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Tombstone, Arizona

-06 year 2005 author Douglas Linder work Famous Trials: The O. K. Corral Trial thumb left 165px Cowboy and likely cattle rustler Frank McLaury (File:Fmclaury.jpg) At around 1:30–2:00 pm, after Tom had been pistol-whipped (pistol whip) by Wyatt, Ike's 19-year-old younger brother Billy Clanton and Tom's older brother Frank McLaury arrived in town. They had heard from their neighbor, Ed "old man" Frink, that Ike had been stirring up trouble in town overnight, and they had ridden into town on horseback to back up their brothers. They arrived from Antelope Springs, (31.7339802, -109.8297941). Seminary service In 1882 during his first year at the Episcopal Theological School in Cambridge, Massachusetts (now the Episcopal Divinity School) Peabody, a seminarian not yet a priest, was invited to take charge of a little Episcopal congregation in Tombstone, Arizona (now St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Tombstone). After a long seven-day train ride from Boston, he arrived in Benson, Arizona and took the Sandy Bob stagecoach to Tombstone, arriving on January 29, 1882, three months after the "Gunfight at the O.K. Corral". He had words of praise for Wyatt Earp. Ironically, one of the few famous names that Otero failed to drop in his autobiography has stirred debate among Wild West scholars. A carbon copy of a letter discovered at a flea market in 2001 and apparently written by Otero, places him in Albuquerque (Albuquerque, New Mexico) in April 1882, giving aid to Wyatt Earp and the rest of his party as they concluded their Vendetta Ride (Earp Vendetta Ride) out of Tombstone, Arizona. In ''My Life on the Frontier: 1864-1882'' (p. 217), Otero mentions the Earp brothers only as friends of Doc Holliday, providing no hint of the incident detailed in the "Otero Letter." By coincidence, it is fairly easy to establish that during most of this two-week period Otero was in Denver, where his father had just been swindled out of $2,400 by Doc Baggs, a notorious con man (confidence trick). Otero, who was traveling with his father, spent most of this period attempting to retrieve his father's bank note through various means. This and other factual problems with the letter have caused some experts to question its authenticity. '''Helldorado''' may refer to: *Helldorado, a nickname for Tombstone, Arizona (and variation of El Dorado) created in the 1880's by a disgruntled miner who wrote a letter to the ''Tombstone Nugget'' newspaper complaining about trying to find his fortune and ending up washing dishes. *''Helldorado'' (album) (Helldorado (album))" is the eighth album by W.A.S.P., released in 1999 Out West Jack eventually wound up in Kansas in the late 1870s. He went to Tombstone, Arizona (Arizona Territory), from Dodge City, Kansas, where he possibly previously knew the Earps and also perhaps Doc Holliday. He was listed by Virgil Earp as special policeman (i.e., deputy city policeman) June 22, 1881. This is the day of the large Tombstone fire of 1881, with which Virgil had to cope as acting city marshal; the date suggests that Jack is one of the extra men Virgil hired to help cope with looting, during and after the disaster. Upon his ascension to the governorship, Hoyt had two major rivalries to deal with. He was able to help heal a bitter relationship between the territory's civilian and military leadership which had developed under Governor Safford, with General Irvin McDowell commending Hoyt on his attitude. Wagoner pp. 160 He had less success addressing the rivalry between the northern and southern portions of the territory, but was seen as a neutral party unaffiliated with either part of the territory. Goff p. 68 Hoyt's term saw the opening of the Bisbee (Bisbee, Arizona) and Tombstone (Tombstone, Arizona) mining districts, construction of a dependable civilian telegraph system, and the connection of Yuma (Yuma, Arizona) to California by the eastward building Southern Pacific Railroad. Wagoner pp. 162


default.aspx title Famous Jersey People work Famous People publisher Jersey Tourism accessdate 2 October 2011 , and Anna Bell Johnson (1884–1958), who was of Swedish and Irish descent. Her older siblings were Daisy LeSueur, who died very young, and Hal LeSueur. Thomas LeSueur abandoned the family a few months before Crawford's birth. He reappeared in Abilene (Abilene, Texas), Texas in 1930 as a 62-year-old construction laborer on the George R. Davis House, built in Prairie


GhanaHomePage people pop-up.php?ID 120 title Lt-Gen Emmanuel Kwasi Kotoka accessdate 2007-06-25 work Famous Ghanaians: Heads of State publisher Ghana Home Page At the time, Ghana had become a one party state, political opposition was effectively removed with the Preventive Detention Act of 1958 and in 1964 Nkrumah declared himself President for Life. Simultaneously, the export price of Ghana's main foreign exchange earner, cocoa, plummeted. This, combined with ambitious


'' of Ycazbalceta. There are a number of reprints and translations of Cortés's writings into various languages. ref>


and the Commander of the Second Infantry Brigade. At the time, Ghana had become a one party state, political opposition was effectively removed with the Preventive Detention Act of 1958 and in 1964 Nkrumah declared himself President for Life. Simultaneously


to influence the results of a poll which showed him ahead of Afrifa and Kofi Abrefa Busia for the national elections due in August 1969.


location New York City, New York url http: archives sports 2005 07 17 2005-07-17_aussie_flops_record_prize__h.html accessdate 2009-10-14 He worked as a chiropractor (chiropractic) for 13 years before giving up the career after developing a rare blood disorder that affected the blood vessels in his hands. ref name


% of Chinese reported no religious affiliation (Irreligion), 25.1% Christian, 15.1% Buddhist. 1966 coup While at Kumasi, Afrifa became friends with Emmanuel Kwasi Kotoka, then a Colonel and the Commander of the Second Infantry Brigade. At the time


align left Vaticinium Lehninense The '''Vaticinium Lehninense''' was a work, famous in its day, which purported to be the creation of a monk of Lehnin called Hermann, supposedly written in the 13th or 14th century. Manuscripts of the "prophecy", which was first printed in 1722, existed in Berlin, Dresden, Breslau and Göttingen. birth_date birth_place Berlin, Germany death_date


-burch-famous-circus-casino-clown title Ernie Blinko Burch (1929 – 1997) work Famous Clowns accessdate 2012-02-03 Metallica's (Metallica) music video for All Nightmare Long, from Death Magnetic In the music video, it is explained that a mysterious phenomenon in Communist (Communism) Russia has created (or delivered) a dust-like spore, capable of revitalizing even long-dead organic materials, from healing wounds to resurrecting the dead. The USSR engineers the spore

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