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a 5th century Greek (Greek language) anthology of number games and strategy puzzles. One of the problems (sometimes called his epitaph) states: First World War The exceptional strategic importance of the Channel as a tool for blockade was recognised by the First Sea Lord Admiral Fisher (John Fisher, 1st Baron Fisher) in the years before World War I. "Five keys lock up the world! Singapore, the Cape, Alexandria, Gibraltar, Dover."

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was a prosperous importer-exporter who had lived in England in earlier years and acquired British (UK) nationality. After his father died in 1870, Cavafy and his family settled for a while in Liverpool in England. In 1876, his family faced financial problems due to the Long Depression of 1873 (Panic of 1873), so, by 1877, they had to move back to Alexandria. Historical poems These poems are mainly inspired by the Hellenistic civilization Hellenistic era

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. The negotiations in Alexandria continued from August 4 to August 28 and secured the unconditional release and recognition of innocence of the nine prisoners still remaining alive (out of thirteen). Later in Constantinople, Montefiore persuaded Sultan Abdülmecid I to issue a firman (firman (decree)) (edict) intended to halt the spread of blood libel accusations in the Ottoman Empire. The prevailing contemporary interpretation of this event is that of being a part of a long history of false blood libel (Blood libel against Jews) charges against Jews. Parfitt, Tudor (1985) 'The Year of the Pride of Israel: Montefiore and the blood libel of 1840.' In: Lipman, S. and Lipman, V.D., (eds.), The Century of Moses Montefiore. Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp. 131-148. Negotiations in Alexandria continued from August 4 to August 28 and secured the unconditional release and recognition of innocence of the nine prisoners still remaining alive (out of thirteen). Later in Constantinople, Montefiore persuaded Sultan Abdülmecid I to issue a firman (firman (decree)) (edict) intended to halt the spread of blood libel accusations in the Ottoman Empire: In South India, semolina is used to make savory foods like rava dosa and upma or puddings like "kesari" or ''sheera''. It is sometimes also used to coat slices of fish, before it is pan-fried in oil, which gives it a crispy coating. In North India it is used for sweets such as ''suji halwa''. A popular dessert in Greece ("Halvas"), Cyprus ("Halouvas" or "Helva"), Turkey ("Helva"), Iran ("Halva"), Pakistan ("Halva"), and Arab countries (Arab World) ("Halwa") is sometimes made with semolina scorched with sugar, butter, milk, and pine nuts. ''Basbousa'' (North African (North African Arabic) and Alexandrine (Alexandria) ''harisa'') is made chiefly of semolina. (Palestine)Semolina (Arabic:smeed)is the main ingredient in Nabulsi Kanafa. In some cultures, it is served at funerals, during special celebrations, or as a religious offering. In much of North Africa, durum semolina is made into the staple couscous. Semolina popularly referred as SEMO is a common food in West Africa especially among Nigerians. It is eaten as either lunch or dinner with stew or soup. It is prepared just like eba (cassava flour) or fufu with water and boiled for 5 to 10 minutes. Wikipedia:Alexandria Dmoz:Regional Africa Egypt Localities Alexandria commons:الإسكندرية

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phone tollfree fax hours price content The cemetery includes four tombs dating from the second century BC, all of which are in excellent condition and beautifully decorated. The cemetery bears the name of Mostafa Kamel, one of Egypt's largest political twentieth century legends. It was he who pronounced the famous phrase: "If I was not born as an Egyptian, I would like to be an Egyptian." * Wikipedia:Alexandria Dmoz:Regional Africa Egypt Localities Alexandria commons:الإسكندرية

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with the touchstone (Touchstone (assaying tool)) in the ancient world. This innovation stimulated trade from Greece to Persia, ultimately causing the construction of a huge commercial center and library (Library at Alexandria) at Alexandria which included Ptolemy’s star table (Star catalogue)s. This wealth of astronomical knowledge aided navigators 14 centuries later after the development of lateen sails and sternpost rudders. Mariners discovered that the compass's magnetized needle did not actually point directly north. Investigations into the nature of magnetism by Gilbert (William Gilbert (astronomer)) led to the discovery of electricity by way of the sulphur ball (Electrostatic generator) of von Guericke. Further interest in atmospheric electricity at the Ben Nevis weather station led to Wilson (C. T. R. Wilson)’s cloud chamber which in turn allowed development of both Watson-Watt (Robert Watson-Watt)'s radar and (by way of Rutherford (Ernest Rutherford)'s insights) nuclear weaponry. # '''"Distant Voices"''' suggests that telecommunications exist because Normans had stirrups for horse riding which in turn led them to further advancements in warfare. Deep mine shafts flooded and scientists in search of a solution examined vacuums (Vacuum#Historical interpretation), air pressure and other natural phenomena. *Leg 8 - Singapore to Wikipedia:Alexandria Dmoz:Regional Africa Egypt Localities Alexandria commons:الإسكندرية

