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Ocoee, Florida

community, causing as many as 30 deaths, and destroying 25 homes, two churches, and a Masonic Lodge. Jones and McCarthy, pp. 81–82. In the central part of the state, a black man was lynched in 1921 in Wauchula (Wauchula, Florida) for allegedly attacking a white woman. Jones ''et al.'' (#Incident at Rosewood), p. 3. In December 1922, a white mob burned a black man to death for the murder of a white school teacher in Perry (Perry, Florida), section from Florida's Turnpike in Ocoee (Ocoee, Florida), to US 441 in Apopka (Apopka, Florida). It has a $1.25 toll plaza in the middle, the first toll-plaza in the Orlando area with open road tolling for users of the E-Pass and related electronic toll collection systems. The road itself was finished in July 2000, temporarily ending at SR 50 (State Road 50 (Florida)), and the interchange with Florida's Turnpike, featuring the highest ramp in the Orlando area, was completed in February 2001. '''WPYO (Power 95.3)''' is a Rhythmic Top 40 station serving the Orlando (Orlando, Florida) area. The Cox Radio outlet broadcasts at 95.3 MHz with an ERP of 12 kW and is licensed to Maitland, Florida. Its transmitter is located in Ocoee, Florida. On clear days, the station can be heard as far as Viera (Viera, Florida), overtaking the weaker 95.1 (WFKS) frequency.

St. Albert, Alberta

by the Brackman-Ker Milling Company, the other was built later in 1929 by The Alberta Wheat Pool company. There is also a reproduction of the original 1909 railway station housed at the Grain Elevators Park, the reproduction was constructed in 2005. On Madonna Drive stands the Little White School House which is open to the public. Arts and Heritage - St. Albert maintain this site as well as the Grain Elevators and other heritage buildings and sites under restoration in the city. In June

governing body is composed of a mayor (currently Nolan Crouse) and six city councillors (St. Albert City Council). Municipal elections are held every four years, the last was October 21, 2013 (Alberta municipal elections, 2013#St. Albert). Education thumb right The Little White school (Image:littlewhiteschool.jpg) K-12 education School districts * Greater St. Albert Catholic Regional Division No. 29: This separate school division

Ukiah, California

. Forest Management and Stump-to-Forest Gate Chain-of-Custody Certification Evaluation Report for the: Early life Grace Carpenter was born in Potter Valley, California. Her mother was one of the first white (White people) school teachers educating Pomo children and was a commercial portrait photographer in Ukiah, California; her father was a skilled panoramic and landscape photographer who chronicled early Mendocino County frontier enterprises such as logging, shipping

Topeka, Kansas

on this basis was ''Briggs v. Elliott'', but cases were also filed in other states. In Topeka, Kansas, the local NAACP branch determined that Oliver Brown (Oliver Brown (civil rights)) would be a good candidate for filing a lawsuit; as an assistant pastor and the father of three girls, he was an ideal candidate. The NAACP instructed him to apply to enroll his daughters at a local white school; after the expected rejection, ''Brown v. Board of Education'' was filed. Later, this and several other cases made their way to the Supreme Court, where they were all consolidated under the title of ''Brown''. The decision to name the case was apparently made "so that the whole question would not smack of being a purely southern one." Ovadal is compared by some of his detractors to Topeka's (Topeka, Kansas) Fred Phelps, pastor of the Westboro Baptist Church, due to similarities in their targets and their practice of picketing with signs bearing incendiary or accusatory messages. However, Ovadal's groups' signs customarily stop short of the vulgarity shown in the Phelps pickets (e.g. "homosexual" vs. Phelps' "fag"). Ovadal has criticized Phelps' behavior in the past and labeled Phelps' female family members as "profanity-spewing, angry Amazons" whom he says physically attacked one of his church members. In May 1874, Eduard Totleben , representing the czar, visited the Molotschna Mennonite making verbal promises in an attempt to persuade them not to emigrate. Kaufman p. 79. Unconvinced, immigration plans proceeded. Disposing of property, they were able to get full price for grain and animals but land and other possessions went for half value or less. Kaufman p. 78 Passports were obtained on 15 July 1874 and distributed in the Alexanderwohl Church on the 18th. Travel arrangements were made on the Hamburg-American Line. The entire Alexanderwohl church membership plus other families (about 800 persons) embarked on two ships. Through the leadership and organization skills of Jacob Buller, financial arrangements were made so that even families with the least resources were able make the journey. As a result, this was the only large Mennonite group that migrated from Russia to North America as a complete congregation. Kaufman p. 61. Jacob Buller departed with a group on the ''Cimbria'' on 12 August 1874 and minister Dietrich Gaeddert led 130 families on the ''Teutonia'' which departed on 16 August 1874. Kaufman p. 79 The trip from Hamburg, Germany to New York lasted about 18 days and from there they proceeded in three groups to Topeka, Kansas and Nebraska. DATE OF BIRTH 1907-11-26 PLACE OF BIRTH Topeka, Kansas, United States DATE OF DEATH Smith was born in Topeka, Kansas. She attended the University of Kansas and joined the LPGA Tour in its inaugural 1950 season. She won 21 events on the tour between 1954 and 1972, including two major championships (women's majors), the 1963 and 1964 Titleholders Championships. She finished in the top-10 on the money list nine times between 1961 and 1972, with her best finishes being fourth places in 1963, 1968 and 1970. Levy was born in New York City in 1935, and attended its City College (City College of New York). He received a doctorate in psychology from Michigan State University. Levy was a trained psychoanalyst, certified by the Menninger Institute for Psychoanalysis (Menninger) in Topeka, Kansas. He later returned to New York and became a clinical psychologist. The Topeka, Kansas (w:Topeka, Kansas)-based church led by Fred Phelps (w:Fred Phelps) sent 6 protestors with picket signs to the memorial service of 49 Ohio (w:Ohio) servicemen killed in Iraq. They were members of the Third Battalion, 25th Marine Regiment of Brook Park, Ohio (w:Brook Park, Ohio), a suburb of Cleveland (w:Cleveland, Ohio).

