Habiganj District

. Literature and culture Habigang is famous for folk Literature: ''Mahuya Sundari'' and ''Dhupar Path''. Cultural organizations: 131 clubs, 10 public libraries; 5 private libraries; 12 theater groups; 6 literary societies; 7 Woman's Societies; 13 cinema halls; and 13 theaters. Religious institutions: 1385 masjid; 176 temples; 2 churches; 46 tombs. Local newspapers: Daily Habiganj Express, Daily Pravakar, Pratidener Bani, weekly

Swadhikar, Swadeshbarta, Drishtikon, Daily Khowai, Habiganj Samachar, Janatar Dalil, Parikrama, fortnightly Prayas, The Daily Habiganjer Ayna and Mritika. Defunct local newspapers: monthly Moitri (1909), weekly Projapati (1909), Sree Sree Sonar Gauranga (1329 BS), Palli Bani (1940), weekly Shahid (1948), weekly Jagaran (1955), monthly Avijatrik (1966). People Historical figures * Sipahsalar Syed Nasiruddin was a dervish

of the three Extremist patriots of the Indian National Congress who had fought and sacrificed their lives during Indian independence movement in the first half of the twentieth century. Pal started the Bangla weekly Paridarshak in Sylhet (1886), worked as Assistant Editor of the Bengali Public Opinion (1882) and served the Lahore Tribune for a short time (1887). For sometime he was the editor of ''The Democrat'' and ''The Independent''. He published a biography (in Bangla) of Queen Victoria in 1887


) LOKMANYATILAK T (LTT) 04:14 M F II SL 3A - 3061 Howrah - Mumbai LTT Weekly Puja Special Exp HOWRAH JN (HWH) MUMBAI CST (CSTM) 04:52 W II SL 3A 2A - 12853 Amarkantak SF Express SF DURG (DURG) BHOPAL JN (BPL) 05:47 M T W T F S II SL 3A 2A 1A - 12062 Bhopal Habibganj Jan Shatabdi Express JShtb JABALPUR (JBP) HABIBGANJ (HBJ) 07:15 M T W T F S 2S CC - 22684 Lucknow - Yesvantpur SF Express SF Lucknow Charbagh ( LKO) Yesvantpur Junction (YPR) 07:50 F II SL 3A 2A

- 12194 Jabalpur -Yesvantpur SF Express SF JABALPUR (JBP) Yesvantpur Junction (YPR) 07:55 S II SL 3A 2A - 11272 Vindhyachal Express Exp BHOPAL JN (BPL) ITARSI JN (ET) 08:40 M T W T F S II SL - 51190 Allahabad Itarsi Passenger Pass Allahabad Junction (ALD) Itarsi Junction (ET) 09:01 M T W T F S Unreserved - 12296 Sanghamitra SF Express SF PATNA JN (PNBE) BANGALORE CY JN (SBC) 09:35 M T W T F S II SL 3A 2A - 12577 Bagmati SF Weekly Express SF DARBHANGA JN

DARBHANGA JN (DBG) PUNE JN2 (PUNE) 15:00 S II SL 3A 2A - 13201 Rajendra Nagar Patna - Mumbai LTT Express Exp RJNDR NGR BIHAR (RJPB) LOKMANYATILAK T (LTT) 16:36 M T W T F S II SL 3A 2A - 22188 Jabalpur - Bhopal Habibganj Intercity Express SF JABALPUR (JBP) HABIBGANJ (HBJ) 17:22 M T W T F S II 2S CC - 51672 Katni Itarsi Fast Passenger Pass Katni Junction (KTE ) ITARSI JN (ET) 17:54 M T W T F S Unreserved - 1656 Jabalpur - Pune Weekly SF Special SF JABALPUR (JBP

Fort Frances

was $54,859, which is below the Ontario provincial average of $60,455. Coat of arms The city coat of arms features a bull moose; maple leaves; a "Magneto", representative of electricity (industry); two men in a canoe; a white pine (Eastern White Pine) tree; and the motto "Industry and Perseverance." Media Newspapers * ''Fort Frances Times'' - Weekly * ''Fort Frances Living'' - Weekly * '' Fort Frances Today

'' - Weekly * ''West End Weekly'' - Weekly Online Media * NWO Update * Fort Frances Times Online Television stations The only local television channel serving Fort Frances is the Shaw TV community channel on Shaw Cable (Shaw Communications) channel 10. There are no local broadcast outlets or repeaters serving Fort Frances; Shaw Cable carries CBWT-DT (CBC (CBC Television)), CBWFT-DT (Radio-Canada (Ici Radio-Canada Télé)) and CKY-DT (CTV) from Winnipeg

at Rainycrest Home for the Aged in Fort Frances. Major communities served by the 807 area code include Thunder Bay, Kenora, Dryden (Dryden, Ontario), Fort Frances, Marathon (Marathon, Ontario), and Greenstone (Greenstone, Ontario). '''''Fort Frances Today''''' is a weekly

Grand Falls, New Brunswick

or diploma 475 10.05% - College, CEGEP or other non-university certificate or diploma 590 12.49% - University certificate or diploma below the bachelor level 210 4.44% - University certificate, diploma or degree 520 11.00% Media Grand Falls is serviced by the French daily L'Acadie Nouvelle of Caraquet and the English-language daily Telegraph-Journal of Saint John . The weekly bilingual La Cataracte Victoria Star is published in the town. The French bi

