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accessdate 31 May 2009 date 14 May 2009 work World Factbook publisher Central Intelligence Agency Somalian (Demographics of Somalia) Paul Dickson, ''Labels for locals: what to call people from Abilene to Zimbabwe'' (Merriam-Webster: 1997), p.175. ISBN 006088164X. *Jubalander (Demographics of Somalia) capital Bu'ale

Somalia Assessment, September 1999 Country Information and Policy Unit, Immigration & Nationality Directorate, Home Office, UK Led by Colonel Barre Adan Shire Hiiraale, the ASF administration renamed itself the Juba Valley Alliance in 2001. – also shows Italian colonial flag & links to


classroom unesco abomey.html - 1860s 24 000 - 1979 38 412 - 1992


forming the remaining 1% of the Omani population. The Oman government does not keep statistics on religious affiliation, but most citizens are Muslims. Non-Muslim religious communities individually constitute less than 5% of the population and include various groups of Hindus, Buddhists


publications the-world-factbook geos sv.html title Svalbard publisher Central Intelligence Agency work World Fact Book accessdate 4 March 2012 archivedate 4 March 2012 archiveurl http: 65uD3h0q1 deadurl no '''Sveagruva''' (meaning ''Mine of the Swedes''), or simply ''Svea'', is a mining settlement in the Norwegian (Norway) archipelago of Svalbard, lying at the head of Van Mijenfjord. It is the third largest settlement in the archipelago


of their population accessdate 2008-06-18 work World Gazetteer date - 1970 126,126 - 1997 314,965 - 2007 477,900 Gallery Image:Mozambique020.jpg Local women on the street Image:Mozambique025.jpg A Makhuwa family in Nampula Image:Mozambique022.jpg Local boys in Nampula References *


http: wg.php?men gpro&des gamelan&geo 366498933 title Dutse accessdate 2007-02-18 work World Gazetteer publisher Stefan Helders Dutse is the fourth largest city in Jigawa State behind Hadejia (111,000), Gumel (43,000), and Birnin Kudu (27,000).


: 016 c00059.htm title Climate figures work World Weather Information Service accessdate 18 January 2013

Yerba Buena Island

Bill * Treasure Island (Treasure Island (California)) * Treasure Island development References *


on the World Monuments Fund's Watch List of 100 Most Endangered Sites. Modern town Today, Moscopole is just a small mountain village in the Albanian District of Korçë. In 2005 the municipality had a population of 2,218, whereas the settlement itself has a population of around 500. Memories of the city

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