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on the day of groundbreaking. Native Hawaiians of which there were 280 in number received the sacraments of baptism, confirmation and first Eucharist. The cornerstone was officially laid in a ceremony on August 6 of that year. Construction continued after groundbreaking with devoted Native Hawaiian volunteers harvesting blocks of coral from the shores of Ala Moana, Kaka ako (Kakaako) and Waikīkī (Waikiki). Down the street, Congregational missionaries had


) - Check the timetable from Ha Noi to Sai Gon (or vice versa) to see the journey times work Vietnam Railways accessdate 2008-05-10 and initially this would be cut to less than nine hours. From there, a speedup to 5 hours ( max) by 2025 is planned. The Vietnamese prime minister has set a target to complete the line by 2013, three years sooner than the previously announced nine year construction time.


service to the Empire. Empire flying boats were also used on the service between Britain and Australia via India and the Middle East. The Empire Air Mail Programme began in July 1937, delivering anywhere for 1½ d. oz. By mid-1938 a hundred tons of mail had been delivered to India and a similar amount to Africa. In the same year, construction was started on the Empire Terminal in Victoria, London (Victoria Station (London)), designed by A. Lakeman and with a statue by Eric Broadbent, ''Speed


commercial and residential centre. As a four-year construction project, it was the largest singular construction site (construction) in the history of Finland, involving the extensive and difficult redevelopment of the Kamppi district in downtown Helsinki. 2006 In April 2006 alongside Chantal Groot, Hinkelien Schreuder and Inge Dekker, Veldhuis set a world record and won the gold medal in the 4×100 m freestyle relay at the 2006 FINA Short Course World Championships. She failed to defend her 50 m freestyle title ending third. She finished second behind long-time rival Libby Lenton in the 100 m freestyle. In the summer she competed in the 2006 European Aquatics Championships, in Budapest, Hungary where she ended second in the 100 m freestyle, behind German's (Germany) Britta Steffen who broke the world record, and third in the 50 m freestyle. In the 4×100 m freestyle relay she received a silver medal together with Chantal Groot, Inge Dekker and newcomer Ranomi Kromowidjojo. After these Championships she split up with her coach, Fedor Hes, and started to work with Jacco Verhaeren, who at the time was also working with triple Olympic champion Pieter van den Hoogenband. In Helsinki she successfully defended her 50 m and 100 m freestyle titles at the European Short Course Swimming Championships 2006, but lost the her relay titles when her team ended second in the 4×50 m freestyle and did not start in the 4×50 m medley. Just before this championships she had bettered Annemarie Verstappen's (Annemarie Verstappen) long standing 200 m freestyle national record. '''Domus Academica''', colloquially called '''Domma''', is a student housing complex in the center of Helsinki, Finland, owned by the Student Union of the University of Helsinki. It offers various services for students and also houses various Student Union organisations. '''Caisa''' is an International Cultural Centre in the centre of Helsinki, Finland. Located in Kaisaniemi in the city centre, it aims to support the multicultural development of the city by promoting the interaction of people from different countries, and by providing information about various cultures and about Finnish society (Culture of Finland). The director of Caisa is Johanna Maula. '''Pitäjänmäki''' ( Commons:Category:Helsinki Wikipedia:Helsinki Dmoz:Regional Europe Finland Southern Finland Localities Helsinki


