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Presidio of San Francisco

of San Francisco , Crissy Field was closed as an airfield and eventually the National Park Service took control over it. While maintained by the United States Army, Crissy Field was heavily affected by the military's dumping of hazardous materials.


'' that the Malagasy (Madagascar) fat-tailed dwarf lemur (Fat-tailed Dwarf Lemur) hibernates or aestivates in a small cricket hollow for seven months of the year. According to the Oakland Zoo in California


when hot air rises over inland areas; prevailing winds from the southwest interacting with this breeze as well as the city proper's UHI can seriously exacerbate air quality.


; ref and a volume of The Black Sea forms in an east-west trending elliptical depression which lies between Bulgaria, Georgia (Georgia (country)), Romania, Russia, Turkey, and Ukraine.<


" would have shared the island with dwarf elephants, giant rats (Flores Giant Rat), and Komodo dragons.


first Alla Katsnelson title Arsenic-eating microbe may redefine chemistry of life date 2 December 2010 url http: news 2010 101202 full news.2010.645.html work Nature News accessdate 2010-12-02


title Europa – Gateway of the European Union Website work Environment and Enlargement – The Black Sea: Facts and Figures url http: environment enlarg blackseafactsfigures_en.htm and a volume of .


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crisis South African electrical crisis . The South African crisis, led to large price rises for platinum in February 2008 and reduced gold production. The origin of the name "Sinti Sinte" is uncertain. It can be shown to have been adopted in the 18th century, possibly from a German-based

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