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, Cancún, Reynosa, Ciudad Juárez, Veracruz, Monterrey, Culiacán, Morelia, Guadalajara (Guadalajara, Jalisco) and Mexico City. In 2006, the TV network Televisa, made a special television show in Acapulco to pay homage to José José's career. Singers like Manoella Torres, Francisco Céspedes, Dulce (Dulce (singer)) and Gualberto Castro performed several of José Jose's greatest hits. WikiPedia:Acapulco Dmoz:Regional North America Mexico States Guerrero Localities Acapulco Commons:Category:Acapulco

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number of museums, art galleries and theatres. The city is also the host of several internationally-renowned events, such as the Guadalajara International Book Fair which is the most important exposition of its kind in the Spanish-speaking world, and the second largest book fair in the world. http: ingles i_info i_info_int.asp The city is known as a pioneer in the underground arts scene as well as in the electronic music world, another main touristic attraction. Its diversity of European architectural styles is a focus of attraction for tourists, in particular the Metropolitan Cathedral (Guadalajara Cathedral), the Degollado Theatre (Teatro Degollado) and the Hospicio Cabañas which is a World Heritage Site and one of the oldest hospital complexes in Spanish America. (Hispanic America) Other tourism activities include shopping at its world class shopping malls, or ''plazas'', taking a tour to the surrounding areas such as the Huentitan Canyon, Tonalá, Tlaquepaque, Chapala or visiting nearby towns, which are well-connected by modern highways, such as Tequila (the home of the heavenly liquid), Puerto Vallarta or Mazamitla, depending upon whether the visitor wishes to visit a colored bohemian and cultural town, a world-destination beach or stay in a cabin in the middle of the forest. As the storm moved westward, it quickly intensified, with an eye-like feature developing by 0900 UTC on July 29. WikiPedia:Acapulco Dmoz:Regional North America Mexico States Guerrero Localities Acapulco Commons:Category:Acapulco

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16.804623 long -99.826069 directions midway between the glitz strip and old Acapulco phone +52 744 466 3736 tollfree fax hours price checkin checkout content A former athletic training facility, a treat for the active or indolent. Friendly managers as of 2005. Inexpensive, with excellent showers and plenty of hammocks, internet access and a small bar. Outside of Acapulco proper, but that means it's near a quiet beach; a cab ride into the disco zone is about 10 pesos. * '''La Mision''', clean room, clean sheets, painted brick, and cold showers. The rooms range from one bed to three. 2 blocks outside Zócalo. The staff does not speak English. A basic breakfast may be purchased from the kitchen, though there is a multitude of small restaurants nearby. Depending on the time you stay, you may be able to negotiate 200 pesos per person per night (regardless of the number of rooms occupied). * '''Hotel Vital''', the rooms are very clean and come with AC, cable, and their own bathrooms with hot water. There is wireless internet in the lobby and a covered pool off the side of the lobby. There is also a kitchen, but there are plenty of restaurants in the area. The hotel is less than a five minute walk from the beach, right across from the bungee jump. The managers are friendly, but do not speak English. 150 pesos for single room with one queen sized bed. If you find a friendly taxi driver who speaks some English he can probably help you out. It can be difficult to find because it's on a minor street. The address is Calle Piedra Picuda No. 50 Fracc. Condessa (''frente al bungy''). Splurge * '''Fairmont Acapulco Princess''', A very large property spread across hundreds of acres of landscaped gardens and golf course with more than 1,000 hotel rooms in three towers. It is built like an Aztec Pyramid and has excellent views of the beach. Like any Fairmont hotel, it is expensive - but well worth the money. It is about half a mile away from the main road linking the Airport to the La Costera. If you walk down to the main road - you will find a McDonald's and a Wal-Mart Supercenter - very effective in negating the steep food prices in Princess. * WikiPedia:Acapulco Dmoz:Regional North America Mexico States Guerrero Localities Acapulco Commons:Category:Acapulco

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and is the number two Mexican spring break destination among U.S. college students. Get in Many buses go from major cities (e.g. Mexico City) to Acapulco. Most buses are safe, fast and comfortable and usually not very expensive. Some bus lines offer student discounts. The Estrella de Oro bus line offers nonstop trips from Mexico City with service more like of First Class on an airline—roomy seats, ride attendants, snacks and drinks, and free movies (''The Lake House'' and ''Superman Returns

