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of Victoriaborg, Accra has since transitioned into a modern metropolis; the city's architecture reflects this history, ranging from 19th-century architecture buildings (colonial architecture) to modern skyscrapers and apartment blocks. Accra serves as the Greater Accra region's economic and administrative hub. It is furthermore a centre of a wide range of nightclubs, restaurants and hotels.

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- LSE Arts and World Bank event work Public Events publisher London School of Economics date 6 June 2011 url http: publicEvents events 2011 20110606t1900vSL.aspx accessdate 7 November 2011 DATE OF BIRTH 10 January 1977 PLACE OF BIRTH Accra, Ghana DATE OF DEATH Beavogui, a member of the Toma ethnic group, Thomas O'Toole and Janice E. Baker, ''Historical Dictionary of Guinea'' (4th edition, 2005


this, for many visitors, it is one of the most memorable sights in the city. Jamestown is a short distance west from Independence Square; from the busy street the only real sights are the lighthouse, a prison building housed inside an old colonial fort, and the old Customs House. From the lighthouse there is a road which takes you to the otherwise hidden delight: one of the largest working fishing harbors in Ghana. Go early in the morning and see dozens of small boats bring in the day's catch. It's best to find a friendly local guide so you don't miss the hidden alleys, old stone houses, and fantastic cliff-top harbor vistas. * '''University of Ghana''' - Ghana's largest university is in Legon and is accessible by Tro-Tros to Madina. It's a very charming and quiet place with old trees, a botanical garden (although you should be aware there have been reports of muggings and violent crime taking place in the gardens) and many small buildings surrounded by green grass. The Cafeterias are open to anybody and serve typical Ghanaian dishes. Do '''The La Raceway:''' a Go-karting circuit, Sports bar and Entertainment Centre is situated behind the Trade Fair Centre, near Labadi beach '''Harbin's:''' a bowling alley in Teshie, about 8 km (5 mi) from the city centre. '''Swimming Pools:''' Sport swimmers find a pool in East Legon at A&C Mall for 7 Gh¢ a day. Those who want to spend a relaxing day at a hotel pool can use the one of La Palm Royal Beach Hotel for 10 Gh¢ a day. Culture '''Goethe Institut''' - German institute organizing frequent movie screening and expositions. There is a regular Thursay movie screening. '''Alliance Francaise d'Accra''' - French institute organizing frequent concerts, art performances and expositions. '''Accra Expat''' - The expat webpage informing its visitors about planned events in Accra Buy Makola market, in Accra's busy downtown, includes a large boulevard and several alleys full of fabric shops with goods such as wax-print pagnes, as well as embroidered and beaded cotton and tulle for special occasions. Look for wax prints from Ghana Traditional Prints (GTP) and the Akosombo Textile Company, which issue a wide range of new designs annually. Another source for such fabric is Woodin, an upscale fabric store with outlets in Osu and at the A&C shopping mall in East Legon, selling a variety of shiny patterned cottons, batiks, and ready-made clothes. Kaneshie Market is both a transit centre and a great place to shop, offering a very wide variety of mostly traditional goods and items. It is a source for food and household items; beads, hair salons, shoes, handbags, and beauty products, and fabric shops. For curio shopping, the National Cultural Center, known popularly as the "Arts Center" near the Independence Square is an overwhelming but well-stocked option. Smaller curio markets can be found around the city. Wild Gecko (near the Tetteh-Quarshie Interchange, off the Kwame Nkrumah Motorway Extension sells a variety of crafts, upscale curios, furniture, and batik clothing. Be sure to check out the extensive collection of Christmas ornaments, including Adinkra symbols carved into dainty souvenirs. Down the dirt road from Wild Gecko are further several smaller but well-stocked pottery and craft stores. For a more modern shopping experience, options include: *The Accra Mall off the Liberation Road *The A&C Shopping Mall East Legon *Palace Shopping Mall, situated on the Spintex Road *Shaaba Shopping