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Al-`Ain's oases are known for their underground irrigation system "falaj" (or qanāt from Arabic قناة) that brings water from boreholes to water farms and palm trees. Falaj irrigation is an ancient system dating back thousands of years and is used widely in `Oman, the UAE, China, Iran and other countries. Al-`Ain has seven oases; the largest is Al Ain Oasis, near to Old Sarooj, and the smallest is Al-Jahili Oasis. The rest are Al-Qaṭṭara, Al-Mu`ṫaredh, Al-Jimi, Al-Muwaiji, and Al-Hili. Commerce and industry Al-`Ain is an important services center for a wide area extending into `Oman. There are three major shopping centers, Al Ain Mall, Al Jimi Mall and Al Bawadi Mall (opened in 2009 in the Al Khrair area) as well as traditional souks for fruit and vegetables and livestock. Industry is growing, but is still on a small scale, and includes the Coca Cola bottling plant and the Al Ain Portland Cement Works. The water in Al-`Ain is very good. Service industries such as car sales, mechanics and other artisans are located in the area known as Sanaiya and Pattan Market.Social and governmental infrastructure includes United Arab Emirates University, Higher Colleges of Technology, Abu Dhabi University (Al Ain campus), well-equipped medical facilities including the teaching hospital at Tawam, military training areas and Al Ain International Airport. Education Al-`Ain is home to the main federal university in the UAE, the United Arab Emirates University, and to two campuses of the Higher Colleges of Technology (Al Ain Men's College) - Al Ain Men's College and Al Ain Women's College. Al-`Ain is also the home of Horizon International flight academy, Etihad Airways's cadet pilot training center. Private higher education institutions include the Al Ain University of Science and Technology and Abu Dhabi University (Al Ain campus). Al-`Ain also houses the eastern zone headquarters of the Abu Dhabi Education Council, Abu Dhabi's education authority. Many of Al-`Ain's private schools, catering mainly to the expatriate population, are located in the Al-Manaseer area. They include Al Ain International school ( British curriculum, private school, part of the Aldar group ), Al Ain English Speaking School, Al Dhafra Private School, Manor Hall School, Al Sanawbar School, Liwa

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National Guard Base on May 30, 1991. When the aircraft arrived home, they had "nose art" on each courtesy of the crew chiefs. The nose art was 391 "Connie Kay", 392 "Desert Possum", 393 "Spirit of St. Joe", 394 "The Hog", 395 "Chief", 396 "Buzzard", 397 "Riders on the Storm" and 398 "Fike's Filly". The 180th TAS was relieved from active duty and released back to state control on June 24, 1991. Abu Dhabi

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is located next to, and virtually merged with, the Omani town of Buraimi. The "Cultural Sites of Al Ain (Hafit, Hili, Bidaa Bint Saud and Oases Areas)" have been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list. Get in By plane Al Ain has its own international airport, but the vast majority of flights arrive at Dubai or Abu Dhabi. By bus The easiest way to reach Al Ain is by bus from Abu Dhabi (140 km) and Dubai (100 km). Buses depart hourly from

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District. Most commercial activity is centered in and around town center. Another popular pastime for Emiratis and expatriates alike is spending time in coffee shops and shisha cafes. There are many cafes in Al-`Ain, ranging in size and quality. Al-`Ain also has an International standard go-kart circuit. Al Ain Raceway was selected to host the 2007 Rotax Max World Karting Finals, an event which saw 220 drivers from over 55 different countries compete for the Karting world title. Al Ain

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while the remaining troops to Mahra in southern Arabia to Ash Shihr in Yemen. Peter Hellyer, Ibrahim Al-Abed, Ibrahim Al Abed, The United Arab Emirates, A New Perspective, London, Trident Press Ltd., 2001, p. 81-84. ISBN 1-900724-47-2. - 3. 1996-12-09 Al Ain, United Arab Emirates 4-0 Won 1996 AFC Asian Cup Group Stage - Location The university is located in the city of Al Ain, an oasis city in the Abu Dhabi


from Afghanistan. There are fewer other expatriates than in the larger centers of Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Al-`Ain is often called the 'Garden City of The Gulf' given the many oases, parks, tree-lined avenues and decorative roundabouts within the city. Strict height controls on new buildings, to no more than four floors, emphasise the greenery of the city. The city is known for its relatively empty roads; this is a growing concern, however

Raceway opened to the general public in May 2008 and proves a popular activity for local Emiratis and tourists alike. It was announced in late 2010 that the 2011 Rotax Max World Karting Finals will be held at Al Ain Raceway, this will bring nearly 1000 tourists to the small garden city. Like the rest of the UAE, Al-`Ain has strict laws governing the consumption and distribution of alcohol. Five facilities in the city currently serve alcohol, Four of which are hotels. The Al-`Ain Rotana

. Chinese food is at its best in the many Chinese restaurants. Residents find Al Ain's selection to be more than adequate. Most restaurants and cafes deliver to anywhere in the city. Delivery is quick and reliable and rarely costs extra. Vegetarians will find the city's selection of meals very satisfying. Vegetable and bean-heavy native dishes, the array of splendid pure vegetarian Indian cuisine, and the ready availability of fresh salads make eating in Al Ain a stress-free experience. Strict

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by firing squad (Execution by firing squad). There was an international outcry and a defense campaign in several countries, as her case was seen as symbolising the ill-treatment of domestic servants in the Persian Gulf countries, and just a few months earlier there had been the rather similar case of Flor Contemplación, a Filipina domestic servant who was hanged in Singapore. * Laqit bin Malik: A false prophet and an Azdi Arab in Dibba also known as the "Crowned One (Dhul

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0 Friendly (Exhibition game) - - style "background:#DDDDDD" Al Ain style "background:#DDDDDD" Al Ain International Airport thumb left 180th Tactical Airlift Squadron flying over Kuwait 1991 (File:C-130 180AS Over Kuwait 1991.JPG) ** The 180th Tactical Airlift Squadron was ordered to the active service on December 28, 1990 as a result of the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait to support Gulf_War#Operation_Desert_Shield

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in the team's pre-tournament friendly against the United Arab Emirates (United Arab Emirates national football team) on 5 January 2011 in Al Ain. McKay went on to play a part in every game Australia played at the tournament, initially coming off the bench in the first two

games against India (India national football team) and South Korea (South Korea national football team). He was named in the starting 11 for both the final group stage match against Bahrain (Bahrain national football team) and the subsequent quarter-final match against Iraq (Iraq national football team), and played a vital role in the latter, leading Australia to a 1–0 extra time victory, executing an inch-perfect cross for striker Harry Kewell to head into the goal for the match

winner. McKay retained his starting position for the semi-final against Uzbekistan (Uzbekistan national football team), and was again a key player for Australia in the team's 6–0 win, setting up three goals and being awarded man of the match.

Al Ain

'''Al Ain''' ( Al-`Ain is the birthplace of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the first president of the United Arab Emirates, and it has the country's highest number of Emirati nationals.

Al-`Ain is located in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi (Abu Dhabi (emirate)), inland on the border with `Oman. The freeways connecting Al-`Ain, Abu Dhabi, and Dubai form a geographic triangle in the country, each city being roughly 130 kilometers from the other two.

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