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Alon Shvut

neighbourhood is planned for the ''Giv'at HaHish'' (גִּבְעַת הָחִי"שׁ) area northeast of the town, named after the Haganah's HISH unit's operations there. Educational and religious institutions Much of Alon Shvut's growth has been tied to the presence of Yeshivat Har Etzion. In addition to the families of faculty, many of its students have made their homes in the town. The yeshiva, housed in a large, white building overlooking the valley, also attracts many English-speaking students from around the world. Its founders are considered of the more moderate educators in the Hesder Yeshiva program and have gained a reputation of tolerance and modernity for the institute. Education There are two kindergartens located on the moshav. School-age children are bused outside the community mostly to either Alon Shvut or Rosh Tzurim. A pre-military mechina, open to both religious and non-religious students, was founded after the year 2000. There are four synagogues in Aderet, and the chief rabbi is Moshe Dadon. After the Six Day War, he founded Yeshivat Har Etzion, a Hesder Yeshiva in Gush Etzion. The yeshiva opened in Kfar Etzion in 1968 with 30 students. After two years the institution moved to its current location in Alon Shvut. In 1971 Rav Amital asked Rav Aharon Lichtenstein to join him as Rosh Yeshiva. 20px (Image:Panzer aus Zusatzzeichen 1049-12.svg) Alon Shvut, Efrat - 20px (Image:Panzer aus Zusatzzeichen 1049-12.svg) Alon Shvut, Efrat (south circle) -

Petén Department

'''Dos Pilas''' is a Pre-Columbian site of the Maya civilization located in what is now the department (Departments of Guatemala) of Petén (Petén Department), Guatemala. It dates to the Late Classic Period (Mesoamerican chronology), being founded by an offshoot of the dynasty of the great city of Tikal in AD 629 in order to control trade routes (Trade in Maya civilization) in the Petexbatún region, particularly the Pasión River. Salisbury, Koumenalis & Barbara Moffett 2002. In AD 648 Dos Pilas broke away from Tikal and became a vassal state of Calakmul, although the first two kings of Dos Pilas continued to use the same emblem glyph (Maya script#Emblem glyphs) that Tikal did. Webster 2002, p. 263. It was a predator state from the beginning, conquering Itzan, Arroyo de Piedra and Tamarindito. Dos Pilas and a nearby city, Aguateca, eventually became the twin capitals of a single ruling dynasty. The kingdom as a whole has been named as the Petexbatun Kingdom, after Lake Petexbatún, a body of water draining into the Pasión River. As is often the case with huge ancient ruins, knowledge of the site was never completely lost in the region. It seems that local people never forgot about Tikal and they guided Guatemalan expeditions to the ruins in the 1850s. Some second- or third-hand accounts of Tikal appeared in print starting in the 17th century, continuing through the writings of John Lloyd Stephens in the early 19th century (Stephens and his illustrator Frederick Catherwood heard rumours of a lost city, with white building tops towering above the jungle, during their 1839-40 travels in the region). Because of the site's remoteness from modern towns, however, no explorers visited Tikal until Modesto Méndez and Ambrosio Tut, respectively the commissioner and the governor of Petén (Petén Department), visited it in 1848. Artist Eusebio Lara accompanied them and their account was published in Germany in 1853. Several other expeditions came to further investigate, map, and photograph Tikal in the 19th century (including Alfred P. Maudslay in 1881-82) and the early 20th century. Pioneering archaeologists started to clear, map and record the ruins in the 1880s. right thumb Archaeologist Edwin M. Shook (File:EdShookCropped.jpg), field director of the Tikal Project; Shook was also instrumental in having Tikal established as Guatemala's first National Park. Edwin Shook at ObitCentral


wheel. It will take you to the south entrance of the park. The north part of the park is free and you can get there by walking around the south entrance and keep heading north. You should reach a street with the main entrance to the park. Keep going north and you will see a small bridge that leads to a large white building. The white building is the Dongba Museum, everything north of that is free. If the guards bother you at the gate, just walk back to the street and keep walking north and there will be another path to get in to the free part with no gates or guards to bother you. Further north of the park is a local college, and northwest of that is a small reservoir. The reservoir is a good place to take photos of the snow mountain when it is visible. On hot sunny days in the summer there will be lots of locals swimming there in the afternoon. At the local college you can find students to help you. The English building is the large pink one just right after you enter the south entrance. There is a student run café that is open in the evening from 6:30PM-10PM in the "butterfly" building, which is opposite of the English building. As of 2007 the school has an English corner every Thursday after lunch (~1PM), and after dinner at ~5:40PM. The English corner is so-so, but it is a great chance to ask students about where to go, and cheap transportation. Many of them are from other places in Yunnan. * WikiPedia:Lijiang City Dmoz:Regional Asia China Yunnan Lijiang


