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fights, he did some things to make every one of his fights interesting and controversial in some regard. The Syrian Slugger racked up a winning record in the late 1970s, defeated Wilford Scypion in 1979 Commons:Category:Latakia


sold the team to local media mogul Frank Griffiths for $9 million. Rossiter 1994, p. 33. Also in the summer of 1974, the Canucks were re-aligned within the league and placed in the new Smythe Division. They responded with their first winning record (38 wins, 32 losses and 10 ties), finishing first in the division with 86 points. Media Guide 2008, pp. 146–82. Making their debut in the Stanley Cup playoffs, the Canucks

, the Canucks emerged over the Blazers as the latter relocated to Calgary, Alberta, the following season (1975–76 WHA season). Rossiter 1994, p. 39. The Canucks posted a second consecutive winning record and made the playoffs in 1975–76 (1975–76 NHL season), but lost to the New York Islanders in a two-game preliminary series. On February 24, 2009, Calgary billionaire W. Brett Wilson had entered discussions

Jacksonville, Florida

station) (Amtrak station) *Jacksonville, Florida (JAX) (Amtrak station) (Jacksonville (Amtrak station)) *Jacksonville, North Carolina Bus Station (JNC) New Orleans Saints Mora was hired by new Saints General Manager Jim Finks to turn around the franchise largely viewed as the NFL's most inept. The Saints had only won 90 games in their first 19 seasons, had never achieved a winning record, and only twice had reached .500, in 1979 and 1983. In late 1984, then-owner John Mecom


: Story.aspx?id 33064 archivedate 6 March 2010 deadurl no Turnbull teamed with Elizabeth Smylie to win the bronze medal in women's doubles at the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul. She is one of very few players to have a winning record against Steffi Graf and leads 2–1 in head-to-head matches. Casal turned professional in 1981. He won his first top-level doubles title in 1983 at Aix-en-Provence. He captured


returned to the National League as manager of the Cincinnati Reds in , again at Johnson's suggestion, he returned to the American League as manager of the Washington Senators (Minnesota Twins). At the time, the franchise had little going for it other than star pitcher Walter Johnson. In the American League's first 12 years, the Senators had never had a winning record or finished higher than sixth. Griffith engineered one of the biggest turnarounds in major

Mexico City

car pilot since an early age, but he was more interested in boxing. As an amateur, he compiled a winning record and participated in the 1968 Summer Olympics in Mexico City, where he lost in a preliminary round bout. A year earlier he claimed the silver medal at the 1967 Pan American Games (Boxing at the 1967 Pan American Games). thumb 300px right The "Roman" Tecaxic-Calixtlahuaca head (Image:Tecaxic calixtlahuaca head.jpg) A small terracotta Roman head, showing


strongly about that.'" During mid-season in 2011, the Pittsburgh Pirates were overachieving with a winning record and actually leading the NL Central Division on selected occasions despite operating with one of the lowest payrolls in MLB. Some labeled the Pirates "America's Team" before the bottom fell out from them during the 2nd half of that season

West Germany

Krish: Sportsstar weekly Sep 9,2006 Krishnan was a regular player on the Indian Davis Cup team between 1953 and 1975, compiling a 69-28 winning record (50-19 in singles and 19-9 in doubles). Davis Cup Record At the time she meets Bond, Viv is 23 years old. She is originally from Orleans Island (%C3%8Ele_d%27Orl%C3%A9ans) near Quebec City, but at the age of 16 is sent by her aunt


assured Spain a spot at the tournament. After their 3-1 victory over Scotland they completed their second consecutve qualifying campaign with a 100% winning record. As they won the previous tournament in 2008, they were seeded in Pot 1 for the main draw. On December 2 the draw was held, Spain were placed in Group C along with long time rivals Italy and contenders Croatia and Republic of Ireland. In 1920 Budyonny's Cavalry Army took part in the invasion of Poland in the Polish-Soviet War, in which it was quite successful at first, pushing Polish forces out of Ukraine (1920 Kiev Offensive) and later breaking through Polish southern frontlines. However later the Bolsheviks forces sustained a heavy defeat in the Battle of Warsaw (Battle of Warsaw (1920)), mainly because Budyonny's Army was bogged down at Lwów (Lviv). After his army was defeated in the Battle of Komarów (Battle of Komarow) (one of the biggest cavalry battles in history), Budyonny was then sent south to fight the Whites in Ukraine and the Crimea. Despite the defeat in Poland, he was one of Soviet Russia's military heroes by the end of the Civil War. In July–September 1941, Budyonny was Commander-in-Chief (главком, ''glavkom'') of the Soviet armed forces of the Southwestern Direction (Southwestern (Soviet Southwestern Front) and Southern (Soviet Southwestern Front) Fronts) facing the German (Nazi Germany) invasion of Ukraine. This invasion began as part of Germany's Operation Barbarossa which was launched on June 22. Operating under strict orders from Stalin (who attempted to micromanage the war in the early stages) to not retreat under any circumstances, Budyonny's forces were eventually surrounded during the Battle of Uman and the Battle of Kiev (Battle of Kiev (1941)). The disasters which followed the encirclement cost the Soviet Union 1.5 million men killed or taken prisoner. This was one of the largest encirclements in military history. After the November Uprising, the tsars (tsar), titled also as Polish kings, adapted the Order of the White Eagle (Order of the White Eagle (Poland)) with blue ribbon, well accepted in Russia. Archangel, the symbol of Ukraine, joined the Eagle and Pahonia during the January Uprising. The Poles conscientiously collected coins from the pre-partitions period with the eagle on their obverse and reverse. The symbol of the eagle, often with Pahonia, appeared on numerous flags and emblems of the uprising. Company expansion On May 11, 2007, Crytek announced that their satellite studio in Kyiv, Ukraine, had been upgraded to a full development studio, giving the company its second development studio. The second studio is currently working on a game based on Crytek's new intellectual property. About a week after the upgrade of the Kyiv studio, Crytek announced a new studio in Budapest, Hungary. Like the Kiev studio, the Budapest studio focused heavily on development with the CryEngine 2. Commons:Category:Ukraine WikiPedia:Ukraine Dmoz:Regional Europe Ukraine


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