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. Retrieved on January 25, 2015. "AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL IN EGYPT WEST CAMPUS Sheikh Zayed City Entrance 2 Greens Compound" * British International School in Cairo "Contact Us." British International School in Cairo. Retrieved on 23 January 2015. &quot;Physical Address: Km 38, Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road, Beverly Hills, 6th of October City, Egypt, 12451" -


the commencement of the Yom Kippur War on 6 October 1973. For this reason, the date was also chosen as Egypt's Armed Forces Day (Armed Forces Day#Egypt). Climate Köppen-Geiger climate classification system classifies its climate as hot desert (hot desert climate) (BWh). Its climate is very similar to Giza (Giza#Climate) and Cairo (Cairo#Climate), owing to its proximity to them.

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;of October City, including two private medical schools at Misr University for Science and Technology and October&nbsp;6&nbsp;University (October 6 University). Universities * Culture & Science City * Ahram Canadian University * Akhbar El Youm Academy * Cairo University in Sheikh Zayed City * Higher Institute of Applied Arts * Higher Institute for Architecture * Higher Institute of Engineering * Higher Institute of Science and Technology

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are under construction . ''List Of Cinema Complexes in 6 October City'' * Renaissance Cinemas * Galaxy Cineplex - Mall of Arabia * Cityscape Cinemas * Dandy Mega Mall Cinemas * Good News - MUST * Plaza Cinemas * An IMAX Theater Located in Plaza Cinemas * Mall of Egypt Cinemas ( Under Construction - Due 2015 ) * Ramw Mall Cinemas ( Under Construction - Due 2014 ) * Good News - Sheikh Zayed ( Under Construction - Due 2014 ) *Clubs 6 October City has 8 Sporting Clubs ( 1 Under


Bogor, Indonesia Bremen (Bremen (city)), Germany East London (East London, South Africa), South Africa Juiz de Fora, Brazil

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144309 See map * International School of Choueifat 6th of October City "Contact Us." International School of Choueifat 6th of October City. Retrieved on 24 January 2015. "The International School of Choueifat - City of 6 October, Egypt Dreamland, City of 6 October, Al Giza, Egypt" Health services The city has several teaching, public, and private hospitals as well as many smaller clinics

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Company , an Egyptian subsidiary of BMW, in the 6th of October City South west Cairo-Egypt. Available model is the Jinbei Cargo Van (de (:de:Bavarian Auto Group#JinBei)) which is available as an ambulance or police car also. It is assembled in the 1999 and 2003 generation versions. model_years 2010&


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September 2010 body_style 5-door SUV (Sport utility vehicle) assembly Bremen, Germany 6th of October City, Egypt engine 2.2L CDI I4 (Straight-4) 3.0L V6 3.5L V6 3.0L CDI V6 CAF was founded on 8 February 1957 in Khartoum, Sudan by the Egyptian Football Association Egyptian

, Ethiopian (Ethiopian Football Federation), South African (South African Football Association) and Sudanese (Sudan Football Association) FAs, following former discussions between the Egyptian (Egyptian Football Association), Somali (Somali people), South African (South African Football Association) and Sudanese (Sudan Football Association) FAs earlier in 7 June 1956 in Avenida Hotel in Lisbon, Portugal. The headquarters were few months in Khartoum until a fire outbreak

in the offices of the Sudanese Football Association when the organization moved near Cairo. Youssef Mohammad was the first General Secretary and Abdel Aziz Abdallah Salem the president (List of Presidents of UEFA). Its administrative center since 2002 is in 6th of October City, near Cairo. It was initially made up of 4 national associations. Currently there are 55 associations, 53 full members beside Zanzibar Pekan, Malaysia (DRB-HICOM (HICOM Automotive Manufacturers (Malaysia))) Pune, India Beijing, China predecessor Mercedes-Benz W211 Mercedes-Benz W209

6th of October City

'''6th of October City''' '' is a city in Giza Governorate, a satellite town and part of the urban area (Greater Cairo) of Cairo, Egypt, 32&nbsp;km (20 miles) outside the city itself. "To Catch Cairo Overflow, 2 Megacities Rise in Sand" article by Thanassis Cambanis in ''The New York Times'' August 24, 2010. Retrieved August 25, 2010. It has a population ranging between some 185,000 in the city to an estimated 500,000 inhabitants in the wider area. http: www.emporis.com city 6th-of-october-city-egypt 6th of October City was the capital of the now defunct 6th&nbsp;of&nbsp;October&nbsp;Governorate (6th of October Governorate). A new city in the desert, Neil MacFarquhar, David Rohde, Aram Roston: Mubarak Family Riches Attract New Focus. The New York Times, February 12, 2011, retrieved February 13, 2011 it also hosts Egyptian students and students from the Gulf (Arab States of the Persian Gulf) and Palestinian territories, who study at its private universities.

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