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Parma, Ohio

'''فواز ضمره''' , ''Fawwāz Damra'') was the imam of the Islamic Center of Parma (Parma, Ohio), the largest mosque in the Cleveland (Cleveland, Ohio) area. He participated in numerous interfaith efforts and taught at Cleveland State University and the local community college. A video made by Steven Emerson He


birth_place Dyshne-Vedeno (Vedeno), Chechen–Ingush ASSR (Chechen–Ingush Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic), USSR (Soviet Union) death_place Ali-Yurt, Ingushetia, Russian Federation image Basayev was accused of commanding the June 21 raid (2004 Nazran raid) on Nazran in the Russian republic of Ingushetia. In fact, he was shown in a video made of the raid, in which he led a large group of militants. Around 90 people died in this attack, mostly local servicemen and officials of the Russian security forces including the republic's acting Interior Minister. The Ministry building was burned down. DATE OF DEATH July 10, 2006 PLACE OF DEATH Ekazhevo, Ingushetia, Russian SFSR (Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic) Circassia was located at the crossroads of Western Asia and Eastern Europe between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea. It was bounded by the Kuban River and Russia to the North, the land of the Alans, or the Ossetians, today’s Republic of North Ossetia–Alania, the Vainakh lands, today’s Republics of Ingushetia and Chechnya and the Caspian Sea to the East, Abkhazia and Georgia (Georgia (country)) to the South and the Black Sea to the West. Circassia, before the Russian conquest of the Caucasus (1763–1864) covered the entire and the whole fertile plateau and the steppe of the Northwestern region of the Caucasus, and its estimated population was between 3-4 million. * Denis Saitakov (an ethnic Tatar from Uzbekistan), commons:Ингушетия


(Russian band) 101 . In a video made in Turkey, she sang a song by him ("Была ли любовь" "''Was it love?''") and in an autumn video both sang together in "Ноябрь" (''November''). The '''Medeu''' (Kazakh (Kazakh language) Медеу ''Medew'' ), is an outdoor speed skating and bandy rink. It is located in a mountain valley (Medeu Valley, or the valley of Malaya Alma-Atinka River) on the south


". * "Mujer noche" is the first official video made by the original members, including former bassist Felix Torrealva. The second version of the song was recorded in 1998, especially to fit the video. The video has scenes from a concert at "La Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru" in 1993. "Mujer noche" was originally written and sang by Barrios. Hugo Martinez was director the video, while Giancarlo Paz was editor and Patricia Salazar was the visual arts manager. * "Enloqueciendo", the second official video, was made as a 16 mm film. The video features cities and locations in northern Lima and Barranco (Barranco District). The script was written, directed, edited, and produced by Rafael Besaccia. During his college years, he worked at the Harvard Peabody Museum (Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology), and continued on excavating in Pecos (Pecos, New Mexico), New Mexico. At the American Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C., Vaillant was appointed the position of associate curator from 1930 to 1941. He became the honorary curator of Mexican Archaeology from 1941 to 1945; during this time, he also taught at several local universities. He was the Senior Cultural Relations Officer for the United States Embassy in Lima, Peru from 1943 to 1944. Gamarra finished, with great effort, his first constitutional government. He had a very active character which allowed him to leave Lima to thwart rebellions in various parts of the country. During such expeditions he would leave the presidency to Antonio Gutiérrez de la Fuente, who manifested his authoritarian character and started to receive the enmity of other government officials based in Lima. - 2 26 March 1988 Lima, Peru Dmoz:Regional South America Peru Departments Lima Lima Commons:Category:Lima Wikipedia:Lima


Nadadores en apuros (trans: ''Swimmers in trouble''). Published by CubAhora on 2010-12-15, retrieved 2010-12-15. Since 2006, he has been the country's National Commissioner for swimming. Another video made public in the evening of March 3 showed a conversation between Ahumada and Bejarano where the first complains about non-payments by the Federal District government to Quart. Bejarano then promises to speak with López Obrador about the issue and to remind him that Ahumada has financed the campaigns of several PRD members. ''Video revela ayuda de Bejarano a Ahumada'' March 3, 2004. Retrieved on February 17, 2004 from WikiPedia:Havana Dmoz:Regional Caribbean Cuba Localities Havana commons:La Habana


