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on the Laajavuori stage of the 2010 Rally Finland. In early 2007, Kankkunen set a new world speed record on ice in his privately owned Bentley Continental GT on the frozen Gulf of Bothnia near Oulu, Finland. He averaged commons:Oulu


by a SA-7 while taking off from Aweil Sudan, killing the four crew on board. Criminal Occurrence description Retrieved 4 October 2011. * August 11 – A Westland Lynx fitted with special composite rotor blades sets a new helicopter world speed record of 249.09 mph (400.87 km h) over a wikipedia:Malakal

Forest Lake, Minnesota

. The racial makeup of the city was 94.7% White (White (U.S. Census)), 1.1% African American (African American (U.S. Census)), 0.4% Native American (Native American (U.S. Census)), 1.5% Asian (Asian (U.S. Census)), 0.1% Pacific Islander (Race (U.S. Census)), 0.6% from other races (Race (U.S. Census)), and 1.7% from two or more races. Hispanic (Hispanic (U.S. Census)) or Latino (Latino (U.S. Census)) of any race were 2.3% of the population. There were 7,014 households of which 36.8% had children under the age of 18 living with them, 56.2% were married couples (Marriage) living together, 10.7% had a female householder with no husband present, 5.1% had a male householder with no wife present, and 28.1% were non-families. 21.9% of all households were made up of individuals and 7.6% had someone living alone who was 65 years of age or older. The average household size was 2.60 and the average family size was 3.04. The median age in the city was 37.4 years. 26.3% of residents were under the age of 18; 7.6% were between the ages of 18 and 24; 27.1% were from 25 to 44; 27.7% were from 45 to 64; and 11.3% were 65 years of age or older. The gender makeup of the city was 49.7% male and 50.3% female. Politics Forest Lake is located in Minnesota's 6th congressional district. * Mayor: Chris Johnson * Council (City Council): Jeff Klein, Mike Freer, Ben Winnick and Susan Young * City Administrator: Aaron Parrish * State Senator: Karin Housley * State Representative: Bob Dettmer * County Commissioner: Francis Miron Public schools The Forest Lake Area school system (Independent School District 831) includes 9 elementary sites, 2 junior highs sites, and 1 high school site. In addition, an independent district – North Lakes Academy. There is also an area learning center located at the former Central Junior High School site. Central Montessori, Columbus, Forest Lake, Forest View, Lino Lakes, Linwood, Scandia and Wyoming have all been named Minnesota Schools of Excellence. Elementary schools (grades K–6) * Central Montessori * Columbus Elementary * Forest Lake * Forest View * Lakes International Language Academy * Lino Lakes * Linwood * North Lakes Academy * St. Peter's * Scandia * Wyoming Junior high schools (grades 7–9) * Century Jr. High School: grades 7–9 * Forest Lake Area Learning Center (ALC): grades 6 – 9 * Southwest Jr. High School: grades 7–9 * North Lakes Academy: grades 5–12 High schools (grades 10–12) * Forest Lake Area High School: grades 10–12 * Forest Lake Area Learning Center (ALC): grades 10 – 12 * North Lakes Academy grades 5–12 Notable residents * Rick Bayless (Rick Bayless (football)) 1986 All-Big 10 and Minnesota Vikings running back is a 1983 graduate of Forest Lake High School. * John Caddy, poet and naturalist is a resident of Forest Lake. * Arne Carlson, former Governor of Minnesota


was in 1995 where he started and finished in sixth position, leading 59 laps. For a period, he held the world speed record for a closed race track, set at California Speedway in 1997 at a speed of 240.942 mph (387.759 km h). Gugelmin retired at the end of 2001 after a year that included the death of his son. Gugelmin was born in Joinville, Brazil on April 20, 1963 into a wealthy family. wikipedia:Joinville commons:Joinville


By 1960, it was decided to move headquarters to Conakry in neighboring Guinea in order to prepare for an armed struggle. On April 18, 1961 PAIGC together with FRELIMO of Mozambique, MPLA of Angola and MLSTP of São Tomé and Príncipe formed Conference of Nationalist Organizations of the Portuguese Colonies (CONCP) during a conference in Morocco. The main goal of the organization was cooperation of the different national liberation movement in Portuguese colonies. In 1970 the Portuguese Air Force


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San Salvador

for a round-the-world flight. It returns to John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York (New York, New York), New York, after a journey lasting 31 hours 27 minutes, passing through Toulouse, France; Dubai, United Arab Emirates; Bangkok, Thailand; Guam; Honolulu (Honolulu, Hawaii), Hawaii; and Acapulco, Mexico. Air France Concorde sets round-the-world

speed record death_date '''Ignacio Ellacuría, S.J.''' (Portugalete, Biscay, Spain, November 9, 1930 – San Salvador, November 16, 1989) was a Spanish Jesuit priest, philosopher, and theologian (theology) who did important work as a professor and rector at the Universidad Centroamericana "José Simeón Cañas"

