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Lemoore, California

Joaquin River's watershed, and the Kings River itself nearly intersect near Lemoore, a number of huge water works that control regional water flow are also located nearby. For example, in flood years the Kings River is diverted west into the so-called "North Fork Kings River," to Crescent Weir and related major levees eastward to the north-flowing Fresno Slough and to the sea, preventing a resurgence ("flooding") of Tulare Lake to the south. This "switch point"

Regional Municipality of Peel

in Canada. ''Public Works'' Peel manages the regions public works needs including: * garbage and recycling programs * water works * road maintenance — non provincial roads ''TransHelp'' The Region of Peel's unique

Bridgewater State University

Bridgewater+State+Normal+fire+December+1924&q The+disastrous+fire+of+December+10%2C+1924%2C+wiped+out+more+than+half+of+the+physical+plant+of+the+State+Normal+School+at+Bridgewater%2C#search_anchor p. 15 . "Public Ownership at Bridgewater, Massachusetts, and the Improvements Made after Purchase by the Town," ''Journal of the New England Water Works Association'' 41 (1927)

Near North Side, Chicago

of the Near North Side. Walter Payton College Prep Ogden International School of Chicago - East Campus (primary school) Latin School of Chicago (private) Adult education Feltre School Libraries Newberry Library Chicago Public Library Near North Branch Chicago Public Library Water Works Branch Notable residents * Robert Halperin, Olympic and Pan American Games yachting medalist, college and professional football player, one of Chicago's most

Portobello, Dublin

representatives from Rathmines were unwilling to cough up the necessary money for a new water-works, but the will of the majority prevailed, and the new Vartry Reservoir was completed in 1863. Samuel A. Ossory Fitzpatrick: A Historical and Topographical Account of the City 1907 ;The hotel The hotel at the harbour was opened in 1807 (the architect was James Colbourne). In 1858 it was taken over by a Catholic order of nuns, who used it as an asylum (St. Mary's) for blind girls. A few years later they successfully appealed to the Guardians of the South Dublin Union for some finance (it cost £10 to keep a girl for a year), though the Irish Times in an editorial frowned upon this proselytising by "Romanists", while they lauded the efforts of the Protestant-run "Home for Orphans" at 7 South Richmond Street (which advertised frequently for "fresh souls to save" in the same newspaper). He afterwards returned to the Abbey theatre. In 1936 John Ford brought him to the United States to act in a film version of ''The Plough and the Stars''. Disbandment In April 1917 the 4RMF joined the 5RMF at the Curragh. In August the 4th moved to Castlebar County Mayo, the 5th to Galway. With the changed political situation and growth in support for Sinn Féin loyalty was under test. Reports of loss of rifles, Lewis guns and ammunition necessitated the massive transfer of the battalions out of the country in November, the 3rd to Devonport (HMNB Devonport), England, the others to Scotland, 4th to Invergordon the 5th to Dreghorn. Staunton pp.165-6 With the possibility of the extension of conscription to Ireland those Irish battalions still stationed in Ireland were transferred to England in April 1918. The RMFs were relocated again, 3rd to Plymouth, 4th to Portobello (Portobello, Dublin) and the 5th to Fort George (Fort George, Scotland), all three eventually amalgamating at Plymouth by August. The 3rd was absorbed into the 1st RMF in June 1919 . The Tralee Depot and the remaining reserves were moved to Devonport (HMNB Devonport) in England where they were disbanded on 31. July 1922. Staunton p.166


constructed in 1886 as the Hull Water Works, at a time when the site was at the heart of a largely industrial area. In the subsequent decades the building served a number of different purposes. In 1974 it suffered a devastating fire. The city of Hull and the National Capital Commission joined together to rebuild the structure as a theatre. It opened in 1976, and was the first municipally run theatre in Quebec. The '''Tour Eiffel Bridge''', also known as the '''Montcalm Street Bridge''' is a small but ornate bridge in Gatineau, Quebec. There had long been a bridge across Brewery Creek (Brewery Creek (Gatineau)), but by the 1980s it needed to be replaced. Hull (Hull, Quebec) and the National Capital Commission were working to turn the Brewery Creek area into a tourist and cultural district. It was decided to build an ornate structure. Incorporated in the bridge was an original steel girder from the Eiffel Tower, that had been part of a recently disassembled staircase. The girder was donated to Hull by Paris mayor Jacques Chirac. Architects Paul Martineau and Eric Haar modeled the bridge on Parisian style. It opened in 1990. '''Riverview''' is an historic manor (manor house) in Gatineau, Quebec. It was originally built by the lumber baron David Moore (David Moore (lumber baron)) in 1865. The sprawling Jacobean (Jacobean architecture) structure is a noted landmark. The house later became home to Edward S. Skead and his family, who were also in the lumber business. birth_date Commons:Category:Gatineau, Québec WikiPedia:Gatineau, Quebec Dmoz:Regional North_America Canada Quebec Localities G Gatineau


but turned it down, explaining that she would not feel comfortable there. Southend Manor was formed in 1955 by Gil and Doris Medcalf in Southend-on-Sea as a team of 10 and 11 year old boys. Gil Medcalf had played for Eton Manor both before and after the Second World War, and the inclusion of manor in our club name is a direct echoing of Gil's own career. Plot A period comedy set in 1985, the story chronicles the adventures of Brian Jackson (James McAvoy), a student in his first year at Bristol University. A somewhat geeky gifted accumulator of knowledge, Brian has been a fan since childhood of ''University Challenge''. That TV show's famous catchphrase—"Your starter for 10"—gives the film its title. Soon after arriving at university, he seizes upon the opportunity to join Bristol's ''University Challenge'' team. He promptly falls for his glamorous team mate Alice (Alice Eve), though he may be more compatible with a Jewish counterculturalist friend, Rebecca (Rebecca Hall). Additionally, Brian finds himself caught between his new life, amongst the academic university set, and his old, with his working-class family and friends in the seaside town of Southend-on-Sea, Essex. ''Empire Elgar'' arrived at Middlesbrough, Yorkshire (North Riding of Yorkshire) on 18 April 1942. After loading a cargo of war materiel, she made her maiden voyage on 2 May, joining Convoy FN 697

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

ministered to regional Lenape Native Americans (Indigenous peoples of the Americas) through their mission in the area, as well as further east in the New York colony. In the historic Bethlehem God's Acre cemetery, converted Lenape lie buried alongside the Moravians. In 1762, Bethlehem built the first water-works in America to pump water for public use. While George Washington and his troops stayed in Valley Forge, Washington stored his personal effects at the farm of James

Duchy of Warsaw

of Chassidic movement, and in 1908, Jews made 94% of town’s population. On August 2, 1919, Ryki was added to Garwolin County, part of Lublin Voivodeship. The town gained significant profits from the trade. In 1627 the castle was refurbished and became a Baroque style palace of Bishop Jan Zadzik. By 1640 construction of water works and sewers (sanitary sewer) had been completed. The town was annexed by the Kingdom of Prussia in 1772 through the First Partition of Poland

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