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South Ribble

and Ribble Valley. The party originated in 1997, when Labour Party (Labour Party (UK)) councillor Tom Sharratt was deselected. He started printing a local newsletter, named the ''Idle Toad'', "Idle Toad hails victory for 'free press'", ''Lancashire Evening Post'', 18 November 2009 and stood thereafter under this party description, holding both his South Ribble

.blue_tide_sweeps_across_south_ribble Blue tide sweeps across South Ribble ", ''The Citizen'', 4 May 2007 Yates and Jim Marsh, another party councillor, resigned from the party that year, joining the Conservative Party (Conservative Party (UK)) soon after. Marsh later sued the party over a comment in its newsletter describing him as a "defecator". Sharratt countered that this was a misprint, and should have

described him as a "defector". He was censured and ordered to apologise to Marsh. History The school (high school) can trace its antecedents (antecedent (genealogy)) back to 1517, with the school building site being personally approved by Henry VIII (Henry VIII of England) in that year. In 1520, the school was granted permission (confirmed), by William Walton, a former priest of Longton, Lancashire


in the 2004 local election (Rossendale Council election, 2004), losing by 40 votes. Colin Rallings, Michael Thrasher, "Local Elections Handbook 2004", p. 129. He was selected to fight a council by-election in Longholme ward in autumn 2004 but his nomination papers were not submitted in time. "Tory sweeps to victory", ''Lancashire

Tory sweeps to victory ", ''Lancashire Telegraph'', 1 October 2004. Living in Weir (Weir, Lancashire), he called on Rossendale borough council to fence off a "deathtrap" building site where local children had been seen playing. "'This site is a deathtrap for children'", ''Lancashire Telegraph'', 24 February 2005. ref


Nicopolis ("City of Victory") by Elagabalus in 221 CE, becoming the chief ''polis'' in a region that bore its name. Negev and Gibson, 2005, p. 159. Robinson writes that the town was rebuilt "by the exertions of the writer Julius Africanus." In 222 CE, a basilica was erected there, which was rebuilt first by the Byzantines and later


800-1000 Tenge per person. Drink * The English Pub at the 5 Star Hotel "Grand Victory" in district 13 has a laid-back atmosphere and comfortable seats, but charges 5-8 dollars per pint. * 3 Делфини near the Renaissance offers a well-priced menu and drinks * Shamrock Irish Pub in district 7 is a reasonably attractive watering hole with expat prices similar to those at the English Pub. * Guns and Roses in the Aktau Hotel in district 2 has a live music scene on weekends and expat

Rauma, Finland

called ''finvenkistoj (Finvenkismo)'', from ''fina venko'', meaning "final victory", or ''pracelistoj'', from ''pracelo'', meaning "original goal". "Esperanto" by Mark Feeney. ''The Boston Globe'', 12 May 1999 Those who focus on the intrinsic value of the language are commonly called ''raŭmistoj (Raumism)'', from Rauma (Rauma, Finland), Finland, where

Union Square, San Francisco

at the Battle of Manila Bay during the Spanish-American War. It also commemorates U.S. President William McKinley, who had been recently assassinated. Executed by Robert Aitken, the statue at the top of the monument, "Victory", was modeled after a voluptuous Danish-American stenographer and artist's model, Alma de Bretteville (Alma de Bretteville Spreckels), who eventually married one of San Francisco's richest citizens. Peter Booth Wiley, ''National Trust

El Alamein

(23 October – 4 November 1942) Allied forces broke the Axis line and forced them all the way back to Tunisia. Winston Churchill said of this victory: "Now this is not the end; it is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning." After the war, he wrote: "Before Alamein we never had a victory. After Alamein, we never had a defeat." Gallery File:El Alamein Commonwealth Denkmal.jpg Cross of Sacrifice, El Alamein Commonwealth cemetery File:South African Memorial El Alamein.jpg South African Memorial El Alamein Commonwealth cemetery File:El Alamein Commonwealth Cemetery 11.JPG El Alamein Commonwealth cemetery plaque- '1939–1945 The land on which this cemetery stands is the gift of the Egyptian people for the perpetual resting place of the sailors, soldiers and airmen who are honoured here.' File:El Alamein Commonwealth Cemetery 2.JPG El Alamein Commonwealth cemetery File:El Alamein Italian memorial entrance.jpeg El Alamein Italian memorial entrance File:El Alamein Deutsches Kriegsgraeberdenkmal.jpg El Alamein German memorial File:El Alamein Commonwealth Cemetery 5.JPG El Alamein Commonwealth cemetery 'A soldier of the 1939–1945 war known unto God' File:Египет47.jpg In El Alamein museum File:Египет48.jpg German Cannon File:Египет49.jpg The list of fallen German soldiers File:Египет111.jpg German Memorial File:Египет112.jpg British Crusader tank See also * Marina El Alamein (Marina, Egypt) (tourist resort) * Enham Alamein (village in Hampshire in England, renamed after the battle) * El Alamein Fountain (war memorial commemorating the battle, in Sydney, Australia) * First Battle of El Alamein * Second Battle of El Alamein References commons:العلمين

Santa Cruz de la Sierra

(SABSA) was created to operate the concession. In 1999 Airport Group International was purchased by TBI plc and, in 2004, Spain's first Abertis AENA purchased TBI. *In what was, at the time, the largest corporate merger in American history, the DuPont chemical company acquired majority ownership of the petroleum company Conoco Inc. for 7.8 billion dollars, buying up outstanding stock at 2:45 a.m. "Du Pont Claims Conoco Victory", ''Pittsburgh Press'', August

Czechoslovak Socialist Republic

Winston Churchill gives the "Victory" sign to crowds in London on Victory in Europe Day. In an effort to maintain peace,

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