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by Corvinus for 12 years based on a forged letter that described him as asking the sultan for forgiveness and for an alliance against Hungary. He was released in 1474 and was soon on his way to Bosnia (Bosnia (region)) with a Hungarian army, where he captured towns and fortresses and impaled 8,000 Turks. Stephen of Moldavia had managed to capture Chilia and Akkerman (Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi) and managed to defend them against the Ottomans at the Battle of Vaslui. The two cousins forged an alliance and in 1476, conquered Wallachia together; however, in December 1476, Vlad Ţepeş died in battle against the Ottomans. Radu had died of syphilis a year earlier (1475).

Sais, Egypt

Sextus Julius Africanus quotes Manetho as stating that "Bocchoris" ruled for six years, some modern scholars again differ and assign him a shorter reign of only five years, based on evidence from an Apis Bull burial stela. It establishes that Bakenranef's reign ended only at the start of his 6th regnal year which, under the Egyptian dating system, means he had a reign of 5 full years. Bakenranef's prenomen or royal name, ''Wahkare'', means "Constant is the Spirit of Re"

Flathead Indian Reservation

Native Americans (Native Americans in the United States) have lived in Montana for more than 14,000 years, based on archaeological findings. The Bitteroot Salish came from the West Coast, whereas the Kootenai lived mostly in the interior of present-day Idaho, Montana, and Canada. The Kootenai left artifacts in prehistoric time. One group of the Kootenai in the northeast lived mainly on buffalo (American Bison) hunting. Another group lived on the rivers and lakes of the mountains in the west

San Juan del Sur

economy was, for many years, based on fishing and shipping, it has shifted towards tourism in the last 20 years. In October 2002, to mark the city's 150th anniversary, it was formally designated the "Port of San Juan del Sur" and a "Tourism City of Nicaragua."


the Mediterranean Sea and the Indian Ocean. The squadron arrived at Chefoo, China, on 26 August, and joined the Asiatic Fleet, with which she operated for seven years, based at Chefoo and Tsingtao (Qingdao) in the summer and Manila in the winter. She received periodic overhauls at the Cavite Navy Yard. She participated in fleet exercises and maneuvers, protected American interests in China, Japan, and the Philippines, and engaged in escort and patrol duty on the China Coast

Papua New Guinea

will depend upon the readiness to make real reforms to effective use of revenue, tackling rampant corruption and empowering households and businesses to access markets, services and develop a more buoyant economy, with lower costs, especially for small- to medium-size enterprises. The Institute of National Affairs, a PNG independent policy think tank, provides a report on the business and investment environment of Papua New Guinea every five years, based upon a survey of large and small, local and overseas companies, highlighting law and order problems and corruption, as the worst impediments, followed by the poor state of transport, power and communications infrastructure. Institute of National Affairs (2013) Land tenure File:OkTediMine.jpg thumb right The Ok Tedi Mine in southwestern Papua New Guinea. The PNG legislature has enacted laws in which a type of tenure called "customary land title" is recognised, meaning that the traditional lands of the indigenous peoples have some legal basis to inalienable tenure. This customary land notionally covers most of the usable land in the country (some 97% of total land area);


States, until November 1848, when he returned to England with his new wife, Mary Murphy. He spent the next two years based at Gravesend (Gravesend, Kent). '''Portsmouth and Southsea railway station''' is the main railway station in central Portsmouth in Hampshire, England. It is close to the Commercial Road shopping centre. '''Hilsea railway station''' is a railway station in Portsmouth, England with a limited service. It serves the northern end of Portsea Island


by Eidskog. To the east it borders to Sweden. Kongsvinger is about , literally "the great thing") is the supreme legislature of Norway, located in Oslo. The unicameral parliament has 169 members, and is elected every four years based on Party-list

North Korea

years, based on the birth of Kim Il Sung. Kreisky played a prominent role in international affairs, promoting dialogue between North Korea and South Korea working with like-minded European leaders like Willy Brandt and Olof Palme to promote peace and development. Although the 1955 State Treaty prevented Austria joining the European Union, he supported European integration. Austria cast itself as a bridge between East and West, and Vienna was the site for some early rounds of the Strategic Arms Limitation Talks between the United States and the Soviet Union. region East Asia country North Korea, South Korea era New Imperialism '''Buyeo''' or '''Puyŏ''' ( Commons:Category:North Korea WikiPedia:North Korea Dmoz:Regional Asia North Korea

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