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Public University of Ghana - Accra Polytechnic (A-Poly) Tudu Public - Advanced Business University College (ABUC) Kaneshie Private University of Education, Winneba - Ghana Institute Of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA) Achimota Public - The Institute of Professional Studies (IPS) Legon Public

- National Film and Television Institute (NAFTI) Cantonments Public University of Ghana - Valley View University (VVU) Oyibi Private Transportation


the mayor is vested with extensive executive powers. The mayor is appointed by the President (President of Ghana) of the Republic of Ghana and approved by the city council, although the public has expressed a desire to increase mayoral accountability by holding free mayoral elections. The Mayor of Accra is Alfred Vanderpuije, appointed by President John Atta Mills in 2009. The Accra Assembly has 104 members. Of these, 70% are elected and 30% are government appointees

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80345 title Ohene Djan Did Not Warrant Honour - Adjin Tettey accessdate 2007-04-06 date 28 April 2005 author Ghanaian Chronicle work Sports news publisher Ghana Home Page There has been ongoing controversy about the name of the stadium. On June 16 2011, the name 'Ohene Djan Stadium' on the stadium building was changed to 'Accra Sports Stadium' without any official announcement.

's Ga (Ga people) community who felt that a prominent Ga should be given the honor since the stadium is a centerpiece of downtown Accra. There has been ongoing controversy about the name of the stadium. On June 16

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for AGOA trade, however much work needs to be done to assist African countries in meeting U.S. sanitary and phytosanitary standards. The U.S. government is providing technical assistance to AGOA eligible countries to help them benefit from the legislation, through the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and other agencies. The U.S. government has established three regional trade hubs in Africa for this purpose, in Accra, Ghana; Gaborone, Botswana; and Nairobi, Kenya. 04 09 1976 align left

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; There are also supermarkets, 36 facilities for both on–street and off-street parking, and shopping malls, as well as several facilities for sports and recreation. Sectors of the economy The sectors of Accra's economy consist of the primary, secondary (manufacturing, electricity, gas, water, construction) and tertiary sectors (supermarkets, shopping malls, hotel, restaurant, transportation, storage, communication, financial intermediation, real estate

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-screen cableTV. There is a nice pool, and a first-rate health club. *


'''Accra''' which is inhabited by about 4 million people, making it the second largest metropolitan conglomeration in Ghana by population, and the eleventh-largest metropolitan area in Africa (List of metropolitan areas in Africa).

Accra stretches along the Ghanaian Atlantic coast (Atlantic Ocean) and extends north into Ghana's interior. Originally built around a port, it served as the capital of the British Gold Coast (Gold Coast (British Colony)) between 1877 and 1957. Once merely a 19th-century suburb of Victoriaborg, Accra has since transitioned into a modern metropolis; the city's architecture reflects this history, ranging from 19th-century architecture buildings (colonial architecture) to modern skyscrapers and apartment blocks.

Accra serves as the Greater Accra region's economic and administrative hub. It is furthermore a centre of a wide range of nightclubs, restaurants and hotels.

The central business district of Accra contains the city's main banks and department stores, and an area known as the Ministries, where Ghana's government administration (Government of Ghana) is concentrated. Economic activities in Accra include the financial and agricultural sectors, Atlantic fishing, and the manufacture of processed food, lumber, plywood, textiles, clothing and chemicals.

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