-weekly publication Journal Le NordOuest is available on-line and distributed to more than 5000 members. The French weekly L'Étoile of Dieppe is also distributed, and Tri-Weekly Bugle-Observer and the weekly Carleton Free Press, both published in Woodstock . class "wikitable sortable" width "100%" +Media !Call sign !! Frequency !! City of License !! Owner !! Format - CIKX-FM 00 93.5 FM Grand Falls

and the highway continues to parallel the river on a ridge several kilometres inland along the western bank. It passes south of Fredericton and Oromocto before crossing the northeastern edge of CFB Gagetown. thumb 240px The 1901 Hartland Covered Bridge (Image:HartlandBridge1.jpg), used by Route 2 until the Hugh John Flemming Bridge opened in 1960 Route 2 was one of the initial routes defined in 1927, Commerce Reports: A Weekly Survey of Foreign Trade, Thirtieth

Villa de Etla

km from the capital (Oaxaca, Oaxaca). The town is centered on the church and former monastery of San Pedro y San Pablo, and as municipal seat functions as the local government for six other communities. Most of the town’s history has been lost due to the lack of records, but oral tradition states that it was founded sometime in the 15th century. Today, the town is noted for its weekly Wednesday market, where one can find traditional merchandise such a local variety of Cheeses of Mexico

accessdate June 12, 2011 language Spanish trans_title Demand the resignation of the Aliancista municipal president The market is the center for the weekly tianguis or open-air market held on Wednesdays. The Wednesday market is part of an informal system of weekly markets that occur in most of the larger communities of the Central Valleys region.

such as milk and cheese. Other commerce focuses on local needs, with the municipal market and the weekly market having a primary role. The total percentage dedicated to commerce, tourism and services is 53%. The municipality has several preschools, primary schools along with center for study at the high school level. Villa de Etla is the head of the twenty eight schools of Scholastic Zone Number 5. ref name "basilio

Champaign-Decatur CSA

affairs, and political activism (usually left-leaning) to listeners at 104.5FM. *Illini Media, located at 5th and Green in campustown, is home to the college's alternative radio station WPGU 107.1. The Illini Media Building is also home to the Daily Illini, the student-run daily newspaper, and Buzz Weekly the217.com which has quickly become a popular source for arts & entertainment news in the Champaign-Urbana area. * Smile Politely

, an online magazine focused on arts, entertainment and alternative news, opened in 2007 and is seen as the successor to previous print efforts like The Octopus, and The Hub Weekly. * Herald & Review —Daily owned by Lee Enterprises * Decatur Tribune —Weekly * The Decaturian —Bi-weekly student newspaper published by Millikin University * Re:Decatur —Online

Wadi Halfa

flooding still occurs. Travelers may wish to visit the ancient archaeological sites of Nubia before they, too, are submerged by a series of dams under construction which threaten Nubia's remaining pyramids, which predate those of Egypt. Get in As of now there are no regular flights to the small '''Wadi Halfa Airport''' ( ), however Sudan Airways have services from time to time. Most people arrive in Wadi Half by the weekly ferry from Aswan across

Lake Nasser in Egypt. South-bound departures are on Mondays and north-bound on Wedesdays. The ferry docks at the Customs and Immigration terminal five kilometres outside city centre. A sand track leads from the terminal to town, and several vehicles wait at the terminal, touting for business. It is also possible to walk or take a bicycle into town. Timed with the ferry is the recently re-started weekly over-night train from Khartoum via Atbara, it was suspended until April 2013

, a courtyard and clean rooms. Many have no signs so ask around. * Go next There is a weekly train from Wadi Halfa to Khartoum, which leaves some time after the weekly

Porto Velho

line and a weekly newspaper by the time of Porto Velho's foundation, are nothing but ruins nowadays. Porto Velho's survival is associated with the better conditions of the area where it was built, its easy access by the river and its harbor: these were all considerations in the choice of Porto Velho as the capital of the newly formed Federal Territory (Territory (country subdivision)) of Guaporé, in 1943. Only with the beginning of World War II was there another cycle of progress

scheduled flights weekly, most going to other large Brazilian cities. The presence of Porto Velho Air Force Base ensures considerable movement of military aircraft. The local people refer to Porto Velho International as Belmont Airport because it is located in this district. It became an international airport in 2002. It was built as a replacement to Caiari Airport, which was closed on April 16, 1969. Highways *BR-174; *BR-317; *BR-319; *BR-364; *BR-421; *BR-425; *BR-429; *RO-010

go to the last square on 7 de Septembro, walk up to the Clube da Ferrovia and turn left. * '''Casa da Cultura''' just of the square with the Caixas D'agua. Here you'll find changing expositions by local artists and once done an exhibition of local culture. Free. thumb (Image:Railway-worker.jpg) * '''Catedral''' On Dom Pedro II the main church of Porto Velho. Simple on both the inside and outside but well worth a visit. thumb (Image:Cathedral-pvh.jpg) * '''Weekly Market''' Porto Velho

Tlacolula de Matamoros

Valley area, and best known for its weekly open air market held on Sundays. This market is one of the oldest, largest and busiest in Oaxaca, mostly selling foodstuffs and other necessities for the many rural people which come into town on this day to shop.

and connects to the Pan American Highway (Federal Highway 190). This main street is lined with permanents shops, which are open on Sundays for the customers that come into town for the weekly market. Two notable stores along this street are the Mezcal Pensamento outlet and Chocolate la Tradición. Tlacolula is a major mezcal producer, and Mezcal Pensamento offers more than twenty varieties, many of which are flavored with fruit, coffee and more. ref name

and the largest and busiest in the Central Valley region of Oaxaca. The only market of any type which is larger is the Centro de Abastos (main grocery market selling to retailers) in the city of Oaxaca. This market is part of a tradition of weekly markets which is still found in Oaxaca, where people from rural areas come the local town to buy, sell

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