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In March, the Suzdal tourist center is home to the Open Russian Festival of Animated Film. The Cathedral of the Nativity in Suzdal is one of the eight White Monuments of Vladimir and Suzdal, a World Heritage Site. Monuments *'''Wooden Church of St. Nicholas'''. This church was built in Glotovo in 1766 and was moved to Suzdal in 1960 to be part of a museum of wooden architecture. The church is elevated off the ground about a story high from when it was moved across

Suzdal: A Living Museum of Russian History (audio slide show) *Museum of Wooden Architecture and Peasant Life (Suzdal) Category:Cities and towns in Vladimir Oblast Category:Vladimir Governorate Category:Golden Ring of Russia Category:World Heritage Sites in Russia The Papacy reached the height of its power during the High Middle Ages. A East-West Schism

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Arkhangelsk Oblast

% are unaffiliated generic Christians, 1% adheres to other Orthodox Churches, 1% adheres to Slavic Rodnovery (Rodnovery) (Slavic Neopaganism). In addition, 32% of the population deems itself to be "spiritual but not religious", 16% is atheist (atheism), and 17.9% follows other religions or did not give an answer to the question. Arts and culture Architecture File:Lyadiny1.jpg thumb

, with worst roads, a gap between North and South. Plesetsk Cosmodrome is located there. * Southern part - agricultural and more populated part with an array of old towns, as Kargopol, Velsk, Solvychegodsk, and Kotlas. Cities * Arkhangelsk—the region's capital, chief sea port of medieval Russia, which houses Europe's largest museum of wooden architecture (Malye Korely). Claims itself the cultural capital of Russian North. * Belushya Guba * Severodvinsk&mdash

. thumb 350 px Solovetsky Monastery on the White Sea (File:Solovetsky Monastery.jpg) Other destinations * Solovetsky Islands—home to a hauntingly beautiful monastery which has served as a Russian fortress in numerous wars for the past 500 years as well as one of the first Soviet gulags; a UNESCO World Heritage Site (UNESCO World Heritage List). * Malye Karely - large and locally famous wooden architecture museum, 24 km from Arkhangelsk. * Kenozersky

Rauma, Finland

) and the old wooden architecture of its centre (Old Rauma, Vanha Rauma), which is a Unesco world heritage site. History In the 14th century, before being declared as a town, Rauma had a Franciscan monastery and a Catholic church. In 1550, the townsmen of Rauma were ordered to relocate (History of Helsinki) to Helsinki, but this was successfully countered and Rauma could continue its growth. Practically the whole wooden town of Rauma was devastated


name Saint Hypatia Monastery url email address 1 Prosveshcheniya ul. lat long directions phone +7 4942 57-25-89 tollfree fax hours 09:00–17:00, services daily at 08:00 and 17:00 price 50 RUR content A huge and important monastery (est. 1330), which contains the Museum of Wooden Architecture, the Bogoroditsky Cathedral (est. 1552), and the Spaso-Preobrazhenskaya Church (which was made without a single nail). *


people. The reason is that Vologda is not only a big city but also the administrative center of Vologda Oblast. Culture and art Vologda is one of the best preserved big cities of Russia combining traditional wooden architecture and stone monuments. In Vologda, 193 monuments of architecture and history are designated as cultural monuments of federal significance.

bridge and of the Revolyutsii Square Of 116 historical cities of Russia only 16 have monuments of wooden architecture. Vologda is among them. Wikipedia:Vologda Commons:Vologda


1471, when two sons of Marfa Boretskaya died in a vicious storm; their bodies were recovered on the beach near the monastery twelve days later. At the urging of Boretskaya, the monastery was restored and her sons were buried there. On August 24, 1553, a ship of Richard Chancellor reached the salt-mining settlement of Nyonoksa, which is still famous for its traditional wooden architecture. The British sailors visited the Nikolo-Korelsky Monastery, where they were surprised


of samples of wooden architecture of Siberia - more than forty architectural monuments. Odigitrievsky Cathedral - Orthodox Church Diocese of the Buryat, was the first stone building in the city and is a Siberian baroque architectural monument. The cathedral is considered unique because it is built in a zone of high seismic activity in the heart of the city on the banks of the River Uda River where it flows into the Selenga. One of the attractions of Ulan-Ude is a monument


thumb Example of wood carving in Tomsk wooden architecture (File:Shishkov House Window Carving.jpg) Tomsk has many local cultural institutions including several drama theaters as well as a children's theater and a puppet theater. Major concert venues in the city include the Conservatory Concert hall and the Tomsk Palace of Sport. The city also has cultural centers dedicated to German (Germany), Polish (Poland) and Tatar languages and culture. One of the city's prominent theaters was destroyed

