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for the purpose of generating revenue to be diverted back to the home campus in the UK. http: arizonaalumniassociation.org 960515-Fee-freezes-and-a-boom-in-bursaries.html In 2010, Brighton College announced to parents that it is "helping to set up schools in Abu Dhabi".

international defense

and target designators. Shtora-1 is a soft-kill, or passive-countermeasure system. The system was shown fitted to a Russian main battle tank during the International Defense Exposition, held in Abu Dhabi in 1995. The first known application of the system is the Russian T-90 main battle tank, which entered service in the Russian Army in 1993. It is also available on the BMP-3M (BMP-3) infantry fighting vehicle. ''Elliot'' deployed for WestPac-91 on 31 July 1991 with COMDESRON

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. In the final, he won over his main rival Roger Federer, 7–6, 7–6. On 7 February 2011, in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, Nadal won the Laureus World Sportsman of the Year (Laureus World Sports Award for Sportsman of the Year) for the first time, ahead of footballer Lionel Messi, Sebastian Vettel, Spain's Andres Iniesta, Lakers (Los Angeles Lakers) basketball player Kobe Bryant, and Filipino (Filipino people) boxer Manny Pacquiao.

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at the Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi. In 2013, the series will add a race in the U.S. at the Circuit of the Americas near Austin, Texas. The growth of the series has seen motorsport equal Rugby League as Australia's third most watched sport.

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In the beginning of the 1960s, the first oil company (Petroleum industry) teams carried out preliminary surveys and the first cargo of crude was exported from Abu Dhabi in 1962. As oil revenues increased, the ruler of Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, undertook a massive construction program, building schools, housing, hospitals and roads. When Dubai's oil exports commenced in 1969, Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum, the ruler of Dubai, was also able to use oil revenues

construction program, building schools, housing, hospitals and roads. When Dubai’s oil exports commenced in 1969, Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum, the ''de facto'' ruler of Dubai, was also able to use oil revenues to improve the quality of life of his people. ref

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in 2006 a historic 5-year philanthropic campaign to raise $1.25 billion. The Clinic is also looking to expand its presence to other locations in the United States as well as abroad. In September 2006, the Clinic announced plans to operate a world-class specialty hospital in Abu Dhabi, UAE (United Arab Emirates), to be built and owned by the UAE government. February, 2009, Cleveland Plain Dealer This facility is scheduled to open in 2013. http

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, and tirfa, and zam, and the measurement of stellar altitudes, but they have not. They cannot understand the way we navigate, but we can understand the way they do; we can use their system and sail in their ships. For the Indian Ocean is connected to the All-Encompassing Ocean, and we possess scientific books that give stellar altitudes, but they do not have a knowledge of stellar altitudes; they have no science and no books, only the compass and dead reckoning… We can easily sail in their ships and upon

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4–3 Won 1996 AFC Asian Cup Quarter-finals - Performance reports The stock markets of Casablanca and Tunis (Bourse de Tunis) are covered in a quarterly report on Arab stock exchanges established by the Abu Dhabi-based Arab Monetary Fund. The report includes individual indices for each market, as well as a weighted composite tracking four Middle Eastern and two North African stock exchanges. thumb left 191px Bruno Metsu managing Al-Gharafa (File:Bruno metsu.jpg) in 2011. Metsu's success with Senegal led him to the lucrative Middle East, where in the United Arab Emirates, he took over defending champions Al Ain (Al Ain FC), owned by the Emir of Abu Dhabi. Bruno Metsu He led the side to victory in the first edition of the re-branded AFC Champions League in 2003, completing a double including the country's league championship. This led to a host of offers for the Frenchman, who joined Qatari side

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Faces Protest url http: www.nytimes.com 2011 03 17 arts design guggenheim-threatened-with-boycott-over-abu-dhabi-project.html author Nicolai Ouroussoff date 16 March 2011 work The New York Times publisher NYTimes.com accessdate 2011-10-21 The museum is expected to house modern and contemporary collections that will focus on Middle-Eastern contemporary art. It will also display special exhibitions from the foundation's main collection. In 1970

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-instructors-boost-school-jitsu-scheme title Brazilian instructors boost School-Jitsu scheme publisher Abu Dhabi Week date 13 August 2009 accessdate 2012-02-23 Every year in the season of admissions an exhibition is launched in Abu Dhabi Exhibition Center under the supervision of the government.education-training-careers-2012 ADNEC education Universities from every corner

Abu Dhabi

population_density_km2 auto utc_offset +4 timezone UAE standard time website Abu Dhabi Government Portal Facebook Facebook Page footnotes Abu Dhabi is known as''رشكشا'' ((transelated too ri-shi-kesh in English)) to the local Arabic and through the historic inscriptions. thumb Aerial view of Abu Dhabi on the coast of the Persian Gulf (File:Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.JPG) '''Abu Dhabi''' (US ) title How did Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other cities get their names? Experts reveal all publisher UAE Interact date 3 October 2007 accessdate 2013-04-05 url http: www.uaeinteract.com news rss-news.asp?ID 24335 is the capital and the second most populous city in the United Arab Emirates, and also capital of Abu Dhabi emirate, the largest of the UAE's seven member emirates. Abu Dhabi lies on a T-shaped island jutting into the Persian Gulf from the central western coast. The city proper had a population of 921,000 in 2013. United Arab Emirates: largest cities and towns and statistics of their population. World Gazetteer.

Abu Dhabi houses federal government offices, is the seat of the United Arab Emirates Government (Federal National Council), home to the Abu Dhabi Emiri Family (Al Nahyan family) and the President of the UAE, who is from this family. Abu Dhabi has grown to be a cosmopolitan (Multiculturalism) metropolis. Its rapid development and urbanisation (Urbanization), coupled with the relatively high average income of its population, has transformed Abu Dhabi to a larger and advanced metropolis. Today the city is the country's center of political (Politics) and industrial (industry) activities, and a major cultural (Culture) and commercial (commerce) centre, due to its position as the capital. Abu Dhabi accounts for about two-thirds of the roughly $400 billion United Arab Emirates economy. Gulfnews: Abu Dhabi Economy Grows 5.2% In 2013, Slower Than Expected. www.gulfnews.com (3 June 2014). Retrieved on 2014-09-24.

Abu Dhabi is home to important financial institutions such as the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange, the Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates and the corporate headquarters of many companies and numerous multinational corporations. One of the world's largest producers of oil, Abu Dhabi has actively attempted to diversify its economy in recent years through investments in financial services and tourism.

Abu Dhabi is the fourth most expensive city (List of most expensive cities for expatriate employees) for expatriate employees in the region (Middle East), and in 2014 was the 68th most expensive big city in the world.

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