Mall, off the Motorway Extension Eat Eat out at one of Osu's many trendy restaurants. Osu, a suburb of Accra, is known for its nightlife and a wide variety of eateries, hotels, and several options for entertainment. A concept lifestyle eatery, Café Dez Amis is situated close to Osu, next door to Jubilee House and the French embassy. Offering gourmet coffees, sandwiches and salads, as well as cold fresh juices, and ice cream, it has become a hotspot in town, from 7AM till 10PM. Breakfast and fresh baked breads and pastries are available all day. There is also an outside cocktail bar, serving Mojitos and other cocktails from all over the world.It also has wireless access. Located in Labone near the Metro TV building, "Maquis Tante Marie" is a restaurant serving a variety of African cuisines in a pleasant garden setting. Frankie's on Oxford Street in Osu is a popular oasis for tourists in Accra. Offering accommodation, a restaurant, salad bar, ice cream and a bakery pastry shop. Other popular eateries in Osu include Livingstone Safari Restaurant, Haveli (Indian Cuisine), Papaye (Fast Food), Asanka Locals(Traditional Ghanaian Cuisine) and Noble House Restaurant (Indian and Chinese Cuisine). Drink thumb 270px Osu Castle (File:Osu castle.JPG) The biggest entertainment precinct in town is the Oxford Street area, in Osu. Home to over a dozen different night venues (most of them tucked up side-streets), there is no shortage of variety. Taxi drivers generally know the location of the following, but if not, just ask a young-looking person on Oxford Street. Tantra: A late-night (best from midnight to 5am) club, with a 50:50 mix of expats and locals. Plays western style electronic and R&B music. Entry 20 cedis, small beers 5 cedis. You can usually negotiate for a discount on the entry charge. Duplex: Possibly the most popular venue as of early 2012, 50:50 expats and locals. Similar music to Tantra, free entry, 5 cedi small beers. Container: One of the original drinking icons, located on Oxford Street. An overgrown "spot" style bar, 90% locals. Good for a couple of drinks in the open air early in the evening, large beers about 3 cedis. Free entry. Street acrobats. Epo's: Another overgrown spot, 80% locals. Located a couple of blocks off Oxford Street, it feels like a mini carnival. Try the "beer tower", a 3 or 5 litre (you choose) tapped tower of beer delivered to your table. 3 litres for 15 cedis, 5 litres for 25, free entry. Monsoon: Quality sushi restaurant, also has a smallish bar. Popular with the over 30 crowd, mostly expats. Bella Roma: A nice Italian restaurant, transforms into a bar club after 10pm. 60% locals, quite a prominent Lebanese presence. Possible entry fee of 20 cedis. Duncans: A chilled but popular outdoor spot. Ryan's Irish Pub: One of the few places in the area where you can order a pint. An option if you want a rest from Africa, but pretty uneventful otherwise. La Pleasure Beach: Located at Labadi Beach (about 4 km from Osu), an outdoor reggae night happens every Wednesday on the beach from 9pm. 5 cedi entry, 4 cedi large beers. 80% locals, foreigners get hassled a little by jewelery t-shirt sellers, but it's safe, and worth a look on a Wednesday. FireFly: A nice classy cocktail lounge in Osu near Citizen Kofi. Entry is free and drinks are 4-5 Cedis for a single shot and 10-15 for cocktails. Local and Expat crowd. Plays electronic and pop music here you see a lot of foreign (white) young ladies gyrating with public displaying of affection with the local Ghanaian gentlemen. The Republic Bar & Grill a retro-styled afrocentric hangouts for creatives (bloggers, photographers,fashion designers), expats and just anybody else who can't be bothered with high heels or a formal shirt. You can sit in or outside and enjoy chilled fermented flavored sugar cane juice whilst listening to World Music or very old school Ghanaian Highlife. There are plenty of other places throughout the city to discover, but this list is good for new visitors. Kentucky fried Chicken also has branches in Accra at Spintex Road, Industrial area and Osu Sleep *

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work The Interview publisher Whudat date July 2004 url http: interview pages rhianbenson.html accessdate 7 November 2011 She was raised in Ghana, India (where her family moved following a diplomatic posting of her father),