Providence, Rhode Island

title School of Technology publisher Johnson & Wales University the Alan Shawn Feinstein Graduate School, and the John Hazen White School of Arts & Sciences. Of these, the School of Arts & Sciences now offers a degree program in Counseling Psychology. thumb 293px right Treat Hall on the Denver campus. (Image:Treat Hall.JPG) In addition to the on-campus academic buildings, the university also operates three hotels used as practicum education facilities


2011 to the Akron (Akron, Ohio)-based Rubber City Radio Group, and subsequently moved out of their Elyria studios. Biography Born in Cleveland, Steiner studied chemistry at Dartmouth (Dartmouth College), but in 1921 entered the Clarence H. White School of Modern Photography. White helped Steiner in finding a job at the Manhattan Photogravure Company, and Steiner worked on making photogravure plates of scenes from Robert Flaherty's ''Nanook of the North''. Not long


the school year. Ailey's first junior high school in California was located in a primarily white school district. As one of the only black students, Ailey felt out of place because of his fear of whites, so the Aileys moved to a predominantly black school district. He matriculated at George Washington Carver Junior High School, and later attended the Thomas Jefferson High School (Jefferson High School (Los Angeles, California)). He sang spirituals in the glee club, wrote poetry, and demonstrated a talent for languages. He regularly attended shows at Lincoln Theater and the Orpheum Theater (Orpheum Theatre (Los Angeles, California)). Ailey did not become serious about dance until in 1949 his school friend Carmen De Lavallade introduced him to the Hollywood studio of Lester Horton. Horton would prove to be Ailey's major influence, becoming a mentor and giving him both a technique and a foundation with which to grow artistically.


as '''Berry-White School of Medicine''', which was founded in 1900. It has the distinction of being the first medical college in the entire North-eastern region of India. Following the establishment of 2 other medical colleges in Assam, one at Guwahati (Gauhati Medical College and Hospital) and another at Silchar (Silchar Medical College and Hospital), it now serves as the tertiary medical referral centre for the entire upper Assam as well as the some areas of neighbouring states


President White School of History and Political Science and New York University (1912 onward). Professor Jenks was especially interested in the political aspects of economic problems and he served frequently on various government commissions and made many reports on currency, labor, and immigration issues. Jenks was a member of the U.S. Commission on International Exchange. He was appointed in 1907 a member of the United States Immigration Commission. He advised the governments

United States

States , studied law and was admitted to the bar. He held professorships at both Cornell University (1891–1912) as member of the President White School of History and Political Science (Cornell University Department of History#History) and New York University (1912 onward). Professor Jenks was especially interested in the political aspects of economic problems and he served frequently on various government commissions and made many reports on currency, labor, and immigration issues

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