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''', is a Chilean television personality, and a popular television personality on the Univision network reaching Spanish-speaking viewers in the United States. He is best known for hosting the variety shows ''Sábado Gigante'' and ''Don Francisco Presenta''. birth_date death_date Biography Flores was born in Talca, Chile. He became finance minister in the government


;. The only buildings on the site prior to development were the village telephone exchange erected in the 1960s and the "Farmers Hall", a wooden building of fragile construction, which was erected in the mid 20th century by the young farmers association in the parish which was a precursor of Macra na Feirme. It was used for dancing, variety shows, "pongo" and on Sunday afternoons up to about 1962, as a rendezvous by locals who wished to tune into the commentary of major hurling


right Main commercial area of Tangjia at night. * '''Tangjiawan''' (唐家湾; ''Tángjiāwān'') – Tangjia is moderate sized town located between Jinding and Xiangzhou. Like Jinding, Tangjia's salt-of-the-earth qualities are more evident than its southern neighbors. Best known for the large '''Dragon Union Opera House''' which, as the name suggests, puts on live variety shows semi-regularly, its primary function is serving as a gigantic karaoke house that mixes karaoke with ''all-inclusive'' adult

happy hour (18:00-20:00 everyday) when it is buy one get one free. Although the Irish decor is pretty average, it is a large and comfortable venue for those who are looking for a tamer night out. One of the cheaper hotel bars that I have been in and enjoys a reasonable mix of clientèle for a bar in a western hotel. '''Dragon Union Opera House''', also in Tangjia, is a large entertainment venue, occasionally featuring live, perhaps tacky, variety shows with acrobats, jugglers, rope climbers

Normal, Illinois

to ten annual shows feature a variety of Broadway (Broadway theatre) musicals, pop and country stars, touring variety shows, comedians and big name performers.


Carmichael sharing the ''Saturday Night Revue'' duties with George Gobel. In the early 1950s, television took off and variety shows were particularly popular. Carmichael hosted ''Saturday Night Review'' in June 1953, a summer replacement series for ''Your Show of Shows'', The New York Times, "Television in Review," June 8, 1953 but found the pressure too intense and did not return the following summer. About 1955, Carmichael reprised the Dooley Wilson


; National Pensioners Convention publisher date 21 June 2012 accessdate 17 August 2012 The 'Young Farmers' convention has been held regularly in Blackpool since the late 1960s. http: events young-farmers-agm Entertainment Blackpool remains a summer through to the end of the illuminations in November and all holiday periods entertainment venue, specialising in variety shows featuring entertainers catering to a broad range


operating in a handful of other hospitals, with live music supplementing the speech-based programmes. Unsurprisingly, almost no new stations were started during World War II, the sole exception being on Jersey where a service was set up to relay church services, musical recitals, variety shows, and programmes for children to nine hospitals after wireless receivers (receiver (radio)) had been banned and confiscated by the German occupying authorities. '''Channel 103


(near Southampton), and started creating ventriloquism characters as a teenager. He then appeared in summer seasons at holiday resorts before appearing on television in ''Let's Laugh''. He then became a popular act on television variety shows, was the host of the ''Black and White Minstrel Show'', and was given his own show called ''Cuddles and Company''. ;Bibliography * Dmoz:Regional Europe United Kingdom England Hampshire Southampton Commons:Category:Southampton

Omaha, Nebraska

The final round of the 2009 College World Series (w:2009 College World Series) of baseball is set, with eight teams qualifying for the double-elimination tournament (w:Double-elimination tournament). The tournament will begin play on June 13 at Rosenblatt Stadium (w:Johnny Rosenblatt Stadium) in Omaha (w:Omaha, Nebraska), Nebraska in the United States. The College World Series is the final leg of a three-tiered tournament (w:2009 NCAA Division I Baseball Tournament) which determines the top baseball team in the National Collegiate Athletic Association (w:National Collegiate Athletic Association) (NCAA) Division I (w:Division I)— the top level of play in American college athletics (w:College athletics). The College World Series has been played annually at Rosenblatt Stadium since 1950. left thumb Rosenblatt Stadium, home of the College World Series since 1950 (File:P5160356.JPG) In May of 2007, it was reported that blood samples taken from a Hammerhead shark (w:Hammerhead shark), born in 2001, located in Omaha Nebraska (w:Omaha, Nebraska) at the Henry Doorly Zoo (w:Henry Doorly Zoo) was the product of a "virgin birth". The mother shark was in a tank with three other hammerheads, all female, and the baby shark was also born in the same tank. Tests on the DNA from the baby shark show that there was no "chromosomal contribution" of a male shark present in the blood, something that is required in order for mating to have taken place.

Hamilton, Ontario

passenger airplane flight out of Toronto, taking off from Toronto and flying to Hamilton, Ontario and back. Around this time, he is said to have swum across the Niagara River from Lewiston, New York to Queenston, Ontario. Season 1 (1991) *Season one and two aired on CHCH-TV in Hamilton, Ontario, which aired Steve Smith's previous variety shows: Smith & Smith, Me & Max and The Comedy Mill (which aired in that order). Red Green was a recurring character

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