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Ojai, California

,” Aragonés recalled, “not to become a mime but to apply its physical aspects of movement to my comics.” In 1962, Aragonés moved to the United States. He currently resides and works in Ojai (Ojai, California), California. thumb right 220px Wilder in his Yale College (File:Thornton Wilder Yale graduation photo 1920.jpg) graduation photo (photograph), 1920 Wilder began writing plays while at The Thacher School in Ojai (Ojai, California), California, where he did not fit in and was teased by classmates as overly intellectual. According to a classmate, "We left him alone, just left him alone. And he would retire at the library, his hideaway, learning to distance himself from humiliation and indifference." His family lived for a time in China, where his sister Janet was born in 1910. He attended the English China Inland Mission Chefoo School at Yantai but returned with his mother and siblings to California in 1912 because of the unstable political conditions in China at the time. Thornton also attended Creekside Middle School in Berkeley, and graduated from Berkeley High School (Berkeley High School (California)) in 1915. Wilder also studied law for two years before dropping out of Purdue University. left thumb Alternate poster by James Montgomery Flagg (Image:LOST HORIZON poster 1936.jpg) From the beginning, Capra ran into difficulties that resulted in serious cost overruns. Principal photography began on March 23, 1936, and by the time it was completed on July 17, the director had spent $1.6 million. McBride 1992, p. 352. Contributing to the added expenses was the filming of snow scenes and aircraft interiors at the Los Angeles Ice and Cold Storage Warehouse, where the low temperature affected the equipment and caused lengthy delays. The Streamline Moderne sets representing Shangri-La, designed by Stephen Goosson, had been constructed adjacent to Hollywood Way, a busy thoroughfare by day, which necessitated filming at night and heavily added to overtime expenses. Many exteriors were filmed on location in Palm Springs, Lucerne Valley (Lucerne Valley, California), the Ojai Valley (Ojai, California), the Mojave Desert, the Sierra Nevada Mountains (Sierra Nevada (U.S.)), and in what is now Westlake Village (Westlake Village, California), adding the cost of transporting cast, crew, and equipment to the swelling budget. McBride 1992, p. 353. Other towns were starting in the county. A plan for Port Hueneme (Port Hueneme, California) was recorded in 1874, and Santa Paula (Santa Paula, California)'s plan was recorded in 1875. The community of Nordhoff (later renamed Ojai (Ojai, California)) was started in 1874. ''A Comprehensive Story of Ventura County, California'', 23–4. Piru (Piru, California), Fillmore (Fillmore, California) and Montalvo (Montalvo, Ventura, California) were established in 1887. ''A Comprehensive Story of Ventura County, California'', 25–7. 1892 saw Simi (Simi Valley, California) (later Simi Valley), Somis (Somis, California), Saticoy (Saticoy, California) and Moorpark (Moorpark, California). Oxnard (Oxnard, California) was a late-comer, not being established until 1898. ''A Comprehensive Story of Ventura County, California'', 27. The '''Chumash''' are a Native American (Native Americans in the United States) people who historically inhabited the central and southern coastal regions of California, in portions of what is now San Luis Obispo (San Luis Obispo County, California), Santa Barbara (Santa Barbara County, California), Ventura (Ventura County, California) and Los Angeles (Los Angeles County, California) counties, extending from Morro Bay in the north to Malibu (Malibu, California) in the south. They also occupied three of the Channel Islands (Channel Islands (California)): Santa Cruz, Santa Rosa and San Miguel; the smaller island of Anacapa was uninhabited. Modern place names with Chumash origins include Malibu (Malibu, California), Lompoc (Lompoc, California), Ojai (Ojai, California), Pismo Beach, Point Mugu (Point Mugu, California), Piru (Piru, California), Lake Castaic, Saticoy (Saticoy, California), and Simi Valley (Simi Valley, California). In early February 2010, it was reported that Witherspoon had begun dating Jim Toth. at Hines Peak (Hines Peak (California)), about six miles north of Thomas Aquinas College. Snow frequently falls on the high peaks during winter. Cover Moneen-arewe.jpg Recorded Audio International, Ojai, California; The Eye Socket, Venice, California Released June 17, 2003 Today Thomas lives in Ojai, California where she continues to write screenplays and other fiction. She also teaches at the American Film Institute as a lecturer. AFI faculty biographical information page.


