''Allenschteddel'') is a city located in Lehigh County (Lehigh County, Pennsylvania), Pennsylvania, United States. It is Pennsylvania's third most populous city, after Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, and the 224th largest city in the United States (List of United States cities by population). As of the 2010 census (2010 United States Census), the city had a total population of 118,032 and is currently the fastest growing city in Pennsylvania. In 2012, the city celebrated the 250th anniversary of its founding in 1762. Allentown Semiquincentennial.

Located on the Lehigh River, Allentown is the largest of three adjacent cities that make up a region of eastern Pennsylvania and western New Jersey known as the Lehigh Valley. Allentown is west of New York City, the nation's largest city.

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