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Levertoff ), pioneering Hebrew-Christian scholar of the late nineteenth and early twentieth-century * Mikhail Marynich, opposition politician, who was imprisoned in Orsha * Georgy Mondzolevsky, 2-time Olympic volleyball champion * Gershon Shufman, Hebrew author, known as 'Gimel Shufman' * Dmitriy Snezhko (Dzmitry Sniazhko), Esperanto activist, author of the first Belarusian-Esperanto dictionary * Frida Vigdorova, Soviet writer and journalist, famous for writing "White

book" after Joseph Brodsky trial, in support of human rights in USSR (:ru:Вигдорова, Фрида Абрамовна) * Lev Vygotsky, psychologist * Boris Zakharchenya (1928–2005), physicist, academician, a member of the praesidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences, specialist in optics and spectroscopy; * Nathan Zarkhi (1900–1935), Soviet playwright and film writer Profile on IMDB * Kanstantsin Zaslonau


the country. Bismarck then sent out his nephew, Herr von Puttkamer, as German consul general to Nigeria, with orders to report on this affair, and when, this report was published in a White Book, Bismarck demanded heavy damages from the company. The Nigerian painter (Painting) and animator '''Ebele Okoye''' (born October 6, 1969, Onitsha, Anambra State) has been resident in Cologne, Germany, since the year 2000. Early life Ukattah was the fourth


;Fate of ethnic Russian Grozny residents (Russian Line) ''Chechnya: The White Book'' ( This view is disputed by authors, such as Russian economists Boris Lvin and Andrei Illarionov, who argue that Russian emigration from the area was no more intense than in other regions of Russia at the time. Boris Lvin


on Examination of Policies of Repression url http: class file action preview id 12709 TheWhiteBook.pdf format PDF publisher Estonian Encyclopedia Publishers title The White Book: Losses inflicted on the Estonian nation by occupation regimes. 1940–1991 year 2005


2011 White Book clearly states that the supersonic fleet is to be continued for the protection of the Czech Republic and for co-operation within the NATO Integrated Air Defence System. On the other hand, a number of close support helicopters Mi-24 Mi-24 35 will be decommissioned (the Mi-35 will even be sold before the end of its operational life). Twelve single-seat and two twin-seat aircraft are viewed as sufficient

for patrolling the Czech Republic, while 18 can support the sentry role in other NATO countries. A preliminary RFI requested 18 aircraft The White Book specifies the 12+2 solution, requiring strategic requirements for the supersonic air force to be specified by November 2011. Another option being discussed in the Parliament is the formation of a joint force of Czech, Slovak or even Hungarian units responsible for the air protection of these countries. Although it seems to be a financially effective solution (argued mainly by the Social Democrats) its practical realisation would be complicated: Hungary has its own JAS-39s and Mig-29s, while Slovakia has recently upgraded its Mig-29 fleet. Commons:Category:Slovakia WikiPedia:Slovakia Dmoz:Regional Europe Slovakia eo:Slovakio

Mexico City

Garbage began a two-month North American tour in mid-April, which was routed into the American Southwest during May;


in Europe , which called for reduction of tanks, artillery, and armoured vehicles (army forces were reduced to 300,000). The country plans to convert the current conscript-based military into a professional volunteer military. Ukraine has been

. It consists of 5 branches: surface forces, submarine forces, Navy aviation (Ukrainian Naval Aviation), coast rocket-artillery and marines (Marine Corps (Ukraine)). The Navy of the Armed Forces of Ukraine The Navy numbers 15,470 people. Ukrainian Armed Forces 2007 White Book p.111 Current role


authorlink Christopher Snyder title The Britons year 2003 accessdate 26 November 2010 pages 258–261 publisher Wiley-Blackwell isbn 0-631-22260-X Some of their work survives in much later medieval Welsh manuscripts (Medieval Welsh literature), known as: the Black Book of Carmarthen and the Book of Aneirin (both 13th-century); the Book of Taliesin and the White Book of Rhydderch (both 14th-century); and the Red Book of Hergest (c.&nbsp;1400).<

literature medieval Welsh manuscripts such as the Red Book of Hergest, the White Book of Rhydderch, the Book of Aneirin, and the Book of Taliesin. King Arthur While Arthurian literature grew to become a broadly European phenomenon, the Welsh can claim the earliest appearances of Arthur. Before Arthur became an international figure, writings and oral tales concerning him were more or less restricted to the Brythonic (Britons (historical)) nations of Wales, Cornwall


opposed the invasion (Iraq War) of Iraq in 2003, and in 2006 both Germany (the largest economy and the most populous country of the European Union) and China further enhanced their bilateral political, economic and diplomatic ties within the framework of Sino-EU strategic partnerships. Both Germany and China opposed direct military involvement in the 2011 Libyan civil war. Before the 2011 visit of China's PM Wen Jiabao, the Chinese government issued a "White Book on the accomplishments and perspective of Sino-German cooperation", the first of its kind for a European country. The visit also marked the first Sino-German government consultations, an exclusive mechanism for Sino-German communications. In mainland China, the font has been adopted for use in signs on new Chinese national expressways, beginning with the Jingjintang Expressway, which uses the font for the first 17 kilometers in Beijing. In Taiwan, the FHWA series of typefaces are also used on English text. World Race Walking Cup (1995 IAAF World Race Walking Cup) Beijing, PR China 13th Olympic Games (Athletics at the 2008 Summer Olympics - Men's shot put) Beijing, PR China bgcolor "cc9966" 3rd death_date Wikipedia:Beijing Dmoz:Regional Asia China Beijing commons:北京


of the Young Turks government's policies. After the war and the Armenian Genocide, Isahakyan described through his compositions the sorrow destiny and Armenians’ heroic struggle for freedom. The poet put forward the genocide accusations, the worst part of which had taken place between 1915–1922, in "The White Book". During that period, Isahakyan expressed his ideas mainly through his social and political articles, in which he discussed the topics of the Armenian cause, reunification

