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-trauma.html title Ancient Human's Head Trauma Points to Foul Play last Welsh first Jennifer publisher Live Science accessdate 17 January 2012 thumb 400px (File:Danxia 0754.jpg) '''Mount Danxia''' (丹霞山) is a famous scenic area near Shaoguan city in the northern part of Guangdong, China (People's Republic of China). The Danxia mountain is formed from a reddish sandstone which has been eroded over time into a series of mountains surrounded by curvaceous cliffs and many unusual

rock formations (Danxia Landform). It is described in local signage as a "world famous UNESCO geopark of China". There are a number of temples located on the mountains and many scenic walks can be undertaken. There is also a river winding through the mountains on which boat trips can be taken to enjoy the scenery. *'''Delete''' per CLW. User:Starblind Andrew Lenahan - St ar <


price ¥80 content This unusual rock formation is a hike (or ¥50 ski lift ride) up from Pule Temple (普乐寺). Admission includes entrance to Pule Temple as well as a visit to nearby Toad Rock (蛤蟆峰). Do *


destinations outside of Sucre is Maragua crater, a region of unusual rock formations. The crater is not volcanic (contrary to what some say), but was formed by erosion. Fossils of marine shells are still found in the region and sold by local children. It is possible to spend a night in the village inside the crater. Conditions are basic but the experience unique. Simple meals are available too. * There are many other popular destinations that most tour groups can arrange visits to. At Icla there are rubber-tubing tours through a river canyon. The village of Yamparaez, on the road to Tarabuco is a good starting point for condor-spotting treks. There were once natural thermal baths by the river behind Maragua, but an avalanche or ownership dispute that was settled by dynamite (depends who you talk to), destroyed these. It is hoped they will be reconstructed soon. * If you are planning on doing much trekking or camping in the mountains around Sucre, it is highly recommended that you take a guide. Conditions change fast, many of the routes are small or hard to find, and it is important to be sensitive to local cultures (also note the language of chocie is Quechua, so don't assume anyone you meet can speak Spanish). For these reasons it is very useful to have a local guide with you. For one or more-day expeditions to the Cordillera de los Frailes, the Dutch run Travel Agency "Bolivia Specialist" at Nicolás Ortiz #30 is highly recommended. After office hours they have a person for Tours at the Café Restaurant "Florín" at the Bolívar #567. * Condortrekkers arranges locally-lead trekking expeditions to most of the above destinations, and are currently the only organisation that offer overnight trips to Tarabuco, staying in a local village before hitting Tarabuco first thing in the morning. For more info see the listing above or visit Condortrekkers. * If you stay longer and want to escape the city for some fresh air and nature, consider the Centro Ecologico in Aritumayu, splendid clean river with waterfalls nearby, and basic but clean accommodation available (romantic: no electricity nor cellphone coverage) 1.5 hour drive by 4WD. Bookings via High Routes at Bolivar #482. WikiPedia:Sucre Commons:Category:Sucre, Bolivia

Burkina Faso

phrasebook See Laongo is home to a variety of sculptures by local and international artists The park's scattered pieces of granite have been transformed into beautiful works of art The Sindou Peaks in Banfora consists of a narrow chain of soft rock that over the years has been eroded into unusual rock formations Festivals Burkina Faso is the home of music in West Africa. *'''Festival International de la Culture Hip Hop''' (International Festival of Hip Hop Culture)&mdash


of Waiheke Island, Auckland, New Zealand. It is sited within a 50 acre (200,000 m²) scenic reserve of the same name, owned by the New Zealand Department of Conservation (DOC). The park serves double duty as a historical (Category 1 Historic Place) and nature reserve, containing unusual rock formations, three significant bush blocks and three concrete gun emplacements with an extensive tunnel system, http


and Norway, to Portugal. It is absent from the Baltic Sea, East Denmark, Belgium and the Netherlands. '''Fuente de los Azulejos''' is an unusual rock formation on the island of Gran Canaria. The name literally means "fountain of tiles", because of the colour of the rocks resembling Portuguese (Portugal) tiles. These colours are caused by the process of oxidisation. Elsewhere in Europe the song was also a hit, going top ten in the Ukraine(no. 7) and top twenty in Italy (no. 12), Portugal (no. 16), Russia (no. 40) and in Spain (no. 17). In July 2001 they were invited to the Youth Festival in Panama, and in August 2002 they traveled to Spain and Portugal for a tour, playing over thirty concerts in locations such as Madrid, Extremadura, Valencia, Murcia, Cuenca, Albacete and Burgos. In addition, they did promotional work in Barcelona and Italy. 8-0-3 (abstentions: Belgium, Republic of China, USA) Admission of Albania, Jordan, Ireland, Portugal, Hungary, Italy, Austria, Romania Bulgaria, Finland, Ceylon, Nepal, Libya, Cambodia, Laos, and Spain - 15-0-0 Welcomes agreement between Portugal and Indonesia on future of East Timor - Carozzo retired on 14 November, as he had started vomiting blood due to a peptic ulcer, and put into Porto, Portugal for medical attention. ''A Voyage for Madmen'', page 181.

New Zealand


Malaspina Galleries '''Gabriola Sands Provincial Park''' is a provincial park in British Columbia, Canada. It is the site of the Malaspina Galleries, an unusual rock formation that resembles a breaking wave. Exploration of the galleries has been prohibited since 2004 due to safety concerns, though they are still accessible from the water by kayak. thumb 350px A large cedar tree at Goldstream (Image:Goldstream-Treehugger.jpg) '''Goldstream Provincial Park''' is a provincial

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