-200 (€3-5) to go anywhere in the city. The problem is the taxi dispatchers and drivers do not speak English, so you would have to learn a couple of key phrases. The possibility of being cheated is close to nothing if you are using a taxicab company, especially if you are using one and the same company several times. See thumb Traditional Russian wooden architecture in Tomsk, sadly not yet renovated (File:Tomsk wooden architecture.jpg) '''Tomsk State University''' and other university

to Anton Chekhov. '''Verhnyaya Yelan'''' — a carefully renovated and well-kept little district with wooden architecture, where old traditional merchant mansions are situated. Stunningly beautiful at night. '''Lagerny Sad''' (Camp Garden) — a WWII monument on the bank of the river Tom which is beautiful by itself and provides an amazing view of the river and the surroundings. Do '''Take''' a walk through the city center — it won't take you more than several hours to see virtually everything


(1297) reconstruction, this stately ancient building group by hall, Chong Temple, first by the court, such shrines, Xingtan and other buildings, covers an area of over 8000 square meters, is China's Yuan Dynasty wooden architecture gem. Do Buy * *


content See thumb 280px Icicles on traditional Siberian wooden architecture. (Image:Yakutsk icicles.jpg) Museums Take note: Yakutsk is far off the beaten path in Russia for international tourism. Consequently, you should expect all museums exhibits to be explained only in Russian (Russian phrasebook). Fortunately some exhibits (like the cryogenically preserved mammoth head) don't require too much explanation! *

), a favorite among young locals (and locals in love). Bridges unite the two sides of the lake—on one side the University town, on the other an old neighborhood with old wooden architecture. In the summer dancing fountains run within the lake, in the winter locals ice-skate. Having turned back to the north west onto the intersection of Lenin and Kulakovskaya streets (пр. Ленина, ул. Кулаковская), you'll find yourself at Friendship Square (площадь Дружбы) by the Kulyakovsky Monument, the Opera House, and the 18th century Treasury building. One of the newer buildings there is a branch of the National Art Museum. Go further northwest along Lenin Prospect until you reach Lenin Square, from which, walking along Kirova St to the southeast, heading towards the cupola of the Preobrazhensky Church, you'll find the "Old City." After looking around at the architectural sights here, try Yakut cuisine at the hotel restaurant "Tygyn Darkhan" (Тыгын Дархан). Not far from the restaurant, in the store "Kudai Bakhsy" (Кудай Бахсы), there's a wide selection of Yakutsk souvenirs. After the fleshly pleasures of lunch, set off for a dessert of the soul with a trip to the National Art Museum (Национальный художественный музей РС), which stands right there on Lenin Square. But it's worth bearing in mind that even a "running tour" of the expositions would require one-two hours. To fill the rest of the day you could visit the museum of local lore (Краеведческий музей), which is just 10 minutes on foot from Lenin Square to the northeast. If you want a really great dinner before ending your day, head to the Yakut-Russian restaurant "Chochur Muran" (Чочур Муран), which is located in a picturesque setting, and which contains its own museum's worth of various 19th century curiosities. '''Day two''' In the first half of your second day in Yakutsk, it's best to head down into the Underground Laboratory of the Institute of Cryogenics, and for the second half check out the very interesting museums of local folk music and folklore. Then finish off the day with a dinner at "Tamerlan" (Тамерлан), and a visit to a show at the Sakha Theater (in Yakut!). '''Day three''' Time to get out of the city—spend the day at one of the sights in the surrounding areas. Pick one of the ethnographic complexes, either "Orto Doidu" (Орто Дойду) for its zoo and restaurant, or Friendship (Дружба) for its open-air architectural museum. '''Day four''' If it's a Saturday or Sunday, you can get on a swift boat (Восход or Ракет) for a one day trip to the Lena Pillars Nature Park (Ленские Столбы), an impressive set of stone pillars along the rocky coast of the Lena River. The boat will set out from the river station pretty early in the morning and will return around 10PM-11PM in the night. It's probably better, though, to set up the trip in advance with a Yakutsk tour agency (probably through your hotel, unless you've got a good command of the Russian language (Russian phrasebook)), since the riverboat cruises only go out if they get enough passengers, and it's possible that they might not have enough on one day to make the cruise profitable. Do thumb 280px The Yakutsk Theater (File:Jakutsk theater.jpg) * commons:Якутск

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