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''), and a popular national destination for vacations such as ''Semana Santa'' (the week preceding Easter) and Christmas. Also in recent years Acapulco has experienced a rise in drug related violence Since January 2006 Acapulco has seen a dramatic rise in drug related gun battles. See e.g. ''The San Diego Union-Tribune'' February 15, 2006 ''Acapulco's Loss of Innocence'' and consequently Puerto Vallarta has absorbed a lot of the Mexico City resort vacation business (Acapulco has long been a common destination for tourists from Mexico City). thumb 300px The gay portion of the Playa de Los Muertos (Beach of The Dead) (File:Playa de Los Muertos.jpg) Guadalajara (Guadalajara, Jalisco) and Acapulco were common vacation destinations for gay men and lesbians from Mexico City and, especially, the United States and Canada in the 1980s and 1990s. However, since that time, Puerto Vallarta has developed into Mexico's premier resort town as a sort of satellite gay space for its big sister Guadalajara (Guadalajara, Jalisco), much as Fire Island (Fire Island, New York) is to New York City and Palm Springs (Palm Springs, California) is to Los Angeles. Lionel Cantú, Nancy A. Naples, Salvador Vidal-Ortiz. ''The Sexuality of Migration: Border Crossings and Mexican Immigrant Men''. NYU Press, 2009. 245 p. (101 p.) ISBN 0-8147-5849-5. It is now considered the most welcoming and gay-friendly destination in the country, dubbed the "San Francisco of Mexico." Howard L. Hughes. ''Pink tourism: holidays of gay men and lesbians''. CABI, 2006. 234 p. (110 p.) ISBN 1-84593-076-2. It boasts a gay scene, centered in the ''Zona Romántica'', of hotels and resorts as well as many bars (gay bar), nightclubs (gay club) and a gay beach on the main shore. Puerto Vallarta has been cited as the number one gay beach destination in Latin America. Sara Lieber, Liza Monroy, Ann Summa, Jeff Spurrier, Rachel Tavel. ''MTV Best of Mexico''. Frommer's, 2007. 722 p. (56 p.) ISBN 0-7645-8775-7. ''Wisconsin'' reached Acapulco, Mexico, on Christmas Day 1901, and remained in port for three days. After coaling, the man-of-war twice visited Callao, Peru, and also called at Valparaíso, Chile, before she returned to Acapulco on 26 February 1902. The ship departed Pascagoula on 7 July 1976 and set a course for the Panama Canal. She transited the canal on 16 July and, after a stop at Acapulco, Mexico, arrived at San Diego, California on 6 August. During the remainder of 1976, the amphibious assault ship conducted trials, tests, and shakedown in the southern California operating area. During the first half of 1977, ''Tarawa'' was engaged in training exercises off the California coast. On 13 August, she entered Long Beach Naval Shipyard for post shakedown availability which was completed on 15 July 1978. Following four and one half months of intensive individual ship and amphibious refresher training with embarked marines, ''Tarawa'' ended 1978 in her home port of San Diego on Christmas stand down. The United States is forced into the war when the entire Pacific Fleet (U.S. Pacific Fleet) is wiped out at Pearl Harbor (attack on Pearl Harbor). Japanese forces occupy the U.S. states of Hawaii, the Philippines and the Panama Canal Zone. Additionally, Japan occupies northern Australia, raids California, and the Imperial Japanese Navy shells Acapulco. Consequently, the United States cannot open a second front in Europe. Alliance with the Nazis against the Draka is also impossible, due to the influence of the Jewish lobby and a Draka threat to supply Japan with nuclear weapons-related materials in the event of U.S.-German peace. thumb 200px 18 - Aguascalientes, Aguascalientes (File:Aguascalientes Plaza Patria.jpg). thumb 200px 19 – Acapulco (File:Acapulco,guerrero.jpg), Guerrero. thumb 200px 20 – Hermosillo (File:Tur-hermodenoche.jpg), Sonora. Following those trials and a period of yard work at the New York Navy Yard, ''Washington'' set sail for the Pacific Station, again in company with ''Tennessee''. The two armored cruisers subsequently called at Hampton Roads; Port of Spain, Trinidad (Trinidad and Tobago); Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Montevideo, Uruguay; Punta Arenas, Chile; Callao, Peru; Acapulco, Mexico; and Pichilinque Bay, Mexico; before they joined the Pacific Fleet (United States Pacific Fleet) in time to fire target practices with them at Magdalena Bay, Mexico, from late December 1907-January 1908. ''Washington'' subsequently operated both in company with the Fleet and on independent tactical exercises out of Magdalena Bay into March, operating also off Santa Barbara (Santa Barbara, California), San Francisco (San Francisco, California), and San Diego (San Diego, California), as well as San Pedro, California (San Pedro, Los Angeles, California). Other ports visited by the armored cruiser into the summer of 1908 included Redondo Beach (Redondo Beach, California), Venice (Venice, Los Angeles, California), Monterey (Monterey, California), and Angel Island (Angel Island, California) in California; and Port Townsend (Port Townsend, Washington), Port Angeles (Port Angeles, Washington), Seattle (Seattle, Washington), Tacoma (Tacoma, Washington), and Bremerton (Bremerton, Washington) in Washington. She was among the units of the Fleet reviewed by the Secretary of the Navy at San Francisco from 6 May and 17 May. On 17 October 1981, he consecrated two Mexican (Mexico) priests and former seminary professors, Moisés Carmona (of Acapulco) and Adolfo Zamora (of Mexico City). Both of these priests were convinced that the Papal See of Rome was vacant and the successors of Pope Pius XII were heretical usurpers of papal office and power. In February 1982, in Munich's ''Sankt Michael'' church, Archbishop Thục issued a declaration that the Holy See in Rome was vacant, intimating that he desired a restoration of the hierarchy to end the vacancy. However, his newly consecrated bishops became a fragmented group. Many limited themselves essentially to sacramental ministry and only consecrated a few other bishops. "Misericordias Domini in æternum cantabo": Autobiography by Mgr. Ngô Đình Thục, written ca. 1978-1980. ''Einsicht - röm.-kath. Zeitschrift'': Munich After the War, the State of Mexico was created by the 1824 Constitution (1824 Constitution of Mexico), with the first state congress convening in March of that year in Mexico City. This state still encompassed the vast territory of the old Aztec Empire. The first head of the state was Melchor Múzquiz. The vast territory of the state was divided into eight districts:Acapulco, Cuernavaca, Huejutla, México, Taxco, Toluca, Tula (Tula, Hidalgo) and Tulancingo. Mexico City was the capital of the state. However, soon after, the federal government choose Mexico City as the capital of the new nation. Under the guidelines of the 1824 Constitution, the capital was appropriated as federal land, with the federal government acting as the local authority. The choice was made official on 18 November 1824 and Congress delineated a surface area of two leagues square (8,800 ac) centered on the Zocalo (Zócalo). This area was then separated from the State of Mexico, forcing the state's government to move from the Palace of the Inquisition (now Museum of Mexican Medicine) (Palace of the Inquisition (Museum of Mexican Medicine)) in the city to Texcoco (Texcoco, Mexico State). This area did not yet include the population centers of the towns of Coyoacán, Xochimilco, Mexicaltzingo (San Mateo Mexicaltzingo) and Tlalpan, all of which remained as part of the State of Mexico. As the “federal district” of Mexico City grew in size, these and other territories were taken from the State of Mexico. WikiPedia:Acapulco Dmoz:Regional North America Mexico States Guerrero Localities Acapulco Commons:Category:Acapulco

