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title Brave Olivier's polished performance work Birmingham Post date 10 May 2002 url http: icbirmingham.icnetwork.co.uk birmingham news tm_method full%26objectid 11858514%26siteid 50002-name_page.html accessdate 30 July 2007 DATE OF BIRTH 19 December 1975 PLACE OF BIRTH Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire DATE OF DEATH '''Johan Danon Djourou-Gbadjere''' (born 18 January 1987 in Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire), more commonly known as '''Johan Djourou''', is an Côte

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in the country). It is free entry, but there is the possibility of a voluntary donation when you leave. * In Treichville: ** The Sports Palace ** The Cultural Palace. Commons:Category:Abidjan Wikipedia:Abidjan


a hospital giving people basic healthcare and a chance just to stay alive." - 2 8 June 2003

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such as the Assumption Tournament (the first one taking place in 2007 in the Stade Robert Champroux), the West African Club Championship (UFOA Cup), and international gala matches. Other sports '''Basketball''' * ''Ivory Coast Basketball Federation'' * '''Clubs : '''''Abidjan Basket Club

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August 2011 which affects practically the whole of the Gulf of Guinea's coast, means that in this area swimming is not usually allowed. Generally, in the Ivory Coast, tourism has never really been developed as an economic industry; the country does not appear among common holiday destinations. Parc du Banco (Banco National Park) left thumb Fanicos, Abidjan's washermen (File:Laundry in the river.jpg) Converted in 1926, this park has 3,000 hectares and ancient "sacred wood"

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Site de RTI Music publisher Rti.ci accessdate 28 March 2011 * International Jazz Festival ofAbidjan (FIJA) * International Festival of Black Music (FIMNA). Organised every two years, alternating with the International Jazz Festival. Media Most mass media in the Ivory Coast can

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Joël and Freddy Drogba. Freddy, 19, is currently in the youth system of French Ligue 1 side Dijon (Dijon FCO).

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she also writes poems, novels, short stories (short story), criticism (literary criticism), and children's literature. - June 1943 1 August 1945 Abidjan, Ivory Coast Detachment - As a military force, EO was extremely skilled and conducted a highly successful counter insurgency against the RUF. In just ten days of fighting, EO was able to drive the RUF forces back sixty miles into the interior of the country. ref


. *1973: Raid Afrique, 60 2CVs 8000 km from Abidjan to Tunis, the Atlantic capital of Ivory Coast in West Africa through the Sahara, (the Ténéré desert section was unmapped and had previously been barred to cars), to the Mediterranean capital of Tunisia.

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height '''Marco André Zoro Kpolo''' (born 27 December 1983 in Abidjan), known as '''Zoro''', is an Ivorian (Côte d'Ivoire) footballer (Association football) who plays for Angers SCO in France, as a defender (Defender (association football)). DATE OF BIRTH 27 December 1983 PLACE OF BIRTH Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire DATE OF DEATH He had an annual track and field meeting named in his honour – the Gabriel Tiacoh meet


'''Abidjan''' is the economic capital of Ivory Coast and is the most populated West African French-speaking city. It is also the second-largest French-speaking city in the world, and is the world’s third-largest French-speaking urban agglomeration after Paris and Kinshasa. Its population, according to the country’s authorities in 2011, was 12,783,906 inhabitants in the agglomeration, and 6,351,086 inhabitants in the city, which is 20% of the overall population of the country. Only Lagos, the old capital of Nigeria, surpasses it in number of inhabitants in the region. Considered the cultural crossroads of West Africa, Abidjan is characterized by a high level of industrialization and urbanization.

The city grew up quickly after the construction of a new wharf in 1931 and its designation as the capital city of the then-French colony in 1933. The completion of the Vridi Canal in 1951 enabled it to become an important sea port. In 1983 Yamoussoukro was designated as the official capital city of Ivory Coast, but almost all political institutions and foreign embassies (embassy) are still in Abidjan.

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