. The book ''Angry White Pyjamas'' by Robert Twigger is based on the author's experiences during the course. The video The original video, made at the request of, and released by the Sony Corporation of America, was filmed in San Francisco in April 1984, and treated and assembled at Sony in Tokyo. Produced by Brian Eno and Daniel Lanois, it features seven "video paintings" of actress and photographer Christine Alicino, a friend of Eno's, and has a running time of 82 minutes. It was filmed in "vertical format" which necessitated the viewer to turn the television on its side which, in many cases, affected the picture tube's color purity adjustments. The DVD reissue presents it in both portrait and landscape formats so that this is no longer necessary. WikiPedia:Tokyo Dmoz:Regional Asia Japan Prefectures Tokyo Commons:Category:Tokyo


in the ''Doctor Who'' story The Underwater Menace. He also had recurring roles in ''The Young Doctors'' and four episodes of ''A Country Practice''. * Israel Cannan is a local musician. In 2004, his ''Heroes In Heaven'' EP was released by ECP Records. The first single, ''Deep'', received airplay on local and national radio stations and the video made it to MTV and Channel V. He has also appeared on the Australian soap opera ''Home & Away'' and, beginning with the 2007 season, Cannan performed the opening theme. He has also played with a range of Australian artists, including The Whitlams, Sarah Blasko, and Ash Grunwald. Mid-life From this time he worked hard at his ''Chronique'', with occasional interruptions in his retreat to fulfil missions in France or to visit the Burgundian court. He was assisted, from about 1463 onwards, by his disciple and continuator, Jean Molinet, whose rhetorical and redundant style may be fairly traced in some passages of the ''Chronique''. Charles the Bold (Charles, Duke of Burgundy) maintained the traditions of his house as a patron of literature, and showed special favor to Chastellain, who, after being constituted ''indiciaire'' or chronicler of the Order of the Golden Fleece, was himself made a knight of the order on 2 May 1473. He died at Valenciennes in 1475, on 13 February (according to the treasury accounts), or on 20 March (according to his epitaph). He left an illegitimate son, to whom was paid in 1524 one hundred and twenty livres (French livre) for a copy of the ''Chronique'' intended for Charles V (Charles V of France)'s sister Mary, queen of Hungary. Only about one third of the whole work, which extended from 1419 to 1474, is known to be in existence, but manuscripts carried by the Habsburgs to Vienna or Madrid may possibly yet be discovered. On his recovery and promotion to ''Feldzeugmeister'', Alvinczy advised the William VI of Orange (William I of the Netherlands) in the successful relief of Charleroi in June 1793, losing two horses under him in the process, and earning the reward of the Grand cross of the MTO. Briefly commander of the Army of the Upper Rhine, he was recalled to Vienna to serve on the Hofkriegsrat in 1795. influenced home_town Vienna, Austria salary Early life and military service Georg Luger was born in Steinach am Brenner, Tyrol (County of Tyrol) to Dr. Bartholomaeus von Luger, M.D. a surgeon. Georg grew up with Italian as his second mother tongue and finished school and ''Gymnasium'' (tertiary prep high school) in Padua, Italy. After graduation, his parents sent him to Vienna, where he studied at the ''Wiener Handelsakademie'' (Vienna Commercial School), the predecessor organization to today's Vienna Business School. death_place Budapest placeofburial Zentralfriedhof Vienna Wikipedia:Vienna Commons:Category:Vienna


