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Les Cayes

&client cdip Repartition of the surname Audubon in France beginning of the 20th century and his mistress Jeanne Rabine Somestimes, it is written "Rabin" , a 27 -year-old creole chambermaid from Les Touches in the same Province of Britanny (now in the modern région Pays de la Loire).


task was to find a place for building of new seaport. In the autumn of 1824 the captain Kritsky, supervising this expedition, in the report has informed on several prospective places, but the best was a place closed from the sea by the Berdyansk Spit. In an official report to Vorontsov Kritsky has written: "the Berdyansk Spit surpasses extremely by quality Obitochnaya Spit, and on it you can get landing stage and port which unless will concede to Sevastopol..." And here on 3 November


making with this city a unique built up area of more than 5 million people. The Jinmen (Kinmen) Islands administered by the Republic of China (Taiwan) are less than ), possibly referring to its position at the mouth of the Nine Dragon River. The Zhangzhou dialect of Min Nan

Lebanon, Pennsylvania

usually written "Fastnacht", there are many local spoken varieties: Fasnacht, Fassenacht, Fasnet etc.

Chelyabinsk Oblast

Europe and Asia is carried out mainly by dividing ridges of the Ural Mountains. Near the station Urzhumka (8 km from Zlatoust), the pass Uraltau, there is a stone pillar. On one of its sides is written "Europe", on the other - "Asia". Zlatoust city, Katav-Ivanovsk, Satka are in Europe. Chelyabinsk, Troitsk, Miass - in Asia, Magnitogorsk - in both parts of the world. Area of the Chelyabinsk oblast is 88.5 thousand square

Abu Ghraib

... Rumsfeld authorized these specific techniques." He said that this was contrary to the Geneva Convention and quoted the same "Prisoners of war who refuse to answer may not be threatened, insulted, or exposed to any unpleasant or disadvantageous treatment of any kind". According to Karpinski, the handwritten signature was above his printed name and in the same handwriting in the margin was written: "Make sure this is accomplished". There have been no comments from

Pascagoula, Mississippi

Farragut ; Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, who is said to have penned "The Building of a Ship" while in Pascagoula (although his stay is more local folklore than truth); and Nobel Laureate (Nobel Prize in Literature) in literature William Faulkner who is believed to have written "Mosquitoes" while summering in Pascagoula. The Nite Riders, also got their start in Pascagoula in the 1950s. Many of the original members still perform


tollfree fax hours price content Hairui Tomb is a key national cultural protection unit. Hairui, a famous official in the Ming dynasty, was born in Qiongshan and was known as "Hai Qingtian" (incorruptible official). The tomb was built in 1589 and it is said that when people was carrying Hairui's coffin, suddenly the rope broke, and then people decided that this should be the place. Hairui Tomb has an area of 7.4 acre. In the middle, there is a high archway on which is written

"Yue Dong Zheng Qi". The grave path is paved with granite and there are three memorials on the way. On the sides of the path leading to the tomb, there stands stone statue shaped like sheep, horses, lions, tortures, and human beings. Hairui Tomb was completely built by granites at three meters and formed like an ancient bell. Evergreen trees are planted around the cemetery. Hairui Cultural Exhibit Hall is also in the cemetery. *


; One historian has written, "No extravagance, however absurd, deterred" the rubber barons. "If one rubber baron bought a vast yacht, another would install a tame lion in his villa, and a third would water his horse on champagne." Robin Furneaux. ''The Amazon: the Story of a Great River''. London: Hamish Hamilton, 1969. Page 153. The decadence extended to a grand opera house, vast domes and gilded balconies, and marble, glass, and crystal, from around

Kuwait City

, Kuwait DATE OF DEATH '''Maktoob Inc.''' (Arabic: مكتوب) is an Arab Internet services company, founded in Amman, Jordan known for being the first Arabic English email service provider. "Maktoob" in Arabic (Arabic Language) means "letter", "written", or "Destiny". Maktoob today has more than 280 employees with offices in Amman, Dubai, Cairo, Riyadh, and Kuwait (Kuwait City). On Aug 25, 2009, Yahoo! Inc. announced

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