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" 30,100 Source: Kingdom of Prussia The Kingdom of Prussia annexed Glatz during the 18th century Silesian Wars, although Austrian influence is still evident in the architecture and culture of the region. The construction of the fortress was continued and the town had to bear the costs of the fortress expansion

Point Loma, San Diego

historical pdf reports hrb09018mtng090326.pdf title REPORT NO. HRB-09-018 date March 13, 2009 work Historical Resources Board publisher City of San Diego accessdate 31 January 2013 The bayside hills between Rosecrans Street and Chatsworth Boulevard north of Nimitz Boulevard are known as Loma Portal (Loma Portal, San Diego). A distinctive feature of this neighborhood is the location of street lights in the middle of several street intersections

Austin, Minnesota

KYIN (PBS (Public Broadcasting Service)) in Mason City (Mason City, Iowa) are among the stations that serve the market. KAAL is licensed to Austin, but has a studio in Rochester. Climate Winona's weather station, as well as neighboring city, La Crescent's station, records the warmest climate of any in Minnesota, with a normal year-round average (1971–2000) temperature of 48.9°F,

Historical Climate Data publisher date url http: climate_midwest historical temp mn 219067_tsum.html accessdate 2007-12-16 compared to 43.2° in Austin (Austin, Minnesota) to the city's southwest or 45.4° in Minneapolis, to the northwest, which experiences a strong urban heat island effect. Temperatures are generally very mild by Minnesota standards year-round; the January mean is 17.6°, while that of July is 75.8°. foundation 1891 location

Winona, Minnesota

from Garvin Heights ; needs definition or inline discussion of "Garvin Heights." -- Climate Winona's weather station, as well as neighboring city, La Crescent's station, records the warmest climate of any in Minnesota, with a normal year-round average (1971–2000) temperature of 48.9 °F,

St. Augustine, Florida

Historical Archaeology page 1 publisher Florida Museum of Natural History accessdate May 29, 2011 "Experience Your America" U.S. National Park

supposedly based on a sketch by Jacques le Moyne Pedro Menéndez de Avilés sighted land on August 28, 1565. As this was the feast day of Augustine of Hippo, the territory was named ''San Agustín''. The Spanish sailed through the St. Augustine Inlet into Matanzas Bay and disembarked near the Timucua town of Seloy on September 7.


: thumb left Population change between 1811-1961 (File:Population change in Grindon 1811-1961.png) -- The population of Grindon has fluctuated and changed greatly over the past 150 years. It rose steeply

accessdate 19 March 2012 DATE OF DEATH 30

Concord, New Hampshire

lawn tennis associations agreed, one of the four Harvard players, Dwight F. Davis, designed a tournament format and ordered an appropriate sterling silver trophy from Shreve, Crump & Low, purchasing it from his own funds for about $1000.

Surrey, British Columbia

: scripts edwa301_historical Default.asp?L E&Page Map&ED 59024 accessdate December 29, 2011 title Boundaries Description work Historical 301 Electoral Districts Database demo-cd Metro Vancouver demo-csd Surrey (Surrey, British Columbia), White Rock (White Rock, British Columbia) Geography The riding is bounded on the south and west by Semiahmoo Bay, on the east by British Columbia Highway 99 Highway 99

Mobile, Alabama

Marchand is about marry a wealthy riverman and a love triangle ensues, with Breen eventually winning out. Lt. Beedy said that if the fire had gotten worse than it was, there could have been injuries or deaths, saying "He endangered a lot of people." According to Lt. Beedy, building security cameras caught Shorrosh on camera entering and exiting the trash room of the building. Police Chief David Carpenter told WKRG (w:WKRG) ''News 5'', the CBS (w:CBS) affiliate in Mobile (w:Mobile, Alabama), that Shorrosh used an accelerant (w:accelerant) to start the fire, in what police believe was an attempt to burn the building down. The Government Accountability Office (w:Government Accountability Office) on June 18 called for a re-run of the bidding for the U.S. Air Force $40 billion tanker contract (w:KC-X), citing major flaws in the procurement process. This imperils the Northrop Grumman (w:Northrop Grumman) and EADS North America (w:EADS North America) plan to assemble the planes in Mobile (w:Mobile, Alabama), Alabama (w:Alabama).

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