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South Hams

0.02% Bangladeshi (British Bangladeshi) 11 0.03% Other Asian (British Asian) 12   13 '''0.12% Black (Black British)''' 14 0.05% Black Caribbean (British African-Caribbean community) 15 0.04% Black African (African British) 16 0.03% Other Black (Black British) 17   18 '''0.49% Mixed (British Mixed)''' 19 0.10% British Mixed White & Black

Caribbean 20 0.05% White & Black African (British Mixed) 21 0.16% White & South Asian (British Mixed) 22 0.18% White & Other (British Mixed) 23   24 '''0.17% East Asian (Oriental British) and Other (Other ethnic group (United Kingdom Census))''' 25 0.07% Chinese (British Chinese) 26 0.10% Other (Other ethnic group (United Kingdom Census)) coor_pinpoint Totnes

Ocoee, Florida

10 1 1998'' http: projects Fall01 white default.html ''Go Ahead On, Ocoee - A Narrative Documentary Film by Bianca White & Sandra Krasa'' Geography Ocoee is located at .

West Somerset

; - colspan "2" rowspan "1" align "center" valign "top" '''Party''' valign "top" '''Councillors''' -   Labour Party (Labour Party (UK)) 2 Settlements *Allerford, Ashbeer

Orson, Pennsylvania

website Wayne County, PA - Public Tax Information publisher Wayne County, Pennsylvania accessdate 5 December 2014 This new area was dubbed "Elkview," after Elk Hill (North Knob) (often called Elk Mountain White & Dolph. 137. ) in Tirzah, Pennsylvania (Herrick Township, Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania#Communities), which

Ajax, Ontario

69470 90170 1 of Ajax's total population, ), Black

North German Confederation

the fundamentals of business practice. He similarly worked for Samuel Montague & Company, bankers, in London in 1889–90, the Banque Russe pour le Commerce Etranger in Paris in 1890–91. ''Dictionary of American Biography'', Vol. XIX, p. 412–13. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1936. ''National Cyclopaedia of American Biography'', Vol. XXVI, p. 151–52. New York: James T. White & Company, 1937. During the Austro-Prussian War

North Somerset

council html hc.stm title England council elections publisher BBC News Online accessdate 20 August 2011 class "wikitable" - colspan "2" rowspan "1" align "center" valign "top" '''Party''' valign "top" '''Councillors''' -   Independent (politician) Independent

Sydney, Nova Scotia

: James T. White & Company, 1899. Reprint of 1891 edition. Another sister, Susan Collins Whitney, married Henry F. Dimock. Whitney joined his brother Henry in organizing the Dominion Coal Company Ltd. in 1893, and the Dominion Iron and Steel Company Ltd. in 1899, to exploit the mineral resources of the Sydney district (Sydney, Nova Scotia) of Cape Breton Island. Other early investors included Henry F. Dimock, Almeric Hugh Paget, 1st Baron Queenborough Almeric

Fredericksburg, Virginia

title The National Cyclopaedia of American Biography year 1960 publisher James T. White & Company location New York Hugh Doggett Scott, Jr. was born on an estate in Fredericksburg (Fredericksburg, Virginia), Virginia, that was once owned by George Washington.


;''(British, Irish, Other)'' 234,029 - Asian ''(Bangladeshi, Chinese, Indian, Pakistani, Other)'' 51,598 - Black ''(African, Caribbean, Other)'' 17,764 - Mixed ''(White & Asian, White & Black African, White & Black Caribbean, Other)'' 8,230 - Arab 2,020 - Other 3,319 Like most major British cities, Coventry has a large ethnic minority population, making up 33.4% of the population at the 2011 census. ref name "

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