Dayton, Ohio

1947, it was flown by Colonel Albert Boyd to a new world speed record of 623.73 mph (1,004.2 km h). The aircraft was shipped to the Museum from Griffiss Air Force Base in New York in October 1954. ''United States Air Force Museum Guidebook'' 1975, p. 52. "P-80 Shooting Star 44-85200." ''Warbirds Resource Group.'' Retrieved: 10 June 2011. The '''Atlantic 10 Conference''' ('''A-10''') is a college athletic conference which operates mostly on the United States' eastern seaboard. It also has two member schools in Ohio: Dayton (University of Dayton) and Xavier (Xavier University (Cincinnati)), located in Dayton (Dayton, Ohio) and Cincinnati, respectively. Another member, Saint Louis (Saint Louis University) is located in St. Louis, Missouri. Although some of its members are state-funded, more than half of its membership is made up of private, Catholic institutions. Despite the name, there are 16 partial or full-time members: 14 basketball and other sports, and two affiliate members that participate in women's field hockey only. Important locations of the civil aerospace industry worldwide include Seattle, Dayton, Ohio and St. Louis in the USA (Boeing), Montreal in Canada (Bombardier (Bombardier Aerospace)), Toulouse in France and Hamburg in Germany (both Airbus EADS), the North-West of England and Bristol in the UK (BAE Systems, Airbus and AgustaWestland), as well as São José dos Campos in Brazil where Embraer is based. During the late 1950s, Captain Joseph Kittinger of the United States was assigned to the Aerospace Medical Research Laboratories at Wright-Patterson AFB in Dayton, Ohio. For Project Excelsior (meaning "ever upward", a name given to the project by Colonel John Stapp), as part of research into high altitude bailout, he made a series of three parachute jumps wearing a pressurized suit, from a helium balloon with an open gondola. thumb left Old National Cash Register on display at the Museo de la Secretaría de Hacienda y Crédito Público (Image:NatCashRegSHCP.JPG) in Mexico City. The company began as the '''National Manufacturing Company''' of Dayton, Ohio, which was established to manufacture and sell the first mechanical cash register, invented in 1879 by James Ritty. In 1884 the company and patents were bought by '''John Henry Patterson''' (John Henry Patterson (NCR owner)) and his brother Frank Jefferson Patterson and the firm was renamed the '''National Cash Register Company'''. Patterson formed NCR into one of the first modern American companies, introducing new, aggressive sales methods and business techniques. He established the first sales training school in 1893, and introduced a comprehensive social welfare program for his factory workers. She is one of two players from Notre Dame, along with Niele Ivey, to win the award. Women's Hoops Blog thumb right Henry Arnold at the controls of a Wright Model B (File:Henry Arnold May 1911.jpg) airplane 1911 While stationed in the Philippines in 1908, 2nd Lt. Henry H. Arnold assisted Capt. Arthur S. Cowan (then in the Infantry) in a military mapping detail. Cowan returned to the United States, transferred to the Signal Corps (Signal Corps (United States Army)), and was assigned to recruit two lieutenants to become pilots. Cowan contacted Arnold, who cabled his interest in also transferring to the Signal Corps but heard nothing in reply for two years. In 1911, relocated to Fort Jay, New York, Arnold sent a request to transfer to the Signal Corps, and on April 21, 1911 received orders detailing him and 2nd Lt. Thomas D. Milling to Dayton, Ohio, for flight instruction at the Wright brothers' aviation school. Beginning instruction on May 3, Milling had soloed on May 8 after two hours of flight time while Arnold made his first solo flight May 13 after three hours and forty-eight minutes of flying lessons. When he read sketchy newspaper reports about the Wright Brothers in early 1904, he decided to visit them and learn more. He drove his car nearly 200 miles on primitive roads to Dayton (Dayton, Ohio). On September 20, he witnessed Wilbur Wright fly the first complete circle by a heavier-than-air flying machine. He apparently also saw several other flights. Greatly enthusiastic about aviation, he delayed publishing an account of the flights in his magazine until the following January at the request of the Wrights. That article and followups he wrote were the only published eyewitness reports of Wright brothers flights at Huffman Prairie, a pasture outside Dayton where the Wrights developed the first practical airplane. Root offered his reports to ''Scientific American'' magazine, but was declined. His writing suggested the invention would cause profound changes: History In 1917, anticipating a massive need for military airplanes by the United States during World War I, six Dayton businessmen including Edward A. Deeds (Edward Andrew Deeds) formed the Dayton-Wright Airplane Company in Dayton, Ohio. In addition to building a factory in Moraine, Ohio, Deeds built an airfield on property he owned in Moraine for use by the company. Deeds was also interested in building a public aviation field along the Great Miami River approximately one mile (1.6 km) north of downtown Dayton, purchasing the property in March 1917. He called it North Field to differentiate it from the South Field in Moraine. Bishop Colaw has been the recipient of numerous ecumenical awards. He retired in 1988. He then became Professor of Homiletics and Christian Ministry at United Theological Seminary, Dayton, Ohio, 1988-99. He also was the Acting President of the Seminary, 1995-96. Upon his second retirement he became Bishop in Residence at the North Naples United Methodist Church, Naples, Florida during winters. He also relaxes with golf, reading, and for many years was active in Rotary International.

Santo Domingo

the World" world air speed records. On 12–13 October 1992, in commemoration of the 500th anniversary of Columbus’ first New World landing, Concorde Spirit Tours (USA) chartered Air France Concorde F


line about 1 mile (1½ kilometres) from the village. Corby Glen was served by local trains between Peterborough and Grantham. In July 1938 the London and North Eastern Railway locomotive ''Mallard'' (LNER Class A4 4468 Mallard) passed through Corby Glen on the way to achieving its world speed record for a steam locomotive (LNER 4468 Mallard#Record) a few miles further south at Stoke Bank. British Railways closed Corby Glen station in 1959 and its yard is now occupied by a sawmill. poptime WikiPedia:Peterborough Dmoz:Regional Europe United Kingdom England Cambridgeshire Peterborough Commons:Category:Peterborough

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