North of city centre, past the government offices phone tollfree fax hours price content King Naresuan was one of the great Thai kings who liberated Ayutthaya Kingdom from the Burmese in the 16th century. This shrine commemorates his life. A small white building contains the statue of the King. Surrounding the shrine are the ruins of the king's palace birthplace. * Commons:Category:Phitsanulok Province


and 5.30 pm, permitting you to reach the evening train or flight from Ubon Rachanthani. The package costs USS$ 725 from Oct to Apr, US$ 615 in Jul Aug and US$ 580 in May and Sep (2015). *

Nakhon Ratchasima

Municipal area, Chumphon Rd lat long directions From Hwy 224, turn right onto Chumphon Rd. This small, white building, designed to look like a section of the old city wall, is halfway up Chumphon on the right, just before the turning for Atsadang Rd phone tollfree fax hours Tu-Su, 09:00-18:00 price Free content A rather strange attraction, this one-room museum art exhibit documents the story of Thao Suranaree (Yamo) through the medium of miniature models. Village and battle scenes are recreated in minute detail and run the length of one wall. On the opposite side of the room is a hugely impressive wall-mounted sculpture, in high relief, of a battle scene. Yamo is near the middle of the scene. On the walls and pillars are some of the oldest photos in existence of the city. * Commons:Category:Nakhon Ratchasima Wikipedia:Nakhon Ratchasima


WikiPedia:Iqaluit, Nunavut Dmoz:Regional North America Canada Nunavut Localities Iqaluit Commons:Category:Iqaluit

Taunton Deane

The feasibility study found that both through financial deliberations and the great assistance offered by Taunton Deane Borough Council (Taunton Deane), that Chairman Giles Clarke announced in April 2006 that the long term future lies at the County Ground. The project costs total approximately £60 million and will deliver a cricket capacity of up to 15,000. It commenced on January 17, 2008 ''Somerset begin County Ground work'' BBC News retrieved January 17, 2008 In order for the club to remain financially viable, the development is to be conducted in phases in order to allow cricket and other club business to proceed with minimal interruption. Also, in order to fit an international standard pitch on site, it is necessary to increase the boundaries: Early Education Chorley grew up in south-west England in an area known as the West Country, with roots in Exmoor and the Vale of Taunton Deane. He was a product of a local primary school and Minehead Grammar School. Later on, Chorley began studying Geomorphology as an undergraduate at the School of Geography at Oxford, where he went up to Exeter College (Exeter College, Oxford) after service with the Royal Engineers. Here he was greatly influenced by R.P. Beckinsale, who advised Chorley to go on to graduate study in the United States. He made a transatlantic move in 1951 as a Fulbright Scholar to Columbia University where he was a graduate student in the Geology Department and explored the quantitative approach to land form evolution. *South Somerset *Taunton Deane and West Somerset


'''Broomfield''' is a village and civil parish in the Sedgemoor district of Somerset, England, situated about five miles north of Taunton. According to the 2001 census it had a population of 224. The village falls within the Non-metropolitan district of Sedgemoor, which was formed on 1 April 1974 under the Local Government Act 1972, having previously been part of Bridgwater Rural District, A Vision of Britain Through Time : Bridgwater Rural District which is responsible for local planning (planning permission) and building control (Building regulations in the United Kingdom), local roads, council housing, environmental health, markets and fairs, refuse collection and recycling, cemeteries and crematoria, leisure services, parks, and tourism.

Woodstock, Ontario

Other industries Woodstock is also home to industries: *'''General Motors''' National Parts Distribution Warehouse, the largest of its kind in Canada. *'''Vuteq Canada''', an automotive supply company to General Motors and Toyota and employs 450. *'''Toyota Boshoku''', an automotive supply company to Toyota. *'''Tigercat Industries''', a forestry and logging equipment manufacturer. *'''RWF Bron''', a heavy equipment manufacturer. *'''Woodstock Precision Machining''', a precision machine part supplier . *'''Kelsey Hayes''', an automotive supply company for Ford. *'''Firestone''', a textile tire manufacturing company since 1936 *'''Agribrand Purina''', pet food feed manufacturing and distribution centre Transportation thumb Woodstock's Via Rail Station. (Image:VIA Rail Station Woodstock Ontario 3.JPG) Woodstock Transit provides bus service on weekdays and Saturdays. Woodstock Transit Information. (2008-07-01). Retrieved on 2013-07-24. For intercity travel Via Rail operates a train station (Woodstock, Ontario railway station) in the city, offering Corridor (Via Rail) Quebec City-Windsor corridor

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