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Lounge in Alexandria. Pre-reservation is a must and can only be done by their customers on their selected guest list. On a regular around 400 people show up. Alegria can be booked for private parties, birthdays, cocktails, receptions and small occasions. Many of Alexandria's wealthy and famous show up to this lounge. *

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Music, Opera and Ballet are performed. Museums *Alexandria Aquarium thumb 260px Alexandria National Museum The Alexandria National Museum (File:GD-EG-Alex-MuséeNat040.JPG) thumb 260px Graeco-Roman Museum (File:Flickr - archer10 (Dennis) - Egypt-14A-048.jpg) *The Graeco-Roman Museum (Graeco-Roman Museum) *Royal Jewelry Museum *The Museum of Fine Arts *The Cavafy (Constantine P. Cavafy) Museum *The Alexandria National Museum was inaugurated 31 December 2003. It is located

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-alternate history (alternate history (fiction)) genre that could be dubbed "Alternative future"; whilst set in an alternate universe, they are still set in the future. In the first four novels, set in the 22nd century, the point of divergence is the Franco–Prussian War (Franco-Prussian War) of 1870, where Grimwood posits a reality where Napoléon III's France defeats Otto von Bismarck's Prussia, causing the German Empire never to form and the Second


in the Battle of Nicopolis (or Nikopol) ** December: Battle in Alexandria, Egypt between the forces of Caesar and his ally Cleopatra VII of Egypt and those of rival King Ptolemy XIII of Egypt and Queen Arsinoe IV. The latter two are defeated and flee the city; Cleopatra becomes queen of Egypt. During the battle part of the Library of Alexandria catches fire and is burned down. ** Caesar is named Dicator for one year. date July 31-August 1, 30 BC place Alexandria, Egypt result First Attack: Minor Antonian victory; Second Attack: Octavian victory Linked to these plans, the German Army planners conceived some operations to project Operation Barbarossa on a greater scale, extending to the Caucasus area, and other extensions of Barbarossa including Turkey, Iraq and Persia. Wikipedia:Alexandria Dmoz:Regional Africa Egypt Localities Alexandria commons:الإسكندرية

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of Alexandria Heliodorus . Later on in life he migrated to Athens and continued his studies under Marinus (Marinus of Neapolis), the mathematician, Zenodotus (Zenodotus (philosopher)), and Isidore (Isidore of Alexandria), the dialectician. He became a close friend of Isidore, succeeded him as head of the School of Athens in ca. 515, and wrote his biography, part of which is preserved in the ''Bibliotheca'' of Photius (Photios I of Constantinople). File:Aleppo Quwwatli.jpg thumb left


thumb 260px Residential neighborhood in Alexandria (File:Kafr Abdou, Alexandria, Egypt.jpg) thumb right 260px Skyline from Montaza (File:View from Montaza.jpg) thumb right 260px Yachting club in Montaza (File:Alexandria yacht club.jpg) '''Alexandria''' ( ; accessdate 24 September 2014 publisher Collins Dictionary date n.d. ''' along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea in the north central part (north coast of Egypt) of the country. It is also the largest city lying directly on the Mediterranean coast. Alexandria is Egypt's largest seaport, serving approximately 80% of Egypt's imports and exports. It is an important industrial center because of its natural gas and oil pipeline (Pipeline transport)s from Suez. Alexandria is also an important tourist resort.

Alexandria was founded around a small Ancient Egyptian town ''c.'' 331 BC by Alexander the Great. It became an important center of the Hellenistic civilization and remained the capital of Hellenistic (Ptolemaic Kingdom) and Roman & Byzantine Egypt (Egypt (Roman province)) for almost 1000 years until the Muslim conquest of Egypt in AD 641, when a new capital was founded at Fustat (later absorbed into Cairo). Hellenistic Alexandria was best known for the Lighthouse of Alexandria (''Pharos''), one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World; its Great Library (the largest in the ancient world; now replaced by a modern one (Bibliotheca Alexandrina)); and the Necropolis (Catacombs of Kom el Shoqafa), one of the Seven Wonders of the Middle Ages (Wonders of the Middle Ages). Ongoing maritime archaeology in the harbor of Alexandria, which began in 1994, is revealing details of Alexandria both before the arrival of Alexander, when a city named Rhacotis existed there, and during the Ptolemaic dynasty.

From the late 18th century, Alexandria became a major center of the international shipping industry and one of the most important trading centers in the world, both because it profited from the easy overland connection between the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea, and the lucrative trade in Egyptian cotton. Alexandria was the second most powerful city of the ancient world after Rome.

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