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"wikitable" +Islamic dynasties !Start year !End year !Event - 910 1082 Oran became a perpetual object of conflict between the Umayyads of al-Andalus and the Fatimids of Kairouan. - 1082 1145 Presence of Almoravids. In 1145, Tashfin ibn Ali perished in the outskirts of Oran while trying to flee the besieging Almohad troops, who had already captured Tlemcen, and defeated the Zenata. - 1145 1238 Presence of Almohads. 1147 marked

Saint John, New Brunswick

and southern New Brunswick experienced coastal flooding of up to 1.6 meters deep causing extensive damage to wharves, coastal buildings, boats and vessels. Power and communications lines were also knocked out. The tides along the coast were increased due to the convergence of anomalistic, synodical, and tropical monthly tidal cycles peaking simultaneously (known as Saros); a once in 18 year event. Con Desplanque and David J. Mossman.


, Helga P. Finnsdóttir, Marshall Moss accessdate 2012-03-22 url http: books?id 4kme0JphOckC&pg PA385&lpg PA385&dq chiapas+1998+flood&source bl&ots 9BRztYjgkh&sig oyfFuHkPPns8Uxu9QrPOlmOkrCw&hl en&sa X&ei uC1pT6fVCIbW0QGrt423CQ&ved 0CDQQ6AEwAg#v onepage&q chiapas%201998%20flood&f false Along Sierra Madre de Chiapas, the disaster was considered a 1 in 50 year (return period) event. ref name "cdn" >

Mobile, Alabama

PLACE OF BIRTH Mobile, Alabama, U.S. (United States) DATE OF DEATH April 9, 1909 Alabama *Mobile, Alabama - A 600-lb electric Moon Pie is dropped from the 33 Story tall RSA Tower at midnight in the biggest New Year event in the Central Time Zone. It is broadcasted locally by WKRG and throughout the nation on Raycom Media Stations. Before midnight, Chattanooga Bakery Inc., the maker of the Moon Pie marshmallow sandwich, serves up an edible 55-lb, 45,000-calories chocolate Moon Pie, nearly four feet in diameter. In addition to that, the bakery hands out 5,000 of the tasty treats to New Year’s Eve revelers. Press Register ( http: news press-register metro.ssf? base news 122985459961200.xml&coll 3 Visit South(.com) http: articles article peaches-and-pickles-drop-in-on-new-years-eve-in-the-south City of Mobile: World’s Largest MoonPie to Rise Over Mobile for New Year ‘s Eve http: news.php?view full&news 1489 MoonPie Home ~ http: *Fairhope, Alabama - A ball drop. Canceled for 2010, resumed in time to ring in 2011. Fairhope cancels New Year's Eve event: http: pr-community-news 2010 09 fairhope_cancels_new_years_eve_event.html City of Fairhope: You have arrived http: Popular culture *In New Orleans, Louisiana and Mobile, Alabama, "doubloons," usually made of aluminum, have been thrown by Mardi Gras carnival krewes since 1959, when the Rex (Rex parade) Krewe reportedly first used them. After his ordination (Holy Orders) in 1976, Ryan worked in parishes in Brooklyn, New York (Brooklyn) before enlisting as a chaplain in the U.S. Air Force in 1984. He suspended from the priesthood in 1995 after allegations of improper sexual conduct while he had been stationed at Mobile, Alabama. Also, Ryan was suspended (Suspension (punishment)) from his priestly duties. Originally from Mobile, Alabama, Cottonmouth was chosen by Sidewinder (Sidewinder (comics)) to join a snake-themed villain group, the Serpent Society. ''Captain America'' #310 With the ability to extend his jaws over a foot wide, he was given steel fangs, possibly by the Roxxon Oil Company (Roxxon Energy Corporation), which he uses to torture his victims in an almost cannibalistic way. His jaw muscles are superhumanly strong, and can bite with sufficient force to crush cinderblock or metals that are softer than iron. However, very little is known about his past, other than the fact that he was an active criminal (Crime) in the southern portion of the United States. The '''Dog River''' is a river in Mobile County (Mobile County, Alabama), Alabama. The Dog River watershed drains more than Lt. Beedy said that if the fire had gotten worse than it was, there could have been injuries or deaths, saying "He endangered a lot of people." According to Lt. Beedy, building security cameras caught Shorrosh on camera entering and exiting the trash room of the building. Police Chief David Carpenter told WKRG (w:WKRG) ''News 5'', the CBS (w:CBS) affiliate in Mobile (w:Mobile, Alabama), that Shorrosh used an accelerant (w:accelerant) to start the fire, in what police believe was an attempt to burn the building down. The Government Accountability Office (w:Government Accountability Office) on June 18 called for a re-run of the bidding for the U.S. Air Force $40 billion tanker contract (w:KC-X), citing major flaws in the procurement process. This imperils the Northrop Grumman (w:Northrop Grumman) and EADS North America (w:EADS North America) plan to assemble the planes in Mobile (w:Mobile, Alabama), Alabama (w:Alabama).


demonstrated a powerful effect on enemy command and control networks in multiple military operations including Kosovo, Haiti, Panama, Iraq, Serbia, Afghanistan. * March 1999: Tasmania is almost booked out for the millennium New Year's Eve party—a once-in-1000-year event for Tasmania's key resorts, hotels, motels and restaurants * 1999: Albanian refugees from Kosovo housed at Brighton (Brighton, Tasmania) military camp, renamed Tasmanian Peace Haven * 1999


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