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Łódź Film School (National Film School in Łódź) (PWSFTviT). He began his professional career working as a cinematographer for young directors of his generation. His films from that period include: ''The Talk'' (''Rozmowa''- TV) and ''Gropingly'' (''Po Omacku'') by Piotr Andrejew, ''Videocassette'' (''Wideokaseta'') by Filip Bajon, ''Wanda Gościmińska włókniarka'' by Wojciech Wiszniewski and a feature movie by Grzegorz Królikiewicz ''Dancing Hawk'' (''Tańczący Jastrząb''). birth_date

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. Before Villas started her theatre career in Poland, she performed in international revue shows in France and United States. In 1978 she played at the Grand Theatre in Łódź in the musical show ''Kochajmy się''. In the 1970s 80s Villas was a star of the Siren Theatre in Warsaw. Villas played several roles in her theatre career, including Lygia in ''The third programme'' (''Trzeci program'', 1978) and the main role in the revue ''Violetta'' (1986–1988). In 1986 she returned to theatre, performing in ''Violetta'', a with an orchestra and ballet. Singer was a star of the Syrena to late 1980s. After 1988 she never performed at this theatre.

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a'' 'constellation composed of three interlocking shards' '' Libeskind, Daniel; ''Studio Daniel Libeskind''projects show-all imperial-war-museum-north Imperial War Museum North. Accessed 7 October 2009. with each shard being a remnant of an imagined globe shattered by conflict. These shards in turn represented air, earth and water, and each formed a functionally distinct part of the museum. The 55m high air shard, provides

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of Łódź, who protested the Act of November 5, and demanded in a letter to the German government annexation of western Poland by Germany as well as settlement of ethnic Germans in those areas. Aleksander Kraushar, ''PKFHSPKFHS books book okupacja 53.jpg Warszawa podczas okupacji niemieckiej 1915–1918'', Lwów 1921, pp. 39 However, Poland's unspecified borders were threatened in the West as well: Late in 1917

; a policy earlier suggested by a letter to the German government by members of Poland's German minority, settled around Łódź. Aleksander Kraushar, ''PKFHSPKFHS books book okupacja 53.jpg Warszawa podczas okupacji niemieckiej 1915-1918'', Lwów 1921, p. 39. Such plans were agreed to in principle by the German government in March 1918 and in April gained support in the Prussian House of Lords but were strongly opposed by General von Beseler

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player . He currently plays with Caja Laboral (Saski Baskonia) in Spain. Professional career Originally from Łódź, Poland, Lampe grew up in Stockholm, Sweden. He played briefly for Real Madrid (Real Madrid Baloncesto) in the Spanish ACB League (Liga ACB) before being sent on loan to Universidad Complutense (Universidad Complutense (basketball team)) of the LEB (Liga Española de Baloncesto), the second division level in Spain, to receive more playing time. DATE OF BIRTH February 5, 1985 PLACE OF BIRTH Łódź, Poland DATE OF DEATH The '''28 Dywizja Piechoty''' was a Polish Army infantry division (Division (military)) which saw action against the invading Germans (Nazi Germany) during the Invasion of Poland (Invasion of Poland (1939)) of World War II. The division suffered heavy casualties in battles near Łódź and the remnants retreated to Warsaw, where they surrendered. thumb right 300px Monument to the Volhynian Cavalry Brigade in Mokra, Silesian Voivodeship Mokra (Image:Mokra.jpg) The '''Volhynian Cavalry Brigade''' (

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Contest . He is famous for his characteristic red hair which were also green, black and white. Fourth ''Ich Troje'' vocalist became German Jeanette Vik. In 2011 Michał took part in TVP show ''Bitwa na głosy''. He represented Łódź, Poland and found sixteen talented vocalists from that city to perform different songs. They were eliminated in fourth episode and placed seventh. One of the girls who sang in this team, Justyna Panfilewicz became fifth ''Ich Troje'' vocalist in 2011

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Film School . His film debut was Vabank (1981), a comedy describing a story of two Polish gangsters of the 1930s. The film was a striking success, as was the science-fiction comedy Seksmisja of 1984. Often seen as either a golden child or enfant terrible of the Polish cinema, Machulski quickly became one of the most popular Polish directors, both in Poland and abroad. His ''Seksmisja'', although significantly shortened by the Soviet censorship, was one of the most popular pictures

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International Competition of Musical Personalities "Alexander Tansman" (Łódź, Poland - 2000). Piano, violin, cello, guitar and other instruments compete directly with each other in this competition, and Illarionov's success there made him the highest-placed guitarist ever in the Tansman competition. In October 2002, Illarionov won The Twentieth International Guitar Foundation of America Solo Guitar Competition (GFA – Miami, Florida, USA). As part of the prize, he conducted

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International Festival of Pleasant and Unpleasant Plays alt Międzynarodowy Festiwal Sztuk Przyjemnych i Nieprzyjemnych url http: powszechny.pl en email address lat long directions phone tollfree fax hours price content Held in the Common Theater, a long-running play festival. Leisure *

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shown in the Soviet Union in mid-1980s. Kingsajz, a fantasy comedy made in 1987 remains one of his most important movies till date due to its great social significance. It is in many ways similar to Seksmisja but Kingsajz's message is stronger and more evident. It was also released at the time when anti-communistic society was very enthusiastic about pictures of that kind. Slogans from the film were apperaing on many real walls, much to police's irritation. '''Sylwia Nowak-Trębacka


'''Łódź''' ( south-west of Warsaw. The city's coat of arms is an example of canting (canting arms): depicting a boat, it alludes to the city's name which translates literally as "boat."

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