), a fortified harbor hidden from the sea, is one of China's oldest military ports, built in 1376 under the Ming Dynasty '' China Daily '' article on Penglai Water City and is a protected historical monument. It was "the harbor for the fleet of imperial war junks and town for the semi-imperial garrison." ''A Daughter of Han'', by Ida Pruitt (who was born in Penglai) The Water City is currently being rebuilt at a cost of 500 million ''yuan'' (more than 60 million dollars). There is a plank walk along the cliffs nearby. ''Mantetsu'' quickly expanded the system inherited from Russia to staggering proportions, building coal mines at Fushun and Yantai, and harbor facilities at Andong, Yingkou, and Dalian. At each station, ''Mantetsu'' built hotels for travelers and warehouses for goods. Japanese settlers were encouraged through the construction of schools, libraries, hospitals and public utilities. The ''Mantetsu'' Research Wing was the centerpiece of Japan's colonial program, and instigated agricultural research into development of soybean farming. Land under cultivation expanded 70% in 20 years. ref name "Coox, Nomonhan pp.21


ürzburg , he started writing plays as well. However, publishers largely ignored his work. :29 The Reformers Zwingli and Calvin (John Calvin) :30 Communion window: Elector Joachim II. of Brandenburg and his wife receiving for the first time Communion (Eucharist) in both kinds (Berlin 1539) :31 Christmas (The proclamation by the angel to the shepherds) The '''Serbska Ludowa Strona (Wendish People's Party)''' (SLS) was founded on 26 March 2005 in Cottbus to represent


to be involved in these productions, including Thomas More. In this private theatre, Heywood would have found an audience for his early works, and a strong artistic influence in his father-in-law. In the fifteen-twenties and fifteen-thirties, however, he was writing and producing interludes for the royal court.He enjoyed the patronage of Edward VI (Edward VI of England) and Mary I (Mary I of England), writing plays to present at court. While some of his plays call for music, no songs or texts


involved with Algeria and Algiers and with Tunisia. In his voyages he painted the sea and ships, but also the lights and animated life of the city, especially cities on the waterfront, like Algiers. After some years of soldiering and of captivity in Algiers, Torres Naharro took holy orders (Holy Orders), settled in Rome about 1511, and there devoted himself chiefly to writing plays. Though he alludes to the future pope, Clement VII (Pope Clement VII), as his protector, he

Trinidad and Tobago

Cavern Club. Obituary in ''The Independent'', 15 December 1994. Beaton became increasingly unhappy with his work as a teacher and began writing plays, his first play being the musical ''Jack of Spades'', which was about the doomed relationship between a black man and a white woman, quite controversial at that time. The moderate success of this play gave Beaton enough confidence to give up


, who had joined the non-military Dutch resistance movement, performing writing plays while assisting in the concealment and relocation of Jewish babies to avoid having them sent to concentration camps. His book was banned . and he was forced into hiding, assuming the identity of an elderly woman in a nursing home. Eventually, he staged a difficult and adventure-filled escape to England. ref name W-S-Vol4>

Memphis, Tennessee

Memphis, Tennessee, United States of America occupation playwright, novelist '''Mark Dunn''' (born 1956 Memphis, Tennessee) is an American (United States) author and playwright. He studied film at Memphis State University followed by post-graduate work in screenwriting at the University of Texas moving to New York in 1987 where he worked in the New York Public Library whilst writing plays in his free time. DATE OF BIRTH 1956-10-22 PLACE OF BIRTH

Arkansas with her husband and three children. Charlaine Harris- Biography & Interviews, retrieved on 2009-10-27. Though her early works consisted largely of poems (poetry) about ghosts and, later, teenage angst, she began writing plays when she attended Rhodes College in Memphis (Memphis, Tennessee), Tennessee. She began to write books a few years later. Her later books have been in the urban fantasy


to writing plays, he managed theaters in Milwaukee, Baltimore, and San Francisco before he decided to open his own in association with the Shubert brothers. The theatre was constructed to house both musicals and plays, which it has done successfully for more than ninety years. It has been designated a New York City landmark (New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission). *Silver Swan Rag, a piano rag by Scott Joplin *Silver Swan, Milwaukee, a neighborhood of Milwaukee


11 - In Cleveland, Babe Ruth hits his 19th and 20th home runs against left-hander Garland Buckeye. The Yankees win, 6-4. But in 1919, when he returned from London, the Yale Dramatic Club put on his one-act play, ''Autonomy''. By the time he had enrolled in Baker's class by the end of the year, he was spending all of his time writing plays. His first play for Baker was ''A Punch for Judy'' in Cambridge (Cambridge, Massachusetts), Massachusetts in the spring 1921. Even though

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