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Sable Island

Horses that live in an untamed state but have ancestors who have been domesticated (domestication of the horse) are not truly "wild" horses; they are feral horses. For example, when Europeans reintroduced the horse to the Americas beginning in the late 15th century, some horses escaped and formed feral herds, the best-known being the Mustang (Mustang (horse)). The Australian equivalent to the Mustang is the Brumby, descended from horses strayed or let loose in Australia by English settlers.

Petrolia, California

; of rain per year. It is wise for travelers in the area to prepare for quickly changing weather in all seasons, as there is very limited cell phone coverage, being primarily nearest the Honeydew General Store and the river valley flats nearby, should emergency help be required. Electricity and access to the area can be interrupted in inclement weather. People visiting the area are strongly encouraged to check local road reports should conditions change. Fuel is generally-but not always-available at the General Store, and at Petrolia, 15 miles to the west. Other locations Reportedly, two similar bases maintained by the Church of Spiritual Technology are located in Petrolia, California (40°22'11.53"N 124°19'57.16"W), and Creston, California (35°27'12.29"N 120°29'59.20"W), both for archiving permanent backups of Hubbard's every written and spoken word. Internal Revenue Service records show that Scientologists spent $13 million in 1992 to preserve Hubbard's fiction and non-fiction writings on 1.8 million stainless steel discs, and recorded his lectures on 187,000 nickel records. The Church of Spiritual Technology symbol also appears at the Petrolia location and in the middle of a track at the ranch in Creston, California where L. Ron Hubbard died. http: CST


of Muscovy are few, and their ages are disputed. Typical monuments—found in Nikolskoe (near Ruza, possibly from the 1320s) and Kolomna (possibly from the second decade of the 14th century)—are diminutive single-domed fortified churches, built of roughly-hewn ("wild") stone and capable of withstanding brief sieges. By the construction of the Assumption Cathedral in Zvenigorod (possibly in 1399), Muscovite masons regained the mastery of pre-Mongol builders and solved some of the construction problems which had puzzled their predecessors. Signature monuments of early Muscovite architecture are found in the Holy Trinity Lavra (Troitse-Sergiyeva Lavra) (1423), Savvin Monastery of Zvenigorod (possibly 1405) and St. Andronik Monastery in Moscow (1427). thumb right 220px Metropolitan of Moscow Macarius I (File:Metropolitan of Moscow Macarius I.jpg) '''Macarius I''' (Russian: Макарий I), born ''Mikhail Petrovich Bulgakov'' ( wikipedia:Kolomna commons:Category:Kolomna

Ko Tao

directions Mae Haad phone tollfree fax hours price content ''Full Monty'' English breakfast bar. Eat in or delivery. *


Studies A child prodigy, he learned the Analects of Confucius from his uncle at age twelve and admiring the poetry of Tang's Tao Qian (Tao Yuanming), started writing poetry. His poem ''Yadang'' (hangul:야당, hanja:野塘, "Pond in the Wild"), written at the age of eighteen, is considered one of his major works. commons:Andong


reindeer dishes at the fanciest restaurants. Also salmon, moose, other fish and animals "from the wild" can be seen as specialities. * WikiPedia:Kiruna Dmoz:Regional Europe Sweden Norrbotten_County Localities Kiruna Commons:Category:Kiruna


, ''Remembering Woodstock'' (Aldershot: Ashgate, 2004), ISBN 0-7546-0714-3. Psychedelic rock was glamorized on screen in ''Easy Rider'' (1969), which used songs including Steppenwolf (Steppenwolf (band))'s "Born to be Wild" as part of its soundtrack. The '''Summer of Love''' was a social phenomenon that occurred during the summer of 1967, when as many as 100,000 people converged on the Haight

Metro Vancouver

;Promote outdoor recreation for human health and wellness" * "Support community stewardship, education and stewardships" * "Promote philanthropy and economic opportunities" Regional parks are distinct from municipal parks in that they are typically more "wild" and represent unique geographical zones within the region, such as bogs and mature rainforests. Regional federation Metro Vancouver undertakes support functions that underpin the rest of its

San Rafael, California

Studio in Kentfield, California. They produced a demo (demo (music)) containing five songs, including "Blindness", "Wild", and "Dream Song". After spring that year, they took their final half-semester off during Senior Project to form the band Stroke 9 for full credit. They set up in Esterkyn's basement, and started writing songs for their next demo. * '''San Francisco and North Pacific Railroad''' (SF&NP) built from Donahue landing on the Petaluma

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