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This is the workshop of Seth Kane Kwei who invented the famous design coffins in the 1950s which are carved into shapes that represent something important and relevant to the deceased person, such as a fish, airplanes, etc. You will likely meet Eric Adjetey Anang, grandson of Kane Kwei, who has owned it since 2005 and hear stories about these fantastic coffins. They are used for funerals in the region and are part of many public or private collections of contemporary art around the world. *

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team Egypt in the Final in Accra. Egypt (Egypt national football team) scored a 77th minute goal through Mohamed Aboutrika which would be enough to win the match and be crowned the champions of the 2008 African Cup of Nations. Samuel Eto'o was the tournaments highest scorer with 5 goals. Pfister stepped down from his role on 26 May 2009. de news 27753 nationaltrainer-pfister-in-kamerun-zurueckgetreten.html Nationaltrainer Pfister in Kamerun

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. . founded 11 November 1911 ground Ohene Djan Stadium (Accra Sports Stadium) Accra, Greater Accra (Greater Accra Region), Ghana capacity 40,000 '''Accra Hearts of Oak Sporting Club''', commonly referred to as '''Hearts of Oak''' or just '''Hearts''', is a professional football club (football team) based in Accra, Greater Accra (Greater Accra Region). The club is competing in the Glo Premier League (Ghana Premier League). The early years The club

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Xcelerate ShowPage&c Page&cid 1007029395231&a Collection&aid 1013618514358 British Mission Resides in Accra, Ghana - War work Like many performers, Eddy was active in "war work" during World War II, even before the United States entered the war. He did his first "war effort" concert on October 19, 1939 with Leopold Stokowski for Polish war relief. In 1942, he became an air raid warden and also put in long hours at the Hollywood Canteen

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year and age 1936 birth_place Accra, Ghana death_date Biography Addy was born into the Ga (Ga (people)) ethnic group in Accra, the capital city of Ghana. He was one of the 55 children of Jacob Kpani Addy, a ''wonche'' or medicine man who integrated rhythmic music into healing and other rituals. Obo Addy's earliest musical influence was the traditional music of the Ga people, but he was also influenced as an adolescent by popular music from Europe and the United States, and performed in local bands that played Westernized music and the dance music of Ghana known as highlife. DATE OF BIRTH 1936 PLACE OF BIRTH Accra, Ghana DATE OF DEATH mapsize map_caption Winneba is located 35 miles west of Accra and 90 miles east of Cape Coast image_map1 *Ghana **Accra (Kotoka International Airport) *Guinea Ghana *Asante Kotoko (Asante Kotoko F.C.) vs Hearts of Oak (Accra Hearts of Oak SC): Kotoko represent Ghana's second largest city, Kumasi, while Hearts of Oak play their home games in the capital, Accra. In 2001, a match between the two teams in Accra resulted in the worst football-related disaster (Accra Sports Stadium Disaster) in African history, when 127 people were killed by a stampede which broke out after clashes between supporters and police.


'''Accra''' which is inhabited by about 4 million people, making it the second largest metropolitan conglomeration in Ghana by population, and the eleventh-largest metropolitan area in Africa (List of metropolitan areas in Africa).

Accra stretches along the Ghanaian Atlantic coast (Atlantic Ocean) and extends north into Ghana's interior. Originally built around a port, it served as the capital of the British Gold Coast (Gold Coast (British Colony)) between 1877 and 1957. Once merely a 19th-century suburb of Victoriaborg, Accra has since transitioned into a modern metropolis; the city's architecture reflects this history, ranging from 19th-century architecture buildings (colonial architecture) to modern skyscrapers and apartment blocks.

Accra serves as the Greater Accra region's economic and administrative hub. It is furthermore a centre of a wide range of nightclubs, restaurants and hotels.

The central business district of Accra contains the city's main banks and department stores, and an area known as the Ministries, where Ghana's government administration (Government of Ghana) is concentrated. Economic activities in Accra include the financial and agricultural sectors, Atlantic fishing, and the manufacture of processed food, lumber, plywood, textiles, clothing and chemicals.

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