the estate into a film studio. Charles Boot based his designs upon what were at the time the latest ideas being employed by other film studios in the production of movies at Hollywood, California, USA and Boot officially named their new studio Pinewood, because "...of the number of trees which grow there it still contains huge pine trees and because it seemed to suggest something of the American film centre in its second syllable." In December of that year construction began, with a new stage completed every three weeks. The studios were finished nine months later having cost £1 million (approx. £37 million at 2012 prices). Five stages were initially completed and a provision for an enclosed water tank capable of holding 65,000 gallons, which is still used. In the years that followed he also undertook further work on both the Pinewood Film Studios and the Denham Film Studios, both of which had by then become a part of their newly-formed Rank Organisation. Death Early in 2002 Smith (who was preparing for his first Hollywood role in the Bruce Willis action film ''Tears of the Sun'') went to China to shoot the US-Chinese martial arts film ''Warriors of Virtue 2 (Warriors of Virtue: The Return to Tao)'', which would allow him to work with the stuntman from ''Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon''. ''The New York Times'' (22 February 2002) In 1947, cartoon characters, commonly called "toons", are living beings who act out cartoons in the same way that human actors make live-action production. Toons interact freely with humans and live in Toontown, an area near Hollywood, California. R. K. Maroon is the human owner of Maroon Cartoon studios; Roger Rabbit is a fun-loving toon rabbit, one of Maroon's stars; Roger's wife Jessica is a gorgeous toon woman; and Baby Herman is Roger's costar, a 50-year-old toon who looks like an infant. Marvin Acme is the practical joke-loving owner of Toontown and the Acme Corporation. XERB (XEPRS-AM) was the original call sign for the border blaster station in Rosarito Beach Mexico, which was branded as The Mighty 1090 in Hollywood, California. The station boasted "50,000 watts of Boss Soul Power." That station continues to broadcast today with the call sign XERB. XERB also had an office in the rear of a small strip mall on Third Avenue in Chula Vista, California. It was not unlike the small broadcast studio depicted in the film ''American Graffiti'' (which was filmed at KRE-AM (KVTO) in Berkeley (Berkeley, California)). It was located only 10 minutes from the Tijuana-San Diego border crossing. It was rumored that the Wolfman actually broadcast from this location during the early-to-mid-1960s. Smith left Mexico after eight months and moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota to run station KUXL. Even though Smith was managing a Minneapolis radio station, he was still broadcasting as Wolfman Jack on XERF via taped shows that he sent to the station. Kip Pullman's American Graffiti Blog. Missing the excitement, however, he returned to border radio to run XERB, and opened an office on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles area in January 1966. The Wolfman would record his shows in Los Angeles and ship his tapes across the border into Mexico, where they would then be beamed across the U.S. Gene Fowler and Bill Crawford, ''Border Radio'' (Limelight Editions, 1990). It was during his time broadcasting on XERB that Smith met Don Kelley who would become his personal manager and business partner over a period of over twenty years. It was Kelley who saw the potential for Wolfman Jack to become more than a radio personality. Kelley started to work on a strategy to transform Smith from a cult figure to a mainstream entertainer in film, recordings, and television. He promoted Smith to the major media and formed enduring relationships with key journalists. Although a number of the biographical particulars of the movie are Hollywood-ized fiction (omitting the fact that Cohan divorced and remarried, for example, and taking some liberties with the chronology of Cohan's life), care was taken to make the sets, costumes and dance steps match the original stage presentations. This effort was aided significantly by a former associate of Cohan's, Jack Boyle, who knew the original productions well. Boyle also appeared in the film in some of the dancing groups. death_date

Russian Empire

, which was granted by the Tsar in 1848. His father was Michael Graf O'Rourke and his mother Baltic-German Angelika von Bochwitz. He received a widespread European education and learned a number of languages. Gorodetsky bought the first lot of land on February 1, 1901, with construction work commencing on March 18 of that year. Construction of the exterior walls was finished by August 21, and the roof installed and all masonry work was completed on September 13. ref name "


- The Royal Albert Hall in London designed by Francis Fowke and H. Y. Darracott Scott is opened. * (end of year) - At the Vienna Hofburg, groundbreaking is held for new Imperial Natural History Museum ( ), beginning 20-year construction. * 1692 - Pietro Antonio Trezzini (died after 1760) * 13 September 1693 - Joseph Emanuel Fischer von Erlach born in Vienna (died 1742 (1742 in architecture)) * April 25, 1694 - Richard


to supply China (Yakutia–Khabarovsk–Vladivostok pipeline) with 38 billion cubic meters of natural gas per year. Construction of a pipeline to facilitate the deal was agreed whereby Russia would contribute $55bn to the cost, and China $22bn, in what Putin described as "the world's biggest construction project for the next four years." The natural gas would begin to flow sometime between 2018 and 2020 and would continue for 30 years at an ultimate cost to China of $400bn. Commons:Category:Russia WikiPedia:Russia Dmoz:Regional Europe Russia

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