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Sydney, Nova Scotia

Broadcasting Corporation url http: index3.html?url http%3A listings_and_histories television histories.php%3Fid%3D77%26historyID%3D88 work Television Station History publisher Canadian Communications Foundation accessdate 2012-12-26 archiveurl http: 6DCUMxqpo archivedate 2012-12-26 deadurl no location Toronto date July 2012 ref harv


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this era. Rest of the world A new city-center heritage tramway was opened in Christchurch, New Zealand in 1995. Auckland also has a short heritage line. Heritage tramways also exist in Bendigo, Sydney, Brisbane and Ballarat

to a burning smell on board the aircraft. The flight landed safely and the 53 passengers were bussed to Invercargill. Mount Cook Flight 5067 ref>

Puerto Vallarta

agency Reuters work Television New Zealand date 5 May 2007 accessdate 2008-11-29 No attacks on humans by the American crocodile have been reported in the United States, despite assorted anecdotes.

Cook Islands

: content 81204 title Cook Island PM dumped date 12 February 2002 work Television New Zealand accessdate 5 November 2011 Earlier route network Polynesian Airlines previously serviced the following international destinations: Auckland and Wellington in New Zealand; Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney in Australia; Rarotonga in the Cook Islands; Papeete in French Polynesia; and Honolulu International Airport Honolulu

Reading, Berkshire

9400E0D61330F935A15752C0A9659C8B63 last James first Caryn title Bachelor No. 1 And the Birth Of Reality TV work Television Radio work The New York Times date January 26, 2003 accessdate March 18, 2009 ''One Man and His Dog'' was a British Television series which began in 1976 featuring the participants of sheepdog trials. In 1978, ''Living in the Past (Living in the Past (TV series))'' recreated life in an Iron Age English village. As John Bunyan was riding from Reading

Dayton, Ohio

-foxdispute" and as of the end of 2005, had 41,503 interments. Norris worked on his grandmother's farm before obtaining

Mobile, Alabama

September 2, 2001 location Mobile, Alabama Pensacola, Florida callsign_meaning '''F'''lorida '''N''' '''A'''labama '''WFNA''' is the CW Television Network affiliate for the Mobile, Alabama and Pensacola, Florida

New Zealand


: politics-news labour-suspends-mole-chris-carter-3678696 title Ousted MP's letter "stupid and disloyal" date 29 July 2010 work Television New Zealand accessdate 23 September 2011 He

, Penrose has a population of only 573, due to the high intensity of industrial and commercial sites in the area. '''Ryan William Nelsen''', ONZM (New Zealand Order of Merit) ref name "onzm


revealed the US and New Zealand had resumed military co-operation in eight areas in 2007. * September 11, 1880 – The '''Rimutaka Incline railway accident''' on the Rimutaka Incline, New Zealand. A small train leaves


is the main cook for his family, and has professed a fondness for Caribbean cuisine. His favourite football (Association football) team is Tottenham Hotspur (Tottenham Hotspur F.C.). He lived in South London and went to school at Ernest Bevin

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