former pastor's video made to be played after the rapture. From watching the video Bruce learns that though he missed the rapture it is not too late for him to be saved and he commits his life to God. He finds some new-found friends in Christ, namely Rayford Steele who he supplies with a copy of the video which leads him to Christ, his daughter Chloe (Chloe Steele), and Cameron "Buck" Williams, and together they form an inner core group with the name '''Tribulation Force (Tribulation Force (group))''', supplied by Chloe. Their mission is to help the lost find Christ and prepare for God's Judgement that would follow the peace between Antichrist and Israel. Bruce acts as a spiritual mentor and adviser to the Tribulation Force, explaining the foretold prophecies of what is to come in the final days. Their study reveal that the peace covenant with Israel would mark the beginning of the seven years' war with Antichrist, known as the Tribulation. Believing the President to be dead, Renning's Navy attache "Harpoon" is given the assignment of locating a successor (presidential line of succession). He learns through intel by the Federal Bureau of Investigation that the Secretary of the Interior (United States Secretary of the Interior) is in the swamplands outside of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Harpoon's Boeing E-4B lands in the city and intercepts the secretary, now with the given name "Condor". The plane leaves Baton Rouge minutes before the city is struck by an ICBM. As the only known successor to be alive, Condor is sworn in as the new president. During Harpoon's briefing, the extent of the damage to both countries is revealed; the Soviet Union has suffered roughly 25 million casualties with the United States suffering 30-35 million. Along with Omaha and Baton Rouge, the cities of Seattle, Los Angeles, Colorado Springs, New Orleans, Phoenix (Phoenix, Arizona), Raleigh (Raleigh, North Carolina), and Washington, D.C. have been destroyed. Massive social disorder and rioting have broken out in American's remaining cities. It is briefly mentioned that Europe remained neutral during the conflict and that India and Israel have declared war on Pakistan. '''Ohad Naharin''' (born 1952) (Hebrew: אוהד נהרין) is an Israeli contemporary dancer, choreographer and dance company artistic director. right thumb 150px Israel's 1949 Green Line (dark green) and demilitarized zones (light green) (Image:Israel green lines.png) '''Green Line''' refers to the demarcation lines set out in the 1949 Armistice Agreements between Israel and its neighbours (Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria) after the 1948 Arab-Israeli War. The Green Line is also used to mark the line between Israel and the territories captured in the Six-Day War, including the West Bank, Gaza Strip, Golan Heights and Sinai Peninsula (the latter has since been returned to Egypt as part of the 1979 peace treaty). The name derives from the green ink used to draw the line on the map while the talks were going on. Green Line: the name given to the 1949 Armistice lines that constituted the de facto borders of pre-1967 Israel — "Glossary: Israel", ''Library of Congress Country Studies'' The '''Coastal Road massacre''' of 1978 was an attack involving the hijacking of a bus on Israel's Coastal Highway (Highway 2 (Israel)) in which 38 Israeli civilians, including 13 children, were killed, and 71 were wounded. "''Operation Litani'' is launched in retaliation for that month's Coastal Road massacre." Gregory S. Mahler. ''Politics and Government in Israel: The Maturation of a Modern State'', Rowman & Littlefield, 2004, ISBN 0742516113, p. 259. The attack was planned by Abu Jihad Commons:Category:Israel Wikipedia:Israel Dmoz:Regional Middle East Israel


by his great grandfather in 1914 in the Roosevelt-Rondon Scientific Expedition. At that time, Theodore Roosevelt and Colonel Cândido Rondon of the Brazilian Army navigated the river, then called the Rio da Duvida—the River of Doubt—in the heart of the Brazilian rain forest. In a video made about the modern trip, Roosevelt summed the river up saying that "nothing had changed and everything had changed" in the Amazon (Amazon Rainforest) wilderness during the 78 years between the trips. A camera crew travelled with the latter expedition, resulting in a television documentary.


performed by Glen Drover is musically 4 bars longer than the original by Marty Friedman (Marty Friedman (musician)). United Abominations liner notes À Tout le Monde (Set Me Free) was the first single released from the album with a new music video made for it. The song's title has been revised in order to distinguish it from the original,

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