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Oliver W. Dillard

mn-1713_1_black-troops title COLUMN ONE: War and Black GIs" Memories: Veterans of the action in Korea set out on a painful journey to erase a record of shame. The quest proves elusive." author Broder, John M. date November 15, 1989 work Los Angeles Times publisher accessdate April 13, 2011 Dillard retired from the U.S. Army in 1980, after a career spanning 34 years. Early life Born in Margaret, Alabama, Dillard is the son of Josiephine Dillard (née Williams

Deadwood, South Dakota

way up to engineer, foreman and superintendent. He eventually quit to go prospecting in Arizona and New Mexico, but did not strike it rich. In 1882, he crossed the Chilkoot Pass into the interior of the Yukon, where he prospected and traded for a couple of years. Early years Williamson was born in 1947 in Deadwood, South Dakota,

Colón, Panama

1910 and 1920 The city was founded by Americans in 1850 as the Atlantic terminal of the Panama Railroad (Panama Canal Railway), then under construction to meet the gold rush demand for a fast route to California. For a number of years early in its history, the sizable United States émigré community called the town '''Aspinwall''' after Panama Railroad promoter William Henry Aspinwall, while the city's Hispanic community called it Colon in honor of Christopher Columbus

Manhattan, Kansas

high school (Manhattan High School (Kansas)) in Manhattan, Kansas. He graduated from Kansas State University in 1931, and in 1937 moved to Hastings, Nebraska, where he was publisher of the ''Daily Tribune (Hastings Tribune)'' for many years. Early career Brownback was an attorney in Manhattan, Kansas before becoming the Kansas secretary of agriculture in 1986. In 1990, he was accepted into the White House Fellow program and detailed


material aid to many students from poor families (among them Dr Aleksander Majkowski, a future expert on Kaszuby). He was a major benefactor of the Scientific Help Society for the Youth of the Grand Duchy of Poznań. In Sopot Amrogowicz established the People's Bank, designed to assist small business, and became the president of the Bank for several years. Early life Bachstrom was born in 1688 the son of a barber near Rawicz ref name ADB>

Vancouver, Washington

years early. SR 16 has also become the second state highway in Washington State to have exit numbers posted at interchanges. SR 14 (Washington State Route 14) in the Vancouver (Vancouver, Washington) area has long had numbered exits. As of 2008, two interchanges on SR 3 (Washington State Route 3) near Bremerton (Bremerton, Washington) and Silverdale (Silverdale, Washington) have also been marked with exit numbers. At 12:02 p.m. PDT

Kansas City, Kansas

Territory to settle at the Union Colony (Union Colony of Colorado) at Greeley (Greeley, Colorado), which had been founded three years early as a religiously (religion)-oriented agricultural cooperative. State highways By Kansas law, no state highway may exist entirely within city limits. ). His once promising baseball career ended at age 26 because of arm injuries.

Quebec City

his liberal cabinet (cabinet (government)) colleagues to go ahead with the plan during a working retreat at a fishing camp north of Quebec City. The issue topped the liberal agenda during a snap election called two years early, and their chosen theme, "Maîtres chez nous" (in English: "Masters of our domain."), had a strong nationalist (Quebec nationalism) undertone.


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Baton Rouge, Louisiana

was director of the academy for 11 years. Early life Farenholt was born to German immigrants (German-Americans) in San Antonio, Texas, who had settled on a ranch on the Salado River 1842, not far from the famous Alamo Mission. Documents of the Assembly of the State of New York pg. 612 Speaking only German until the age of eight, he was sent to New Orleans to a French school where he learned English for the first time. He continued his schooling until

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