. Both Germany and China opposed direct military involvement in the 2011 Libyan civil war. Before the 2011 visit of China's PM Wen Jiabao, the Chinese government issued a "White Book on the accomplishments and perspective of Sino-German cooperation", the first of its kind for a European country. The visit also marked the first Sino-German government consultations, an exclusive mechanism for Sino-German communications. - 1 Berlin Berlin 3388434 - In December 1921, Pauker was designated a member of the Provisional Committee of the Romanian Communist Party; in 1922, his position became that of member of the Central Committee and the Politburo, being sent as delegate to the Balkan Communist Federation Conferences in Sofia (June 1922) and Berlin (1923). His activities brought to the attention of the Romanian authorities: he was arrested and sentenced first to ten years imprisonment, and then to labour (Penal labour) for life. Nevertheless, he managed to escape and flee to the Soviet Union in 1925, returning to Romania in 1929. Immediately, he was escorted back to prison, only to be released under the terms of an amnesty. He was yet again arrested, in Petroşani after his activities as an instigator during the Jiu Valley miners' strike of August 1929 (Lupeni_Strike_of_1929). Born in Deerfield, Ohio, Laughlin received his PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) from Harvard University. His thesis regarded "Anglo-Saxon (Anglo-Saxons) Legal Procedure". A conservative, he generally subscribed to the economic theories of John Stuart Mill and opposed bimetallism. He taught in Boston for five years, at Cornell (Cornell University) for two years, and then became the department-head of the new economics department at the University of Chicago from 1892 to 1916. Notably, he appointed many economists with whom he avidly disagreed, such as Thorstein Veblen, to high positions at the university. He was a member of the Indianapolis Monetary Commission, organized in 1897, and prepared its report, one of the important documents in the history of American banking and monetary reform.New International Encyclopedia In 1906 he lectured, by invitation, in Berlin, and in 1909 he served as delegate to the Pan-American Scientific Congress at Santiago, Chile. From 1911 to 1913 he was chairman of the Executive Committee of the National Citizens League for the Promotion of a Sound Banking System. Under his leadership the league promoted banking reform in the United States. Into exile After the Revolution of 1917 Lourié served under Lunacharsky (Anatoliy Vasilievich Lunacharsky) as head of the music division of the Commissariat of Popular Enlightenment (Narkompros). For a while he shared a house with Serge Sudeikin and his wife Vera Sudeikina (Vera de Bosset). Though his sympathies were initially Leftist he became increasingly disenchanted with the new order in Russia. In 1921 he went on an official visit to Berlin, where he befriended Busoni (Ferruccio Busoni), and from which he failed to return. His works were thereafter proscribed in the USSR. In 1922 he settled in Paris, where he became friends with the philosopher Jacques Maritain and was introduced to Stravinsky by Vera Sudeykina. From 1924 to 1931 he was one of Stravinsky’s most important champions, often becoming part of the Stravinsky household as he wrote articles about his fellow composer and preparing piano reductions of his works. He and the Stravinskys eventually parted company over a feud with Vera, and Stravinsky seldom afterwards mentioned his existence. In his works of the Paris years Lourié’s s early radicalism turns to an astringent form of neoclassicism and Russophile nostalgia; a dialogue with Stravinsky’s works of the same period is evident, even to the extent that Stravinsky may have taken ideas from the younger composer: Lourié’s ''A Little Chamber Music'' (1924) seems to prophesy Stravinsky’s ''Apollon musagète'' (1927), his ''Concerto spirituale'' for chorus, piano and orchestra (1929) the latter's ''Symphony of Psalms'' (1930). Certainly in his later works Stravinsky adopted Lourié’s style of notation with blank space instead of empty bars. Lourié also composed two symphonies (No.1 subtitled ''Sinfonia dialectica'') and an opera, ''The Feast in a Time of Plague''. A man of very wide culture, who cultivated the image of a dandy and aesthete, he set poems of Sappho, Pushkin (Aleksandr Pushkin), Heine (Heinrich Heine), Verlaine (Paul Verlaine), Blok, Mayakovsky, Dante (Dante Alighieri), classical Latin and medieval French poets. He was also a talented painter. Socialist activism He studied engineering at the University (Humboldt University of Berlin) of Berlin, becoming a member of the Romanian Social-Democratic Workers' Party in 1910. During World War I, Gherea served in a field artillery regiment. birth_date Commons:Category:Berlin Wikipedia:Berlin Dmoz:Regional Europe Germany States Berlin

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