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Santa Cruz de la Sierra

. Moreover, local dishes include native vegetables such as corn (maize), peanuts, yuca (Cassava) and squash (Squash (plant)), and also local fish such as surubi and pacu. Native spices such as urucum, and native fruits (unique to the region) such as achachairu, guapuru and guabira, add to the uniqueness of Santa Cruz rich traditional cuisine.The agricultural richness of the region allows Santa Cruz to enjoy a vast variety of flavours and ingredients


, was felt in the city as a small and unexpected jolt. Ecology Due to its location in the Peruvian Amazon, Iquitos has a green landscape with a vast variety of life. The flora is varied with great presence of 850 species

Etruscan civilization

of the Italian Peninsula ** Italian cuisine - presents popular dishes like Pizza, Pasta, Lasagne, Mozzarella and other well-known food. Italian cuisine has been influenced by Ancient Greek (Ancient Greek cuisine), Ancient Roman (Ancient Roman cuisine), Etruscan (Etruscan civilization) cuisines and dates back to 4th century BCE. It maintains strong regional diversity (Regions of Italy) and it uses a vast variety of ingredients, mostly because


known on the Kenyan coast for centuries. The pieces are cloths are woven by hand but not hand painted. Should not be washed in a washing machine. * ''kiondo'' or ''chondo'' (''vyondo'' in plural) : handmade handbag with leather trim often beautifully decorated with beads or shells * ''ndala'' : Hand made sandals made from leather and old tires (for the soles), these stylish shoes are a great souvenir from Mombasa. Local craftsman use colorful beads and pieces of leather to create a vast variety


the '''Oranjegebergte, Van Asch van Wijckgebergte, Wilhelminagebergte, Eilerts de Haangebergte, Grensgebergte''' and the '''Toemoek-Hoemakgebergte'''. With 1,280 m, '''Julianatop''' is the highest point of Suriname. Flora and fauna Suriname has a vast variety of flora and fauna. Most of Suriname, about 80%, is covered with jungle. This forest is part of the largest tropical rainforest on earth, the Amazon rainforest, which is mostly on Brazilian territory. A large number of species


. thumb right Romani musicians entertaining (Image:Theodor Aman - Feast with Gipsy Musicians.jpg) The lăutari who perform at traditional Romanian weddings are virtually all Roma, although their music draws from a vast variety of ethnic traditions — for example Romanian, Turkish, Jewish, and Slavic — as well as Romani traditions. Probably the most internationally prominent contemporary performer in the ''lăutari'' tradition is Taraful Haiducilor. Zdob şi Zdub, one of the most


''nasi kuning'' (rice coloured yellow with turmeric) shaped into the ceremonial ''tumpeng'' (cone) and topped with dried beef ''adom'' With 17,000 islands to choose from, Indonesian food is an umbrella term covering a vast variety of regional cuisines found across the nation. But, if used without further qualifiers, the term tends to mean the food originally from the central (Central Java) and eastern (East Java) parts of the main island Java. Now widely available throughout

or it may give you diarrhoea. Condiments thumb Tiny but brutally hot ''cabe rawit'' chilis. (File:Cabe Rawit.JPG) Chillies (''cabe'' or ''lombok'') are made into a vast variety of sauces and dips known as '''''sambal''''' and '''''saus sambal'''''. The simplest and perhaps most common is ''sambal ulek'', which is just chillies and salt with perhaps a dash of lime ground together using a mortar and pestle. There are many other kinds of ''sambal'' like ''sambal pecel'' (with ground

is not common in Indonesia, but there are plenty of snacks to tickle your sweet tooth. '''''Kue''''' covers a vast array of cakes and certain pastries, all colourful, sweet, and usually a little bland and rather dry, with coconut, rice or wheat flour and sugar being the main ingredients in many. '''''Kue kering''''' usually refers to biscuits and come in a vast variety. '''''Roti''''' (bread) and western-style cakes have only recently gained popularity, mostly in large cities, but traditional


''', Beaden Road adjacent to Hall Road, Aside Mall Road, Lahore - Serves a vast variety of various flavours of cie creams, ice cream shakes, juices ans stuff. Don't miss it ! Its worth it. * '''Basheer-dar-ul-Mahi''' at Mazang Chok Lahore - Fried Fish is served in 2 3 forms. You will see people queued up in lines to get their order here. Don't go if you don't have much time. But this fish is worth waiting this much. Parathas and Lassi at Mazang Lahore - Near the Baheer-dal-ul-Mahi is this very cheap


the right or best forms are. "A role-playing game is what is created in the interaction between players or between player(s) and gamemaster(s) within a specified diegetic framework." The Meilahti School '''Funky Elephant''' is an annual springtime music festival in Helsinki, Finland. It's dedicated to a vast variety of styles within African American music black rhythm music


Hotel Munch url http: munch email address Munchs gate 5 lat long directions phone tollfree fax hours price Single: 695 NOK; Double: 895 NOK checkin checkout content A short walk to the main street, as well as easy walking distance to public transportation, airport shuttle bus and a vast variety of shops, restaurants, museums and theatres. *

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