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in the Viceroyalty of New Spain (present day Mexico) used by the Manila galleons, which came to be known as "Urdaneta's route." After fitting out, ''Seattle'' departed Puget Sound Naval Shipyard on September 24, 1969, en route to Norfolk (Norfolk, Virginia). ''Seattle'' visited Long Beach (Long Beach, California), San Diego, Acapulco, the Panama Canal, and New Orleans, arriving at Norfolk, her designated home port, on November 22. An active early season

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; As early as 1926, Torsvan took part as a photographer in an archeological expedition to the state of Chiapas led by Enrique Juan Palacios; one of the few photographs showing probably B. Traven, wearing a pith helmet, which is reproduced at the beginning of this article, was taken during that expedition. He also travelled to Chiapas as well as to other regions of Mexico later, probably gathering materials for his books. He showed a lively interest in Mexican culture and history, following

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gunmen who stormed a beach house on the outskirts of Acapulco. Mexico Seeks Culprits in Rape of 6 Spaniards On 28 September 2014, A Mexican politician called Braulio Zaragoza was gunned down at the El Mirador hotel in the city, He was the leader of the conservative opposition National Action Party (National Action Party (Mexico)) (PAN) in southern Guerrero state, Several politicians have

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, and she received offers by Televisa producer Sergio Bustamante to develop a career there, but she returned to her country, and months later she accepted, and left her mother and boyfriend. Sister city relations * *'''Istan''': an island state in the online role-playing game, ''Guild Wars Nightfall'' *'''Isthmus''': a version of Panama and or Nicaragua (actually filmed in Mexico City

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Cuernavaca, Acapulco, Taxco, and the rest of southern Mexico. -valign top bgcolor "#d0f0c0" rowspan 2 2005 Abierto Mexicano Telcel Agustin Calleri rowspan 2

Professionals ATP Tour (International Series Gold (International Series Gold tennis tournaments) event) and the WTA (Women's Tennis Association) Tour (Tier III). '''''Acapulco H.E.A.T.''''' is a 1993 syndicated television series that followed the '''H'''emisphere '''E'''mergency '''A'''ction '''T'''eam H.E.A.T. , a group of top-secret agents based in Acapulco, Mexico and recruited by C-5, a secret government coalition, to fight terrorism and international crime. The team kept a low profile, by acting as models and photographers who represented a Beach Fashion enterprise. The historic city of ''' Iguala de la Independencia ''' is located WikiPedia:Acapulco Dmoz:Regional North America Mexico States Guerrero Localities Acapulco Commons:Category:Acapulco


'''Acapulco de Juárez''' (

The city is best known as one of Mexico's oldest and most well-known beach resorts, which came into prominence in the 1950s as a getaway for Hollywood stars and millionaires. Lee Stacy. ''Mexico and the United States''. New York: Marshall Cavendish Publishing, 2003. p. 954 (p. 16). ISBN 978-07-61-47403-6. Arleen Alleman. ''Currents of vengeance : a Darcy Farthing novel''. Xlibris Corp Publishing, 2011. p. 292 (p. 118). ISBN 978-14-65-33577-7. Vacation Magazine

The name "Acapulco" comes from Nahuatl language ''Aca-pōl-co'', and means "where the reeds were destroyed or washed away". The "de Juárez" was added to the official name in 1885 to honor Benito Juárez, former President of Mexico (1806–1872). The seal for the city shows broken reeds or cane.

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