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Luang Prabang

. In June 1354, now with an army of more than 50,000 soldiers (at the site of the Phay Nam victory celebrated in Lao song ,) he was crowned ruler of Lan Xang (at present-day Vientiane.) The "million elephants under the white parasol" of the kingdom's name alludes to his

Nassau, Bahamas

-vanessas-vblog-jan-4th-2009.html title Vanessa Rousso PokerStars vblog (video) accessdate 2009-05-05 publisher Rousso confirmed on January 15, 2009 that she would appear in the February 10, 2009 issue.


. http: works monodramas Douglas' first project for television, ''Television Spots'' (1987–88) consisted of twelve were broadcast in Saskatoon and Ottawa during regular progamming and featured short, banal scenes in open-ended narratives. http: works television-spots An early video work, ''Mime'' (the second part of ''Deux Devises'', 1983) consisted of a close-up of Douglas' mouth in the shape of phonemes, which are then edited to sync up with the song "Preachin' Blues" by Robert Johnson (Robert Johnson (musician)). Douglas was not aware of Beckett's own work ''Not I'', a disembodied mouth in a black screen. In a lecture given at YYZ Artists' Outlet in Toronto, Douglas commented that the choice of a blues song was * In Cambodia, Phnom Penh Municipality is surrounded by Kandal Province. * In Canada: In Quebec, the city of Westmount (Westmount, Quebec), the town of Mount Royal (Mount Royal, Quebec), and, collectively, the municipalities of Hampstead (Hampstead, Quebec), Côte Saint-Luc (Côte Saint-Luc, Quebec) and Montreal West (Montréal-Ouest) (Montreal West, Quebec) are all enclaves in the city of Montreal. Similarly, the city of L'Ancienne-Lorette (L'Ancienne-Lorette, Quebec) is an enclave in Quebec City after the demerger on January 1, 2006. In Saskatchewan, the city of Saskatoon is an enclave inside the rural municipality of Corman Park (Corman Park No. 344, Saskatchewan). ** The Haskell Free Library and Opera House is located on the line between the United States and Canada; the library is physically located in Stanstead, Quebec in Canada, but the front door to the building exits onto Caswell Avenue in Derby Line, Vermont in the United States. A special exception allows Canadians and Americans to cross the border in order to use the building's facilities, but they must return back to their home country (or see the Customs office) or they can be charged with illegally entering the other country. foundation location Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada industry Property Management birth_date WikiPedia:Saskatoon Dmoz:Regional North_America Canada Saskatchewan Localities S Saskatoon Commons:Category:Saskatoon


. It is SPH's flagship Chinese daily, the only Chinese-language morning daily in Singapore. '''ASUSTeK Computer Inc.''' ( ref>

Staten Island

; Filmmakers, most of whom work independently, also play an important


an occasionally tough rockumentary newsmagazine geared at 15 to 30 year-olds. Items and documentaries included those on Band-Aid, post-revolutionary music in Zimbabwe, the Japanese pop industry, Andy Warhol’s art video work, William Burroughs, Frank Zappa at the PMRC hearings in Washington (Washington, D.C.), the death and legacy of Bob Marley, Yoko Ono post-John (John Lennon), and Malcolm McLaren’s manufacture and manipulation of the Sex Pistols. *A bomb


and Georgia (Georgia (U.S. state)). In 1851, they moved to Marianna, Florida, on account of the illness of Hentz. He died there. On July 13, 2009, Tori Amos covered the song live during her Sinful Attraction Tour at the Paramount Theatre (Paramount Theatre (Oakland, California)) in Oakland, California.


Commons:Category:Kiev WikiPedia:Kiev Dmoz:Regional Europe Ukraine Provinces Kyiv Oblast Kyiv


footballers Kieron Dyer and Frank Lampard. Channel 4 aired a brief clip as part of their 2004 documentary ''Sex, Footballers and Videotape'', claiming it was used to "remind the viewer that this is based on real life".

North Korea

Accords drew toward a conclusion. ''Sun-Sentinel'' story and correction In a June 24, 2006, speech at Florida International University,

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