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looking to get away from the congestion of Kolkata. Hiland Park, Avani's Victoria Greens, Westwind, Orbit City, Sugam Park, Sherwood Estate and Bengal Ambuja's Upohar are the most famous apartment complexes in Garia. However, increasing population day by day, and the upcoming projects and vast number of residential flats and increased traffic have made Garia almost the same as the other congested places of Kolkata, at present. Metro railway has added a new feather in terms of communication which


The city arms depicts two sheep-shearing (Sheep shearing) scissors, a tribute to the vast number of smiths in the town in early history. It currently holds the Swedish record in the number of established mail-order (Mail order) firms. The company Swedac (SWEDAC) is based in the city, as well as Ericsson, which has a large manufacturing plant (Factory) where Mini-Link microwave radios are manufactured. Worldwide clothing retailer H&M have their worldwide head office


the charm of tree-filled squares, churches and traditional blue tiles. The city has a rich history and architecture from colonial times. Recently it witnessed a skyscraper boom. Belém, literally ''Bethlehem'' is also known as the ''Metropolis of the Brazilian Amazon region'' or the ''Cidade das Mangueiras'' (City of Mango Trees) due to the vast number of those trees found in the city. Brazilians often refer to the city as Belém do Pará ("Belém of Pará") rather than just ''Belém

while in town, there are actually a great number of cycle lanes along the main avenues. See thumb Fishing port and market-hall Ver-o-Peso seem from Forte do Castelo (File:Belém Fishing port and Ver-o-peso 01.jpg) Belém is a lively and friendly city but it can look quite unappealing at first sight. There are a lot of modern high rises, but between them particularly in Cidade Velha and Campinas there are a vast number of well preserved colonial buildings, from the rubber boom and earlier


importance until 1958, when it was chosen as the capital of the nascent nation of Mauritania. It was designed and built to accommodate 15,000 people, but droughts since the 1970s have displaced a vast number of Mauritanians, who resettled in Nouakchott. This caused rapid urban growth and overcrowding, with the city having an estimated population of 2 million in 2008 despite the official figures being under a million. The resettled population inhabited slum areas under poor conditions


name "Shabuhragan" In it, there are mentions of Zoroastrian deities such as Ohrmazd, Ahriman, and Az. Manichaeism is often presented as a Persian religion, mostly due to the vast number of Middle Persian, Parthian, and Soghdian (as well as Turkish) texts discovered by German researchers near Turpan, in the Xinjiang (Chinese Turkestan) province of China, during the early 1900s. However, from the vantage point of its original Syriac descriptions (as quoted by Theodore bar

Archduchy of Austria

of Brandenburg , the Palatinate (Electoral Palatinate), Hesse (Gravitate of Hesse), the Archbishopric of Trier and Nuremberg (containing from 500,000 to one million inhabitants). A vast number of minor independent duchies, free cities (City-state), abbeys, prince-bishoprics, and petty lordships (whose authority sometimes extended to no more than a single village) rounded out the Empire. Apart from Austria and perhaps Bavaria, none of those entities was capable of national-level politics

Greater Los Angeles Area

Angeles Area , in large measure from the success of the Lakers and from the Hollywood celebrities often sighted in its audiences. It hosted a vast number of events such as tennis matches, concerts, boxing matches, and political events. It is sometimes referred to as the "Los Angeles Forum" or "L.A. Forum" to differentiate it from other buildings, venues and places carrying the name "Forum". status Operating locale Greater Los Angeles Area

National Climatic Data Center

; ref Associated entities NCDC also maintains World Data Center for Meteorology, Asheville. The four World Centers (U.S., Russia, Japan and China) have created a free and open situation in which data and dialogue are exchanged. NCDC maintains the US Climate Reference Network datasets amongst a vast number of other climate monitoring products. NCDC: Climate Monitoring !-- Bot

Classical Athens

of the gods, on the west side of the Agora. Besides these, there was a vast number of other temples in all parts of the city. *The ''Bouleuterion'' (Senate House), at the west side of the Agora. *The ''Tholos (Prytaneion)'', a round building close to the Bouleuterion, built c. 470 BC by Cimon, which served as the Prytaneion, in which the Prytaneis took their meals and offered their sacrifices. *''Stoae'', or Colonnades, supported by pillars, and used as places of resort


directions S 25 km - just 20 min by car. content largest lake on the Balkans, and a national park Do While in Podgorica, one can enjoy the diversity of Montenegro's capital cafes and restaurants, check out the nightlife, or take a walk at some of the favourite picnic locations of Podgorica citizens - Mareza, Skadar Lake, or Gorica hill. While strolling through Podgorica center, you might find the shopping area interesting, as there is vast number of boutiques, just beware

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